If they've signed the Natural End Pledge, they have promised to offer their customers the "natural basics" as defined by the Pledge. Cultivating intentional presence and honoring the mystery of life through death education, awareness and integration. From the 1984 movie, "The Natural" featuring Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close, and Kim Basinger. | Comments (0), Name: Umpqua Valley Funeral DirectorsCategory: Funeral services and Home FuneralsCity, State: Roseburg, OR 97470Contact: David Hopkins Website/Contact: https://www.umpquavalleyfuneraldirectors.com    Phone: (541)-637-8153Natural End Pledge on file - October, 2014, Name: Rest Lawn Memorial ParkCategory: Historic Cemetery offering natural burialCity, State: Junction City, Oregon 97448Contact: Cynthia Beal   (Founder of the Natural Burial Company)       Website/Contact: https://www.restlawnonline.comPhone: (541) 998-5810Natural End Pledge on file - May, 2014, Posted in Where to Go - Natural Burial Options | Permalink | READ MORE ABOUT A SACRED MOMENT FUNERAL HOME'S SERVICES: Continue reading "A Sacred Moment - Everett, Washington" », Name: Vander Plaat Memorial HomeCategory: Licensed funeral home offering natural services, Natural End Pledge on file - December, 2010, Natural End Pledge on file - December, 2010, Posted in Who to Call - Natural Service Providers | Permalink | The Natural End Map is a free public guide to funeral directors, cemeteries, and others advertising natural burials and funeral services. Comments and testimonials about these firms are welcomed! (VIEW THE PLEDGE for natural burial and funeral service providers). IF YOU KNOW OF A CEMETERY OR A NATURAL FUNERAL SERVICE PROVIDER, PLEASE SEND THEM THIS LINK AND SUGGEST THEY SIGN THE NATURAL END PLEDGE. Pop tells Roy to stop using his bat, Wonderboy, and to try a different one, but Roy refuses. The Natural is a 1952 novel about baseball by Bernard Malamud, and is his debut novel. By Bernard Malamud. Name: Family Home FuneralsCategory: Funeral Director and Licensed Home Funeral ServicesCity, State: Eugene, Oregon Contact: Cynthia Beal, Bethany WozniakWebsite/Contact: naturalhome at cemeteryservices.orgPhone: 541-689-7800Natural End Pledge on file - November, 2018, Posted in All Listings, Home Funeral Services, Who to Call - Natural Service Providers | Permalink The Natural - Ending Scene. Comments (0). Just before a game in Chicago, a fan begs Roy to hit a home run; the fan told his son, who is fighting for his life in the hospital, that Roy said he would. | Comments (0), Name: Life By Life - Sustainable Funeral CareCategory: Family Directed Funeral Assistant/Home Funeral GuideCity, State: Nashville, TennesseeContact: John Christian PhiferWebsite/Contact: https://www.lifebylife.com    Phone: (615) 504-6371Natural End Pledge on file - January, 2015, Name: Green Tree Burial GroundsCategory: Cemetery for people and petsCity, State: Mead, Oklahoma  73449Contact: Michael Stephens          Website/Contact: https://www.greentreeburialgrounds.org    Phone: (405) 550-2652Natural End Pledge on file - December, 2014, Posted in Pet Cemeteries, Where to Go - Natural Burial Options | Permalink Vancouver, BC, Canada - Classic Cremation and Funeral Services, Inc. Life by Life - Sustainable Funeral Care - Nashville, Tennessee, Green Tree Burial Grounds in Mead, Oklahoma, Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors in Roseburg, Oregon, https://www.umpquavalleyfuneraldirectors.com, Rest Lawn Memorial Park in Junction City, Oregon, Glen Forest Natural Burial Cemetery - Yellow Springs, Ohio, Forest Rest Natural Cemetery, Boones Mill, VA, Neshamah Home Funerals, Squires, Missouri, https://funeralalternatives.wordpress.com, Solacs Eco-Friendly Funeral Services, Austin, Texas, After Death Home Care, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Metropolitan Mortuary, Jurupa Valley/Riverside, California, Duggan's Funeral Service, San Francisco, California, Mountain View Green Cemetery - Salmon, Idaho, Penn Forest Natural Burial Park, Oakmont, PA, Journeying Beyond, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, http://www.beyonds.ca/Journeying/home.html, Deer Park Funeral Directors, Deer Park, Texas, http://www.deerparkfuneraldirectors.com/fh/home/home.cfm?