Robinho takes it forward before playing it across to Kaka, who produces a delightful first-time pass for the onside Luis Fabiano to nonchalantly round the keeper and slot into the empty net. A corner from the Brazil left is controlled by Lucio in the area and his legs appear to be taken away from him by Pablo Contreras. They should have been awarded a penalty when Lucio was brought down by a late tackle from Pablo Contreras, but eventually took the lead through Juan's header from Maicon's corner. The ball ricochets off his head and sails over the bar. As South American rivals Brazil and Chile prepare to meet in our sixth last-16 contest at Ellis Park, La Roja do so glowing from the words of the greatest Total Footballer of them all: "Chile has, on its own, created more chances than just about all the other teams combined," said Johan Cruyff. Chile have bravely attacked and it has made an exciting ebb and flow second half.". 3-0 Of course Brazil are enormous favourites to win in Joburg tonight and set up what could be a mouth-watering quarter-final meeting with Netherlands, but Chile have gained a host of new admirers this month already and will fancy their chances of causing an upset. It’s not the greatest Brazilian goal you’ll ever see, but you think Dunga cares? He'll have to do better than that to get one past Julio Cesar. Chile: Humberto Suazo. 5 min: Luis Fabiano is released down the right flank on the break. 32 min: Mauricio Isla tries to curl an outswinger across the face of Brazil's goal, but it's headed clear. Brazil are now unbeaten in 10 games, and their forward Robinho, who put in a shift some Manchester City fans might be confused by tonight, has now scored seven goals in his last four internationals against Chile (eight of his 24 goals for Brazil have come against the Chileans). From Olly123: "I can see the Brazil v Chile game being a cracker. 61 min: Dani Alves spots Chile's goalkeeper standing a few yards off his line and tries his luck from about 50 yards. 4 min: It's all Chile at the moment, with Suazo pivotal in all their best moves. Then again, he'd probably miss it anyway, as Felipe Melo, who he's deputising for tonight, will be back from injury by then. We're into two minutes of injury time and Lucio slips just inside the Brazil area, but Jorge Valdivia can only lash wide courtesy of his right foot. 34 min: On the right touchline, Maicon does excellently to take the ball around Arturo Vidal, but dives over the "challenge" of the next Chilean defender. Read more. Brazil won't be unchanged for their quarter-final against Netherlands as Ramires brings Alexis Sanchez down and is shown a yellow card by Howard Webb, meaning he is now suspended. The intention was good, the execution less so. When I saw him in the line-up I knew he would make the Dutch 50% stronger and I was correct.". The striker almost doubled his tally with a glancing header that flew wide, but Robinho sealed victory just before the hour mark with his precise finish after the impressive Ramires finished a surging run with a accurate pass. Only a matter of time until we see some penalties and once we do there could be a big shock on the cards. His pass is too weighty and rolls wide. Yep, that's courtesy of our friends at Infostrada Sports. It's a misleading title because the writer of the original article failed to interpret the data correctly. Chile: 1-Claudio Bravo; 4-Mauricio Isla, 5-Pablo Contreras, 2-Ismael Fuentes, 8-Arturo Vidal, 11-Mark Gonzalez, 6-Carlos Carmona, 18-Gonzalo Jara, 9-Humberto Suazo, 15-Jean Beausejour, 7-Alexis Sanchez.Subs: Pinto, Valdivia, Fernandez, Orellana, Fierro, Millar, Tello, Paredes, Marin. Brazil have played some good stuff tonight and they are looking a very, very difficult team to beat. Read more. He complains to Howard Webb, who tells him to concentrate on playing football and leave the officiating to those on the pitch who are policemen from Rotherham. Oh, come on. Ramires was later booked and will miss the match against the Dutch. If you feel you've been overdosing on football recently, spare a thought for South African fan Thulani Ngcobo, who has attended no less than 31 World Cup games, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of Records for attending the highest number of matches at a World Cup finals. No-one will go home tonight feeling short-changed.". Chile make four changes, with Marco Estrada, Waldo Ponce and Gary Medel suspended and Jorge Valdivia also dropping out of the starting XI.". Revive el partido completo Brazil vs. Chile de Round of 16 de la World Cup de 2010 celebrado en Ellis Park (Johannesburg) en Footballia Having been asked to make some predictions for the last 16 