In this installment, Campbell talks about the Rickenbacker sound and the various styles he's used throughout his career, including the first one he ever owned – the same one slung over Petty's shoulder on the cover of Damn the Torpedoes. Mike Campbell is certainly one of them". But I’ll tell you, there’s one I bought about two and a half years ago, maybe a little more. Love that line. Yeah [laughs]. I think one of the things that appeals about the Rick is just how effortless it is to play. And the 360 was offered in square-edge or rounded-edge body style. It was a — I’m not very good with the numbers — it was a semi-hollowbody with the pointed ends, you know? We talk some more about Tom’s use of electric 12s on records. Absolutely. Tom Petty's Rickenbacker signature guitar, the 660/12TP. I used to play his Beatles one when I was at his house, and that was a beautiful-sounding guitar. They’re very delicate in a way, like if you … you can get that wow thing on the neck if you pull very hard on the neck, it’ll completely wow your guitar, so you have to be really aware of how hard you’re bearing down on the guitar with your left hand. share. I tell him I think that "Flirting With Time" on his Highway Companion album [2006] has a good, simple, deep 12 statement on the solo. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. I’ve started playing that one more and more. Do it carefully enough, and you can get a really nice sound. Turn turn turn, "Rickenbacker 12 string… This must be what heaven sounds like!" That’s a terrible thing, having to change those strings and then tune it. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community. There has not been a run of these manufactured in a long, long time. It was just always a very good American-made guitar, you know? How does the electric 12 fit into your own work? I think I tried it once and went, "OK … enough of that.". Next is a recent Fender Custom Shop Tele with a B-Bender used as a backup, then a pair of Rickenbacker 12-strings—the one on the right is used on "Free Fallin’." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Day Buddy Holly, Crickets Played Portland, Silvertone 1437 Guitar Electronics Tear Down, Silvertone 1421 (Sears 10XL) Custom Mod – Part 1, Silvertone 1421 (Sears 10XL) Custom Mod – Part 2, Mike Campbell Tells About His Rickenbacker 12-string. Tom Petty Describes the Allure of the 12-String in Previously Unpublished Interview. I like that the most with it. Really neat interview w/ Mike as he talks about purchasing his Rickenbacker (which was apparently next off the assembly line after George Harrison's) and plays part of "Here Comes My Girl". [citation needed] He is a highly melodic player, often using two or three-strings-at-a-time leads instead of the more conventional one-at-a-time approach. It makes this clear sound with plenty of bass on it. More importantly, it gives me more options besides just Rickenbacker. Tom goes to pull out the album to check the titles, and then agrees, telling me he used his blond 360/12 for that one. He did. No doubt, Tom, you kept a note of that chord and you’re going to show me exactly what it is. Can you remember when you first heard an electric 12? Just plug your Rickenbacker 12-string into a JangleBox and prepare to part the Red Sea with silky tones that soar like Byrds. Dick Burke and Brian Carman at Rickenbacker built Tom an unusual solid maple old-style 360 because he wanted a six-string that looked like the 12 George Harrison played and one that would not feed back. So, Tom, that early Rick of yours would have been a 330. The first was the one made before Campell's. Learn More. I've got fat fingers and it just wasn't fun to play. I went through a lot trying to find a nice, clear amplifier for the 12-string because you really have to have something that’s going to handle that and not make it too brittle. If you’re in the middle position, with both pickups on, you can bring in bottom or roll it off. Tom, do you change playing style on the 12 or just use a pick as usual. Then they just took my name off and kept making them, you know? I’ve tried all sorts, and none of them chime quite like a Rickenbacker, there’s just something to the sound of it that you’re not going to get out of the others. So finally I got … is it a 335? Yeah, and I’ve actually got the receipt and everything. I really like Mike's playing on just about anything he picks up. Like a 360 but six strings. He’d say, "No, I couldn’t ever get mine to do anything." Okay, so I got that blond one in 1980, and I’ve had it ever since. I would have heard an electric 12-string first with The Beatles' A Hard Day’s Night — It feels like a toy and the neck is so small I can barely