But w Butonierce Bespoke Social Club is a society for classic male elegance afficionados. As a club we promote elegant appearance, attitude and lifestyle, with exquisite manners and savoir vivre forming their core.

Our key objective is to support artisans and haberdashers who set quality and customer satisfaction at the very top of their priority list. We all live in the vulgar times of overwhelming mass production but our club remains undeterred in shedding a fresh light on the works of the few mysterious and discerning senior masters who –– despite their age –– are still willing to devote their talents to the work they love.

We are aware that elegance knows no geographical limits. The unsurpassed art of Italian tailors and their Savile Row counterparts alike evoke our sheer admiration. And much as we are deeply engrossed in fervent debates over shoe quality in the New World and the Old World and–– let’s not deny it –– we love single malt Scotch whisky, it is the revival of the once-renowned, now-receding craft of the Polish artisans that lies at the heart of our attention. Regrettably, only a handful of masters in Poland is still professionally active. Some of them adapted to the new environment brought about by the fall of the communist regime; others need our support. All of them, however, deserve our attention.

But w Butonierce also hosts the most prominent Polish forum on classic male elegance, which is open to public discussion. This is where we indulge in exchanging opinions on elegant lifestyle, leisure and pastimes –– starting from character-shaping sports, through delicious cuisines, ending with fine tobacco and alcohol brands. If you cherish a refined lifestyle and would like to both enjoy the community and contribute to it, you are welcome to take part in events organized by our club.