Westerners are natural allies of the peace-loving, compassionate Georgians therefore the obvious "Bad Guys" are the Russians and South Ossetians who bring murder, terror and misery upon the progressive Georgians. This film was disappointing on many levels. Once the war began some Ossetia militias fighting with the Russians committed acts of ethnic cleansing and were not stopped by the Russian Military or Government. The events portrayed in the movie have never taken place, could not have taken place. Avenge the Malmedy massacre with your own digital war crimes! The action was incredibly choreographed and excellent special effects. Read reviews and ratings of Days of War from our experts, and see what our community says, too! If you haven’t gathered yet from the context, Days of War is a multiplayer shooter set in World War II. The fifth point requires a teammate and features a lengthy timer. That last one is the biggest offender, as it’s invariably unlocking older WWII tech than the one you start with. The game was posted on Steam's Greenlight Community in February 2016 and given the thumbs up the following March. An awful war film in need of a script rewrite. Steam Greenlight Approved: March 2016, Steam Early Access: January 26, 2017 You will never know about a pregnant woman who was running for the Temple and was shot halfway by Georgian soldiers. WEll, some people saying that this movie is propaganda and captured by anti-Russian federation but, I'm from Georgia from that little country. Oh, and once you win the round, you have several seconds to freely gun down the losing team as they can’t shoot back. While Days of War doesn’t feature the ridiculous flag armbands like Battalion 1944, the Soviets are all bedecked in the rare SSh-36 helmet (imagine Darth Vader sans face plate). They do not even pretend to be impartial and objective. Their historic armaments are made to conform to the class requirements with the finesse of someone using a sledgehammer to make that square peg fit into a round hole. German Assault troops get their mitts on every ancient SMG design that preceded MP40. But let’s talk about the gameplay in Days of War. i saw how they was killing our just normal people putting bombs in villages and killing people without any reason. Hard Disk Space: 12 GB, Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 and as u think Andy Garcia is not playing his role well. The film opens with the fact that 500 reporters have been killed in war over the last decade. Forever. Choose from over eight combat roles and fight in massive 100-player battles. Still visual effects is the best investment of money in all this work. that reporter is real too i met him in Gori and every details are correct. They risk everything to get the truth out to the rest of the world who are not even interested most of the time, preferring to report on more trivial stories. Review. because i was there. It is unforgivable to borrow human grief and evoke it to lend weight to an action movie scarcely deeper than a Michael Bay extravaganza. This is the first one I've come across that is poor in quality. Horrible idea. When you watch the picture you feel it almost physically how a Rambo mold invisibly haunts the movie and you want to exclaim: "Stop that trash, release the Rambo, and let us at least have some fun.". Choose one of over eight different combat roles such as Assault, Sniper, and Rocket Soldier. Many movies have been made about many wars and we all know that most likely none of them portrayed the exact true events. 5 Days of War is a twisted train wreck of special effects laden action and blatant propaganda with a parade of terrible acting. UK Machinegunners can replace their Lewis MGs with Bren LMG, which is supposed to be somehow different from Support class’s Bren. A film worth your $$ and time. BTW, it's a very strange way of living out a guilt complex. Days of war is a rather conventional first-person shooter, focused on online multiplayer. Since the Caucasus have always been a nest of ethnic divisions, political double-dealing and vicious banditry I would think any decent screenwriter and director could piece together a fairly intense thriller, I was so wrong. There are farms in the French countryside, ruined French cities, idyllic German towns, African urban landscapes, Leningrad (ft. a misplaced Barmaley Fountain), and a nameless railway depo. Read reviews and ratings of Days of War from our experts, and see what our community says, too! Review: Days of War isn’t the greatest WWII game in the world, it’s just a tribute. Days of War doesn’t bring anything special to the genre of WWII twitch shooters. Always chasing that full-time-game-reviewer fairy. This is a gritty, realistic, shocking movie which reminds us of the sometimes terrible world we live in. The American helicopter cracking down on Afghani wedding transforms into Russian helicopter destroying Georgian wedding. We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to discover new MMOs and MMORPGs to play. If the purpose of this film is to whip up sympathy for the Georgians, I doubt if few moviegoers not from that area will care. Days of War Steam Page The world isn't so black and white and even us dimwitted moviegoers can appreciate the intricacies of politics in the Caucasus. Occasionally, we cut to the state offices of Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian president, who is played by Andy Garcia, it being his misfortune to resemble Saakashvili. Violating the primary human right for objective information this cinematic work becomes highly cynical with regard to real life. Through Tatia and a collective effort to broadcast Ganz's images to the rest of the world while keeping them away from the Russians, Anders finds a new purpose in life and a reason to go on living. Big fan of RTS, RPG, and FPS games. As you accrue kills and experience, you’ll unlock new gear, weapon skins, and new weaponry. The author made a try to persuade us of the documentary nature of his movie while he failed even to abide by the rules of the political thriller genre. Overall, the game doesn’t look too bad while you’re moving around the maps, but the character models need some work. 5 Days of War is a film not out to give an accurate depiction of the 2008 Russo-Georgia War, but to gloss over any implications and make its own biased, fictitious version of it. Metacritic Reviews. Old circus horse can not be taught new tricks. Russians say "Fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it, a lesson for a good guy". RAM: 8 GB The maps are detailed enough, provide a variety of routes for outflanking camping snipers, and are fittingly small for a twitch shooter. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k CPU This movie does nothing to help the outsider with the complexities of the actual situation. However, other reviewers have done that effectively.

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