While retiring in Tasmania won’t be for everyone, if you’ve lived here before and love it, or prefer quiet places with that local feel, the towns in this part of the world could be worth a look. You can retire to Australia as a carer for your Australian relative Alternatively, if you could act as a carer to an Australian relative who has a serious medical condition causing them physical, intellectual or sensory impairment then it’s possible you could be eligible to apply to retire to Australia under the terms of the Carer Relative visa category. Here, you’ll find all the essential amenities of any large regional centre, along with plenty of things to see, do and show your family and friends when they come down for a visit. The Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) is available to self-funded retirees who do not have any dependents and want to retire in Australia. Unlike the glitter strip of the Gold Coast, which can get a little noisy when school leavers descend on Surfer’s Paradise and surrounds, Tweed Heads is relaxed, peaceful and an ideal retirement spot for many. It has a number of quaint bed and breakfast establishments for visiting family and friends, and there are affordable housing options if you’re looking to set up permanently. "Phillip Island has a feeling of country and coast and we believe we have the best of both worlds here," says Liz. The popular Twin Towns club is beloved by retirees on both sides of the Queensland/New South Wales border, with affordable dining, entertainment (in the form of classic film showings and live music), live bands for dancing, and let’s not forget the great views of the Tweed River! With so many amazing places to choose from in Australia, we take a look at some of the most popular places to retire. They both love the beach and the fresh air and were fortunate not to have to search for too long as a chance visit to Phillip Island made up their minds. From Sydney, Milton is about a three-hour drive while Merimbula is about a six-hour drive, with beautiful scenery along the way. They wanted to live on the coast, and previously had a holiday house at Golden Beach, on Victoria's scenic Ninety Mile Beach. It is also a popular surfing destination. It also offers great health facilities and plenty of places to eat out at half the price of dining in Melbourne. What is the retirement age in Australia? With affordable housing, plenty of attractions to explore and a strong community vibe, the townships in the valley could be a great place to look at for those hoping to retire in a beautiful part of Tasmania. For Liz and Graeme Bowyer, this is their ideal retirement spot. Good all-year round sunshine doesn’t hurt either. There are a number of housing options, including retirement villages, good access to the Melbourne CBD, if you need to visit family or fly interstate, and there are plenty of quality food and wine producers, so you’ll never fall short of having delicious dishes to create for visiting family and friends. While it may not have as many facilities as other retirement havens, the fact that it’s an hour’s drive from the state’s capital means you can get to bigger shopping complexes and medical facilities.

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