Our contracted meter FortisBC has been deemed a critical infrastructure service provider during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Some customer service technicians are working from home, only visiting the muster station to stock up on required supplies to situation. This includes service to your homes and businesses, as well as other essential service providers including hospitals, police and fire departments, care homes, grocery stores and pharmacies. emergency calls and performing maintenance and system upgrades to support the delivery of safe and reliable energy to our hospitals, grocery stores, first responder agencies, homes and businesses. Our contact centres are available to serve you, and we will post updates on our website and social media feeds. Our focus is on assisting all of our customers in ways that best support their individual circumstances. Why do I see your crews working in my neighbourhood? You can also learn more about protecting yourself from scams and fraud at fortisbc.com/scams. Could LNG lead the way to lowering greenhouse gas emissions? We’re ensuring that field crews from different muster stations are not working on the same site, keeping teams separate. essential services like hospitals and first responders. During this time, providing energy is a critical infrastructure service and we will continue to ensure British Columbians receive the natural gas, electricity and propane they need safely and reliably. Why aren’t you cancelling all scheduled work on your infrastructure? or require employees to be working out in the community. Is it true there are scams going around including customers getting disconnected? Yes, for the time being, we’ve postponed any work that would need a member of our team to enter your home unless the work is emergency related. We’ve translated the information in this page into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Punjabi. This includes critical safety inspections, emergency repairs to our system, and new service installations for homes or businesses pending occupancy or without heat. As with all other measures we’ve taken in response to COVID-19, this decision will be assessed on an ongoing basis. Evacuation Rate Relief Tariff Amendment Application, Muskwa River pipeline crossing CPCN application, 2019-2020 Revenue Requirements Application, 2015-2016 Revenue Requirements Application, 2017-2018 Revenue Requirements Application, Revelstoke Propane Portfolio Cost Amalgamation Application, Capital expenditure and system development plan, Certificate of public convenience and necessity applications, 2012 Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project, 2007 Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Project, Cooper conductor replacement (CCR) project, Corra Linn spillgates replacement project, Distribution substation automation project, Grand Forks Terminal Station Reliability CPCN Project, Okanagan transmission reinforcement project, Kelowna Bulk Transformer Addition CPCN Project, 2018 Demand side management expenditures application, 2017 Demand side management expenditures application, 2015-2016 Demand side management expenditures application, Electric vehicle DCFC service rate application, Electric vehicle charging station inquiry, 2017 Net metering tariff reconsideration application, 2016 Net metering tariff update application, 2015 RS50 street lighting tariff application, 2017 RS50 street lighting tariff update application – type III, Residential conservation inclining block rate (RCR) or residential inclining block (RIB) rate, 2016 Treatment for major capital expenditures under the 2014-2019 PBR plan, 2014-2018 Multi-year performance based ratemaking plan, 2012-2013 revenue requirements application and integrated system plan, 2020 Annual Review for 2020 and 2021 Rates, Self-generation policy stage 1 application, Self-generation policy stage II application, Ellison community solar pilot project application, FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. (HIPCO) natural gas facilities, Natural gas planning and stakeholder engagement, Upper Bonnington Refurbishment Project photo gallery, Electricity planning and stakeholder engagement. Employees who are able to work from home are doing so. We’ve provided a list of FAQs to assist in answering some of your most frequent questions. Can a future of smarter energy conservation put greenhouse gas emissions in the past? Reg. This includes: We’ve also postponed all planned work that would require our staff to enter a customer’s home including planned meter exchanges. Our meter readers perform an important service to ensure accurate billing of our customers. How can we create renewable energy from what we waste? 