To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. ''He looked great,'' Goosen recalls. Heavyweights, by contrast, have often been overweights. The famous unanimous decision win over McCallum in March 1988, later avenged by “The Body Snatcher”, is arguably one of the finest demonstrations of pure boxing in the modern era. ''It doesn't mean because I've got my hands down that I want a guy to hit me. Most people are not 125 pounds. Nunn is heavily favored; win or lose, he will take home $1.2 million. Let them have their party. This is a tough one because I came across a lot of good boxers on the way up the ladder. Hearns would stalk him relentlessly though and Tommy had a very hard jab. What was needed, he thought, was teaching and direction, which Surkein went on to provide throughout Nunn's long and successful amateur career. ... Michael ‘Second To’ Nunn. Special thanks to Michael Nunn’s long-time friend and legal advisor, Eric D. Murphy, for making this feature possible. Hearing the echoes of the blows, Nunn's trainer, Joe Goosen, looks up from a far corner of the gym to yell, ''Michael, not too hard for now.''. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Who Wins And How? Nevertheless, before too long the Goosen siblings built up a legitimate, small stable of club fighters. He tends to refer to himself in the third person - ''Michael Nunn's goal in 1989 . Staged inside the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, on March 25, 1989, this was a high-stakes meeting between the two best middleweights in the world. A guy of smaller stature realizes he can't play the other sports, so he goes to a gym, where he can fight people his own size.''. . '' Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. You become bitter, but you just try and make up for the things you didn't do. In December, for a reported $14 million, he will take on, for the third time, 38-year-old Roberto Duran, whom he last fought and beat in November 1980, when Duran mysteriously quit in the middle of the eighth round. Taking into account the impeccable career “Lights Out” would go on to have, it seems almost unimaginable that he could be made to look foolish at his peak but that was the story in Nunn’s hometown of Davenport. ''He's the best middleweight around, bar none,'' Clancy says. A brace of majority decision wins over Iran Barkley and Marlon Starling was followed by a 10th-round knockout of former pound-for-pound No. I call him Bark-Bark.''. Middleweight champs before Robinson were as popular and legendary for their brute force and courage inside the ring as they were for their reckless approach to life outside it. ''It was a time when I was so good at outboxing a guy,'' explains Nunn, ''that I felt that if I knocked him out, cool, but that if I didn't, it didn't matter because I'm a distance fighter and I'm always in the best of shape. All told, the three fights earned Leonard $40 million. BEST DEFENSE – Marlon Starling: To this day, Starling is still asking for a rematch. If everybody keeps telling me how old I am, I don't know.''. '', Meanwhile, Michael Nunn is reflective. We never saw him again.''. ''It was great in the summer, because of the shade, but it also dropped a lot of leaves, which we were always sweeping up. And, to be fair, Michael Nunn is personable enough and polite to a fault. '', See the article in its original context from. ''He was a typical street kid, always in trouble,'' says Surkein, who is now 70 and still serves as Nunn's unpaid adviser, his signature required on fight contracts. He won world titles at middleweight and super middleweight, and had a few showdowns at light heavyweight. Even the best orthodox fighters have been known to have difficulty penetrating the right-hand lead of a southpaw -they're just not used to it. ''There was a big tree hanging over our ring,'' laughs Dan Goosen, who manages the operation. (Duran had won a decision over Leonard six months earlier.) During both those reigns, he also held the lineal championship. ''We like to tell stories, whether with fighters or divisions, '' says Seth Abraham, a senior vice president at HBO. ''Tate went along with the stunt, but he knew he wasn't going to beat me. Today, Dan and Joe, the trainer, are assisted by Greg and Larry (cornermen), Mike and Gordon (attorneys) and Ellorie and Sandy (who operate the box office). ''. Unfortunately, the WBA would strip Kalambay of his title for agreeing to face Nunn but boxing politics could not disguise the obvious. Things worked out all right, I guess.''. Nunn rose but was in no position to defend himself when referee Dennis Nelson halted the bout. BEST OVERALL – Curry: The best overall game belonged to Donald Curry. ''There are tough people there, just like there are tough people everywhere. In his first defense, the future of the 160-pound division would chew up fierce Argentinian power-puncher Juan Domingo Roldan in eight but what came next sent shockwaves through the sport. ''These older guys don't want to fight young tigers,'' says Nunn. ''People think Iowa is all cornfields,'' he says, rankled by the image. Today, Clancy remembers telling the Goosens that they had better do something to make their guy more exciting or his career was in jeopardy. Harry Greb, ''The Pittsburgh Windmill,'' amassed 294 bouts (44 of them in 1919 alone) and fought the latter part of his career without sight in one eye. They brought him down off his toes and worked on his counter-punching. Here's the princeling waiting for his turn. The message was an old ploy in machismo-fight tradition: stand and fight like a man. And subsequent middleweight champions from Emile Griffith to Carlos Monzon to Ray Leonard have exemplified this most attractive blend of power and movement - ring artistry with the knockout punch. Duran, who has fewer options, might have considered a match with Nunn if Leonard had rejected him. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. of an onion. (Hagler has hinted he would return to the ring for the sum of $20 million.) Over the last decade, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and Duran have fought a total of eight ''superfights'' among themselves, for purses ranging between $1 million and $14 million. I could see it in his eyes, and the eyes don't lie.''. '', With only two years' experience in the managing business, Goosen had few illusions about his chances to come up with a future star at the trials. ''Most people are not 234 pounds. For now, Leonard hears Nunn's name regularly and probably will until he retires for good. He was my idol. Robinson, over a 201-bout career, brought to boxing a previously unseen grace and athleticism. In 1985, Nunn, racking up early knockouts, quickly became their star attraction. ''The big kids, when they're growing up, aspire to be football or basketball players. ... Until Michael Nunn… It is, therefore, becoming tougher, even for cognoscenti, to recognize legitimately superior fighters. “The Blade” had fallen on hard times in the three years since he’d beaten Tommy Hearns for the WBC middleweight crown. Since his ''unretirement'' two years ago, Leonard, now 33, has opted for big-money battles with one unheralded unknown - Donny Lalonde, whom he knocked out last November - and two aging rivals. Despite annexing the WBA super middleweight title from Victor Cordoba in Sept. 1992, the Toney loss appeared to permanently remove some of Nunn’s sparkle. ''He stinks you out and beats you.'' Joe and Dan Goosen took heed and went to work changing Nunn's approach. This amazing victory was both a blessing and a ruin for Nunn, as projected big-money showdowns with fading legends Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Thomas Hearns appeared to vanish as quickly as Kalambay did.

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