games by a Russian website, I'm currently sweeping all before me with four correct results out of five. No? From Robi1993: "Tell you what, that was a master touch by Kaka. 28 June 2010 68 min: Ismael Fuentes gets booked for a foul on Luis Fabiano - illegal use of the arm, it seems. The teams are out, so after we listen to Hino Nacional Brasileiro and Himno Nacional de Chile, we're ready for carnival time. Robinho cut inside before playing a square ball to Kaka, who delivered a beautifully weighted first-time pass that Luis Fabiano, in an onside position, collected before easing past Claudio Bravo and slotting into an empty net. ", "Chile coach Marcelo Bielsa disappeared down the tunnel very briskly after the half-time whistle sounded. Bah! Barry McMurgh writes from Ellis Park with some on-the-spot insights: "I saw the teams enter and warm up on the pitch," he writes. You can have this one for free – we’ve just watched one of the World Cup finalists. We may never have won the ultimate prize, but the whole world talked about us. Chile The ball sails over Bravo's outstretched arm and looks to be heading goalwards, but swerves wide. Chile could exploit this via Sanchez. The usual suspects have been duly warned. In the 1962 semi-final in Santiago, the great Garrincha and Vava bagged a brace each as the Brazilians beat the host nation 4-2, while in 1998 the great Ronaldo and Cesar Sampaio paired up as Brazil thrashed Chile 4-1 in Paris. Mark, Manchester: "Here is a little bet for someone - not a single player from the oh so fantastic Premier League will play in the World Cup final. Dani Alves might shoot from here - it's out on the left of the area, and it flashes a couple of yards past the angle. Dunga then takes Luis Fabiano off and sends on Nilmar. I do really like the look of Jean Beausejour I'd like to say at this juncture, however. Hence why his statistics do not refer to Brazil, but to the 'scoring team' etc. 3 min: Arturo Vidal chips the ball over enemy lines in a bid to send Suazo on his way, but there's too much weight on his pass and Julio Cesar beats the Chilean striker to the ball. He can't go and support his strikers because he has to sit tight and watch Kaka. 40 min: Never mind Robinho, Kaka and Fabianon, it's English linesman Darren Cann who's getting all the credit for that goal, with the Tyldesley/Beglin ITV commentary team beside themselves with delight over his heroic input. I have astonishing World Cup news: Stevo's Predos are taking Russia by storm. 59 mins GOAL Brazil 3-0 Chile They're an Elano and Felipe Melo down tonight through injury, with Dani Alves and Ramires stepping in in their stead. Moments later, Robinho cannot quite control a cross and then Kaka fires wide from the edge of the box. Luckily, Chile has grasped that.". BBC Sport's Paul Fletcher at Ellis Park, Johannesburg: BBC World Service's Daniel Gallas at Ellis Park, Johannesburg: Netherlands' at times drab 2-1 last-16 win over Slovakia. Seems a bit harsh. Just brilliant. RSS. So, can it happen? He's a very scary man and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to displease him through lack of effort. So why not just have a go? 9 min: Kaka tries his luck, but fires wide. 16 min: "It's interesting that Bielsa has elected to leave both playmakers (Valdivia and Fernandez) on the bench in order to accommodate two naturally left-sided players (Beausejour and Gonzalez). "Brazil know when and where to quicken the pace in a match. Just brilliant. The last time Chile won a knockout phase match at the World Cup was against Soviet Union in 1962, when they hosted the tournament, as goals from Leonel Sanchez and Eladio Rojas did the business. Whether you're still feeling blue about England, reckon Netherlands can go all the way or are still fascinated by the French farce, I want to hear from you. Dunga looked a bit dour, but Kaka and Robinho were full of smiles. BBC Sport’s Tim Vickery believes Bielsa found the right job at the right time. It just had the feel of a goal and the referee [Michael Oliver] said that to me, but you’ve got to rely…. Second half: Chile substitutions: Centre-half Pablo Contreras and midfielder Mark Gonzalez make way for playmaker (or striker, if you believe Clive Tyldesley) George Valdivia and winger Rodrigo Tello. A team is most likely to score 10-19 seconds after winning possession. Great chat from our friends at Infostrada Sports, who tell us this: There have been at least three goals scored in all the last 16 matches in this World Cup. World Cup 2010 – 1/8 Final highlights Brazil 3-0 Chile highlights Venue Ellis Park, Johannesburg 28 June 2010 kick off:20:30 CET.

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