All people related to our field of interest are welcome to join our Club. We support all initiatives related to elegance, life style, traditional crafts and art. Recommendations obtained from two Club members are necessary for all those, who want to join in and strive for their goals with us. Our club membership entitles to participation in events (meetings, fairs, conferences) that we organize and use of our special offers, which are prepared by our partners and supporters. Members of the club are also eligible to vote (and run in elections) for board members.

It is the duty of our members to work towards the fulfillment of our goals and take active part in the initiatives of the Club.

Supporting membership

But w Butonierce Bespoke Social Club works with partners, who are also called supporting members. They are individuals and legal entities that not only pay contributions but also provide financial or material support to the club. The terms of such support are discussed individually.

Our partners are luxury manufacturers – some of them are the most outstanding companies, craftsmen and manufacturers, whose activity is related to the profile of our activity.

Supporting members can also participate in the general meeting of the society were, through their representatives, they have a consultative vote. Of course aside of that, they can enjoy all benefits of the regular society members.

Sympathizers and ambassadors

If you declare support for our objectives and you propagate them yourself but for some reason you do not want to formally belong to the society, you can become a sympathizer of the society. Sympathizers do not have all the duties and privileges of the society members but share the same goals with the latter. Sometimes the most distinguished persons can be awarded the title of Society Ambassador.