The faceless eyes hover over all that goes on in the book — a book decidedly void of traditional spirituality. It is worth noting, however, that Myrtle rides in a different train car from Tom and Nick, in accordance with Tom's desire to pander, in this small way, to the "sensibilities of those East Eggers who might be on the train." While Daisy is affected and insubstantial, Myrtle Wilson is straightforward, fleshy, almost coarse. There is little about Wilson to indicate he will ever be anywhere but the desolate wasteland of the valley. The Canterbury Tales. It was in the valley of ashes that Nick first meets Tom's mistress, Myrtle Wilson. The two men proceed to a car repair garage owned by George Wilson, a "spiritless man" who is also Myrtle's husband. Tom quietly informs her he wishes to see her and so she arranges to meet them shortly, leaving her husband under the pretense of visiting her sister in New York. The McKees, for instance, are trying desperately to be accepted by the upper class, but are really shallow, dull people. Tom tells her that she has no right to say Daisy's name; she continues taunting him, and he responds by breaking Myrtle's nose. The connotations of ‘ashes’ (death, fire, sterility and, in religious terms, the mortality of flesh and the folly of materialism) are heavily underlined in this passage. He is common, "blond," "spiritless," "anæmic" and only faintly handsome. Wilson's wife, Myrtle, is the woman with whom Tom has been having an affair. Like the scene in which Gatsby reaches for the green light, high symbolism is given priority over the demands of realism: the reader is presented with an implausible, but highly effective image of two detached eyes looking out over dust and ashes. The Great Gatsby essays are academic essays for citation. This chapter opens with a description of the ‘valley of ashes’, between West Egg and New York, and an advertisement which features the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg. Powered by WordPress. mingling immediately with the cement colour of the walls [as a] white ashen dust veiled his dark suit and his pale hair. J.D. Stage Electrics Final Review (2nd bi-term only) 35 terms. Her purchases at a newsstand (two tabloid-like publications), as well as the way she painstakingly selects just the right taxicab (lavender with gray upholstery) suggests that she is concerned with appearance and fashion, aspiring to be part of the jet-set that she reads about in her magazines and which, she thinks, she can gain entrée to through her wealthy lover. Myrtle, made bold by the whiskey, begins to shout Daisy's name while Tom, exhibiting the brute force Nick has known he was capable of since first meeting him, quickly hits Myrtle with his open hand, breaking her nose. 25 terms. As Myrtle has more and more to drink, she becomes increasingly belligerent, ordering people about and assuming a false sense of social superiority, casually offering derogatory comments about various types of people — in many ways, mirroring Tom's sense of social superiority. The Great Gatsby C2. The reader must wonder, if he is capable of this sort of violence, what else is he capable of? Although most people associate good times and carefree abandon with the reverie of the 1920s, Fitzgerald suggests a much darker side. Personification suggests oppression and the threat of violence within Wilson’s garage. Nick, Tom and Mrs Wilson travel into New York and to an apartment, where guests are invited and everyone gets drunk. Clothing plays an important role in the development of character, and is reflective of both a character's mood and his or her personality. anæmic having anemia, an illness of the blood resulting in paleness and generalized weakness; also can mean anyone lacking vigor or vitality; lifelessness. The mention of spades reinforces the funerary image created by the line of cars. His business totters on the brink of failure, and he seems ignorant of what goes on around him. It is unlikely that he is, in Tom's elitist words, "so dumb he doesn't know he's alive," but he does seem trapped by an unnamable force.

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