2018 City of Vancouver Biogas Purchase Agreement; 2017 UBC biomethane agreement; 2015 Biomethane purchase agreement with City of Surrey Call our customer contact centre and we’ll help find a way forward. Biomethane. Planned upgrades and maintenance to our infrastructure is important to maintain reliable energy delivery and failure to FortisBC continues to monitor for new developments around COVID-19, and we have plans in place to maintain critical service in the event of widespread illness. We remain committed to supporting our customers during this challenging and uncertain time by continuing to provide them with customized payment solutions for their bills. Safety is our foremost concern and we take every precaution to protect our customers and employees. While working in the community, our crews will keep appropriate physical distancing measures with each other when possible and they have access to additional personal protective equipment like respiratory, eye and hand protection, to further reduce the No. We’re temporarily postponing some work such as routine meter changes and all in-person customer engagement. Some scheduled maintenance and upgrades are required to ensure we can reliably and safely deliver natural gas, electricity and propane to homes and businesses as well as other How are you monitoring your network and systems? additional personal protection equipment may be used, including full torso overalls, respiratory protection, eye protection and hand protection. 2018 City of Vancouver Biogas Purchase Agreement, 2015 Biomethane purchase agreement with City of Surrey, 2015 Biomethane Energy recovery charge (BERC) rate methodology application, 2013 Third-party suppliers regulatory process, 2019 Tidal Energy Biomethane Purchase Agreement, 2020 Faromor CNG Corporation Biomethane Purchase Agreement, 2020 Matter Global Solutions BC Ltd. Biomethane Purchase Agreement, 2020 REN International Corp. Biomethane Purchase Agreement, 2020 Dicklands Farms Biomethane Purchase Agreement, 2020 Bradam Canada Inc. 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If you had a previously scheduled appointment, we will reach out to you to reschedule it at a later date. A technician is scheduled to come to my home - will this be cancelled? FortisBC Energy Inc. gas tariffs: Mainland, Vancouver Island and Whistler; FortisBC Energy Inc. gas tariff: Fort Nelson; Gas BCUC submissions. We’re here to help: billing support during COVID-19 outbreak, How we're responding to COVID-19: Letter to customers from Roger Dall’Antonia, President and CEO, FortisBC, FortisBC set to support British Columbia during COVID-19 outbreak, For our large commercial and industrial customers please contact your, adopting enhanced sanitization routines in our offices and facilities, adopting physical distancing and prohibiting large group gatherings and visitors to our sites, restricting all non-essential business and personal travel, ensuring employees work from home where operationally possible. We’re aware that scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak and may phone or send phishing emails, text messages and social media posts, threatening disconnections. You can open a natural gas or electricity service account online , or by calling 1-888-224-2710 for natural gas, or 1-866-436-7847 for electricity. do their job. If you are contacted, please call our contact centre to report it. like hospitals, first responder agencies, care homes, pharmacies and grocery stores. Account Online profiles are only available to customers who already have a service account with FortisBC. If you do see our crews working, keep your distance to ensure your safety and the safety of our crews. Biomethane. FortisBC delivers natural gas and electricity to customers in BC. FortisBC Energy Inc. gas submissions. That means we’re committed to making sure you have the energy you need and we are doing whatever we can to ensure your safety. I thought all non-essential work was cancelled? FortisBC Energy Inc. gas tariffs: Mainland, Vancouver Island and Whistler; FortisBC Energy Inc. gas tariff: Fort Nelson; Gas BCUC submissions. We encourage any of our customers to reach out to us for assistance. Is signing up for Account Online the same as opening a new service account with FortisBC? Installing networked electric vehicle charging stations, Public electric vehicle charging stations in BC, Natural gas metering for multi-unit residential buildings, Natural gas space heating systems for your development, Natural gas water heaters for your development, Natural gas metering for secondary suites, Natural Gas Customer Design Build Program, Underground conduit system inspection request form, Trade Ally Network (TAN) online resource centre, Participating natural gas commercial partners, Participating electrical commercial partners, Residential Energy Efficiency Works (REnEW), Careers, training and education for Indigenous communities, Energy-efficiency programs for Indigenous communities, Billing support for customers affected by COVID-19. FortisBC Energy Inc. gas submissions. Public sector organizations: reducing GHG emissions with RNG.

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