It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Regal | Rating: 10/10 i don’t do anything athletic so this is just a random thought but every time i watch someone doing it i feel like i wanna hold it too! All-in-all, despite any of the short-comings and missing material, the supplements still prove incredibly fascinating and offer a very well-rounded analysis of the film. I've been watching the Olympics on television since the Munich games in … The splat of a hammer in wet turf. In addition, Ichikawa's…. The squint against blinding lights of an athlete from Chad as he steps off a plane and into the alienation of city life for perhaps the first time. Product was exactly as promised - mint condition of both the packaging and DVD. Pleasingly, the footage has been completely restored and is presented in high-definition, though it has been heavily compressed and it unfortunately shows during quicker moments. Notify me of follow-up comments? Perhaps more appeal for the cinephile than the sports fan. Kon Ichikawa Natto Wada Yoshio Shirasaka Shuntaro Tanikawa, Kazuo Miyagawa Shigeichi Nagano Shigeo Murata Tadashi Tanaka, 170 mins   [Second Run DVDs and Blu-rays] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 03:39:34 PM, [Criterion Rumors and News] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 03:38:49 PM, The Talented Mr. Ripley (Anthony Minghella, 1999), [BFI DVDs and Blu-rays] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 02:29:47 PM, [General Film Discussion] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 02:13:07 PM, [Criterion Rumors and News] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 02:12:03 PM, [Criterion Rumors and News] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 02:01:41 PM, Warner Brothers Archive Collection Blu-rays, [DVD and Blu-ray News and Discussions] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 01:22:57 PM, [Criterion Rumors and News] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 06:37:10 AM, [General Film Discussion] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 02:06:36 AM, VHS Culture Collaging (Everything is Terrible, et al), [General Film Discussion] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 01:38:40 AM, [Filmmakers] / Wed Oct 14, 2020 01:28:10 AM, This site is not affiliated with The Criterion Collection, International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic Committee. |, August 14, 2020 Film data from TMDb. To either read or join in on our discussions visit our forums. | Rating: 3.5/4 Cinemark Kon Ichikawa has used his Director's Eye & distinct Style to create a tremendous memory, every frame as distinct as it's beautiful. But, as Cowie points out in the 9-minute introduction to the footage (that shows its pre-COVID-19 days when Cowie talks about the “upcoming” 2020 Tokyo Olympics), the footage is still no less important and there is still some thrilling stuff here. More details at Very, very highly recommended! . This film ended up being included in the Olympics box set and I actually half-expected it to show up as a supplement for this edition since I highly doubted there would be much interest for it on its own. According to the notes a variety of materials were scanned to get the best looking image possible: the 35mm original negative of the other 1964 Olympics film, Sensation of the Century (which used the same footage that was shot by Ichikawa, even using footage not in Tokyo Olympiad), negatives of four compilation sports films, and then the 35mm interpositive and internegative for Tokyo Olympiad, where the original negatives for the footage could not be found/used. Rising suns and terrace farms give way to stone-roofed townships and then metropolitan Tokyo as the torch comes into the city, and you feel the historical transition the country had been in since the war. Issue #67 - Phoebe Bridgers and Moses Sumney. Directed by Kon Ichikawa, who also directed the beautiful and emotional The Burmese Harp, it features a gorgeous use of widescreen and skilfully integrates intense close-ups with elegant long shots, and the tournaments of stamina and strength interchanged with competitions of speed and dexterity help to generate a catalogue of consummate movie techniques. I was prepared, but wondered vaguely how Ichikawa could hold the interest of the audience for almost three hours. I hope NFL Films is paying Kon Ichikawa and Kazuo Miyagawa royalties because they ripped off their entire playbook from this film. I loved the vibe of idealism and the triumph of man that could only exist pre-1980s. The turkey-like jowls of older spectators. It finds the human spirit of the competition, it's ultrawide frame and emotionally motivated camera turning the documentation of sports into modern mythology. Sadly, none of this gets ported over, not even Cowie’s essay found in the Olympic set’s book. Will re-visit review once I actually acquire dvd in June. a beautiful reminder that the human body is capable of amazing feats and that speed walking has been an olympic sport since at least 1964. All in all, if you are fan of the Olympics and this type of doc features, then this is another good one to watch. I had not seen it yet when the class began talking about it, but I immediately began to understand and identify with what was being said about the film. Please enter the word you see in the image below: There are no comments for this entry yet.

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