As I’ve mentioned a few times in this comment thread (like right above you), I make a living marketing online, and I do rigorous testing so I can make more money. Business photo.. #103121658 - Text sign showing It Is Here Motivational Call. Or maybe what’s sad is that you–the professional–don’t understand that users are “amateurs,” and therefore your personal preferences are of very little consideration when it comes to what works. We have specialty teams servicing. This is the best book ever!!!!!! I’m no professional, but it seems to me a good rule of thumb is that if it’s an internal link, use “Click here” or similar, and if it’s an external link, use something descriptive. Imagine that you had a online diary and wrote everything (I mean EVERYTHING) on it. [ I didn't really like how the ending turned out, nut that's only because I really wanted Erin and Mark to be a couple. Using descriptive link text (i.e., avoiding "Click Here" links) is one of the easiest ways to make your website content more accessible and usable for everyone! I wouldn’t use just “click here” in isolation, as it doesn’t make it clear what the user will get if they click. It can’t be that because not everyone clicks. I think that there’s a little bias due to the point of view. Data Choices Our team of 80+ certified experts are passionate about data and we love ROI, call tracking, conversion reporting, and more. I disagree with the sentiment of the post and agree entirely with Lee. Recognized by Facebook as a top-ranked Facebook Pro Partner. Click here (actually not here but on the next line) for more: a well designed and thoughtfully written piece would have likely seen a higher click thru rate anyway. I really enjoy reading Click Here because it is realistic fiction and tells a story of something that could happen to anyone in middle school. Starting a new school can be tough especially when you're not on the same track as your best friend since first grade. Some other comments on the comments: Seventh grader, Erin, is figuring out her seventh grade life. Concept meaning Internet.. #118548702 - Word writing text It S Here. Another reader once chastised me for wasting anchor text with the words “click here,” even though my primary goal for the link was to get people to click (shocking, I know). Brian, There are different "sub pages" where the protagonist Erin Swift talks about different aspects about her life. Concept meaning carry.. #134159595 - Conceptual hand writing showing Click Me Now. Business concept for carry out.. #121185383 - Button with tick symbol showing: Book directly in german language. Not out to kill your budget with needless campaigns, Highly recommend Click Here! Google did not make people retarded…they already were. Explore patient demographics, behaviors, access to healthcare, gender health issues, and community outreach programs. From First Aid and CPR training, to Lifeguard and EMT certification, the American Red Cross has the emergency health and safety training and certification options available to suit your employee's needs. Eventually Erin realizes that she can't stay in the RV forever, so she decides that she has to face the gossip head on. That said, I don’t ENTIRELY disagree, just mostly. the kind of people that have a three page website validated strict with absolutely no updated content. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Since I screen for usability and standards (infrequently), the ‘click here’ is an interesting concept, but don’t look for it in my work. I use ‘Click here’ sometimes, it’s much more user friendly. I would recommend this book to any girl between the ages of 10-14 and anyone who loves middle school- fiction. Maybe you think you are some kind of genius – but your “Click here” bullshit is a violation of accessibility standards. The author seems to assume that this extends to links within a website. What is retarded is the way Google and SEO people get hung up on these things. Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, host of 7-Figure Small, and curator of the Gen X lifestyle newsletter Further. Out of the three phrases above, “click here” may be the strongest call to action – not that any of them are very strong. The challenge is to make your links communicate “click here” without actually saying “click here,” and … I don’t like the way ‘click here’ clobbers readability of most sentences – it often looks really contrived. They are my go to team for anything on the internet. Why don’t you use “Click here” in your navigation, and other links? Conceptual photo carry out a computer.. #134898515 - Writing note showing Click Here. His thoughts on usability are good when he sticks to presenting data, bad when he confuses his abstract preferences with what works in the real world. I completely agree! or: To download Amaya, go to the Amaya Website and get the necessary software. The book is about a girl named Erin Swift and she had her ups and downs at MBMS(Molly Brown Middle School) If you like reading about drama and guys and how to live through tough embarrassing times or sad times but som happy times than this book is perfect for you!!!".

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