&fh_id=10312, Freitag Funeral Home - Bridgeton, New jersey, Countryside Memorial Park, Inc. - San Antonio, Texas, Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery - Gainesville, Florida, Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park - Austin, Texas, Vander Plaat Memorial Home - Paramus, New Jersey, Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes - Grand Rapids, Michigan, Everden Rust Funeral Services - British Columbia, Canada, Windridge Memorial Park and Nature Sanctuary - Cary, Illinois, https://www.facebook.com/WindridgeMemorialParkAndNatureSanctuary, Nelsen Funeral Home and Crematory - Richmond, VA, Threadgill's Memorial Services - Beaverton, Oregon, Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel - Santa Cruz, California, White Eagle Memorial Preserve - Goldendale, Washington, Aftercare Cremation and Burial Service - Portland, Oregon, http://www.aftercarecremationandburial.com, Family Memorial Mortuary - Portland, Oregon, Oyate Tawicohan (Franciscan Funeral Services) - St. Paul, Minnesota, http://www.simplecremationsandburials.com, Eugene, Oregon - Sunset Hills Funeral Home & Cemetery, Roseneath, Ontario - Barb Phillips, Thanadoula, Portland, Oregon - Omega Funeral And Cremation Services, Ann Arbor, Michigan - After Death Home Care, Holderness, New Hampshire - NH Funeral Resources, Alabama - Ascension Funerals and Cremations, California - Agape Family Directed Funerals, California - Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel, California - Metropolitan Mortuary, Julupa Valley/Riverside, Kentucky - Herman Meyer and Son Funeral Home, Michigan - Heritage Life Story Funeral Home, Minnesota - Oyate Tawicohan (Franciscan Funeral Services), New Hampshire - Turning Leaf Home Funerals, North Carolina - Pine Forest Memorial Garden, Oregon - Aftercare Cremation and Burial Service, Oregon - Omega Funeral and Cremation Service, Oregon - Sunset Hills Funeral Home and Crematorium, Oregon - Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service, Tennessee - Life by Life Sustainable Funeral Care, Texas - Solacs Eco-Friendly Funeral Services, Washington - Brown's Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Be a Tree, the Natural Burial Guide for Turning Yourself into a Forest, Funeral Laws by State (US) - Funeral Ethics Organization, British Columbia - Mountain View Cemetery, Florida - Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery, lllinois - Windridge Memorial Park and Nature Sanctuary, Michigan, Grand Rapids - Heritage Life Story Funeral Home, Pennsylvania - Penn Forest Natural Burial Park, Texas - Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park, Washington - White Eagle Memorial Preserve. | LOOK UP YOUR AREA -- A state-based list of Natural End Pledge Signers is in the sidebar(or at the bottom if you're on your phone) Each Signer has their own post so you can link to individual Pledgees in your own region. | | Comments (3). Network members have the option to sign the Natural End Pledge guaranteeing they offer the minimum "natural basics" required. The story follows Roy Hobbs, a baseball prodigy whose career is sidetracked when he is shot by a woman whose motivation remains mysterious. Name: Windridge Memorial Park and Natural Sanctuary - Cary, IllinoisCategory: Cemetery offering natural burialCity, State:  Cary, IllinoisContact: Kelly HulataWebsite: Natural End Pledge on file - November, 2010, Name: Marble Park CemeteryCategory: Cemetery offering natural burialCity, State: Milan, MichiganContact: Dan Wagner   Website: http://www.marbleparkcemetery.comPhone: 734-439-5660, Natural End Pledge on file - October, 2010, Natural End Pledge on file - September, 2010, Natural End Comments (0), Name: Milton FieldsCategory: CemeteryCity, State: Milton, GeorgiaContact: Jim BellWebsite: www.miltonfieldsgeorgia.comPhone: 770-751-1445, Name: Glen Forest Natural Burial CemeteryCategory: CemeteryCity, State: Yellow Springs, OhioContact: Chris MucherWebsite: www.glenforestcemetery.comPhone: 937-767-2460, Natural End Pledge on file - February, 2014, Posted in All Listings, Where to Go - Natural Burial Options | Permalink

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