Text “STOP” to opt-out. McConnell's allies quickly pounced saying the McGrath ad had already backfired but she told The Courier Journal she has no intention of running away from her message to voters. The coal miners are not the only ones who have asked to be removed from an Amy McGrath ad. https://t.co/YsSaP14rIn. Leader McConnell highlights McGrath’s assessment of the horrific violence and desecration of federal buildings in Portland, that she deemed “peaceful,” during a campaign event, via WPSD-TV in Kentucky: "What's happening in Portland is peaceful protesting, and unfortunately we have federal agents sent in that, from what I can tell, you know, are tear gassing peaceful protesters," McGrath said. 'This Is a Dark Moment': Tucker Obliterates Big Tech's Censorship of the NY Post, Townhall.com is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis. "Every comment is, unfortunately, examined through a red or blue lens. For media inquiries, please email media@teammitch.com. RANDY ROBBINS: And Kentucky deserves better. I appreciate the praise, but campaign ads politicizing the coronavirus response are not constructive towards the urgent goal of bringing everyone together to fight our common enemy: the virus. In 2017, Senator McConnell led negotiations on bipartisan legislation to secure health care benefits for Kentucky coal miners and their families, and Leader McConnell’s language made it into the final legislation. Democratic congressional candidate Amy McGrath’s military background has been one of her greatest assets in her campaign to represent Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District. It's symptomatic of what is wrong with our system. Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath is standing by a television advertisement that debuted Saturday despite a rebuke by two of the governors featured in the new spot. His campaign manager said the photo featuring Amy McGrath's name was a homage to a political cartoon that appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal. T&C/Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/37ny40O. The retired Marine fighter pilot says that American governors from both parties are the ones showing real leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic. Republican critics said McGrath's reaction amounts to a slap at one of the very governors her ad seeks to praise. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter, Register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot today. In this case, I'm pointing out that leadership doesn't depend on your political jersey color. Follow him on Twitter at @phillipmbailey. This time its a cartoon, and McConnell is … ICYMI: before Mitch McConnell gave sick coal miners only 2 minutes of his time, he thought it was funny to tweet about them dying https://t.co/hBkGpUCPv7. Democratic and Republican governors spoke out last month against McConnell's suggestion. As I've said repeatedly, this is not the time for partisan politics or finger pointing. Once she got caught, McGrath replaced miners like Randy and Albrow with cartoon caricatures, revealing her true feelings about Kentuckians. I believe I was lied to. I think Amy McGrath’s responsible for it, and I’m not going to be part of it. We will never forget it.”. John’s memory should be used promote common ground and civility not to stoke division.”, “Matt Jones says McGrath’s interview with Samantha Bee mocks Kentuckians”, “McGrath is featured in the six-minute segment surrounded by banjo music, horses, whiskey and fake Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets. The McConnell spot also jabbed at McGrath, but in that instance Kentucky's Democratic governor did not speak out against the use of his image in the advertisement. LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Team Mitch today released a new ad featuring two Letcher County coal miners who Amy McGrath tricked into appearing in her ad last year that falsely attacked Senator Mitch McConnell’s record of being a champion for Kentucky coal miners and their families. Amy McGrath’s telling of the meeting with Mitch McConnell was not truthful. It also features Ohio's Mike DeWine and Maryland's Larry Hogan, both Republicans, before taking a swipe at McConnell.

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