finger an open A chord. Harrison later,I think in '64, got a newer Rick that was rounded. That’s one of the best ones I have. Like Tench, he was heavily involved in constructing the arrangements for the Heartbreakers' tunes. The '60s Fender Showman amp that has a big 15-inch speaker, those sound particularly good with it. Vintage guitars, tube amps, analog effects & gear! Twelves are sometimes used for stuff you won’t necessarily notice … but you’d know if they weren’t there. Would you rather pull out your hair than change strings on a Rick 12? And, really, I just added a few little decorative appointments to it, like the checkerboard binding on the front. Tom’s Superbowl guitar was a 1964 Rickenbacker that Rose-Morris called model 1993. Everyone seems to have their own version of that. Mike Campbell Playing Rickenbacker Mando with the Heartbreakers, Mel Bay FLASH SALE: 30% off all titles Oct. 13-14 with Discount Code FLASH, Mandolin Cafe News: News Music from MandoMorphosis - 2020,, The Brentrup Mandolin Registry - Facebook, North Florida Mandolin Players Social Group,,, Jams, Workshops, Camps, Places To Meet Others, Technique, Theory, Playing Tips and Tricks, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Country, Gospel Variants, Old-Time, Roots, Early Country, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Jazz/Blues Variants, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer, Celtic, U.K., Nordic, Quebecois, European Folk, Orchestral, Classical, Italian, Medieval, Renaissance, Octaves, Zouks, Citterns, Tenors and Electrics, If this is your first visit, be sure to There are or have been several different makers: Vox, Hammertone, Phantom, and Teo is what Buddy Miller plays. You can look it up under 'Vintage Series' in the 'Models' section. I had a 610/12 and I hated it because it was so hard to play. Mike [Campbell] could you tell you. 'Cept it's not a Rickenbacker. They approached me about doing a signature model, and yeah, they wanted to use that solidbody one. He’s really great at it. Hey! Photo: WireImage, Yeah, I have a white one that’s pretty good. Yes, it’s a beautiful color in there. I’ve played one for a long time. That was a 360/12, which is what they call the fancier 12-string. So I’m glad for that. It was a Rose-Morris one, with the "musical note" treble-clef hole. It's a semi-hollow body with a wider neck & body than most Ricks. We were sort of credited with, like, saving the whole company around 1979, I read somewhere, and [Rickenbacker boss] John Hall’s told me. With both pickups selected, it set the balance between them, or on a guitar fitted with Rickenbacker’s stereo Rick-o-Sound circuitry, the balance between left and right. Yeah, it’s tough. That made him an obvious candidate when I interviewed people for my 2010 book Rickenbacker Electric 12-String. We pause once more for a further dive into Rickenbacker eccentricity. You have to remember to be delicate with it because it will wow on you. Sounds--and looks--good to me. Tone Gems: Vintage budget guitars, amps, effects pedals and gear. Editor's note: This post is the first in a series of unpublished interviews from the personal research archive of noted guitar writer, Tony Bacon, that will be appearing on Reverb in the coming months. "That shot the price up quite a bit, I'm glad to say," jokes Campbell. And George goes, "Yes, I’m sure." “Looking for that high lonesome, jingle jangle ‘Bells of Rhymney’ sound that is so elusive? In an accompanying interview I did at the same time with Mike Campbell, he tells me that when they finally got to meet Roger McGuinn, he said he’d heard "American Girl" on the radio and thought it was him. Below you'll find the original transcript of Tony's conversation with Tom, along with some supplementary commentary in italics. Well, yeah, it does make it a little more playable. Thanks for visiting. Is it something you pull out occasionally? I tell Tom that the guitar he’s talking about was a Rickenbacker 330. Yeah. Some rock guitarists (John Pettibone from Lucinda Williams' band, for instance) use a half-length 12-string to get a mandolin sound. 'Good Steely Dan Takes': A Chat With the Man Behind the Funniest Rock Fan Account on Twitter, Flashback: Van Halen Play ‘Panama’ at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Ice Cube Clarifies Role in Helping Trump Admin Develop ‘Platinum Plan’, Stevie Nicks Joins TikTok, Nods to Viral ‘Dreams’ Challenge, Stevie Wonder Releases First New Music in 15 Years, Broken Promises: How Trump Betrayed the Autoworkers of Youngstown, Ohio, ‘RS Interview: Special Edition’ With Gina McCarthy, Watch BTS’ Illusionary ‘Home’ Performance on ‘Fallon’.

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