The first one, ESP Seating, will hit the App Store and Abdroid launch in just a few days and is looking for beta testers. Download from This list contains a total of 10 apps similar to Inquire by Tamper.List updated: 8/19/2017 9:12:00 PM. Among teachers, Hangouts gets a thumbs up for video-based conversations. Nice roundup of all apps that works well for teachers. Bloomz is amazing to communicate with parents. Looking for a classroom maker project? I love love love it! Android Tablet Sometimes what you really want is a wiki. School subscriptions are available as well as parent’s. Thanks in advance. “It’s a great way to receive feedback from the whole class at the end of a semester,” says TED-Ed Innovative Educator Sharon Hadar. A bit short though, but plenty for an eight year old. That’s where Pomotodo comes in. Great list! The Foos for 5+. I’m truly glad when reading about teachers employing more and more new tools in teaching. Check it out and I hope it helps you. Teacher app share here save time and cost, I would recommend one more mylyapp which is awesome to save student data as well as to manage easy parent teacher communication. Once I found in some teachers blog an article about theDecide Now! Great App Michael – I’ve used it myself and my kids love GoConqr. Mobile apps has been developed significantly thanks to Android which has gotten tremendously cheaper in recent years. with and prototype your own app in minutes. One recommendation: try out the quiz feature to enhance student understanding of classroom content, says TED-Ed community member Noor Alhoda. Web Based on their experience exploring the Mars rover Curiosity and learning about what engineers must go through to develop a vehicle like Curiosity, students create Android apps that can control LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots, simulating the difficulties the Curiosity rover could encounter. The feature that inspired us to pick this app is its customizable soundscapes. This is their way of saying that you can use several different toggles to pick the optimal level for your own sleep or relaxation soundtrack. “It has the benefits of a Facebook group, plus wonderful integration with Google Docs and Google Hangouts.”, Google Apps for Education Very few of these tools actually teach anything. It really automates almost all aspects of class management (grades calculations, reports, dashboard, etc.). math edu: Then visit to gain access to vastly experienced and high quality tutors online. So nice, there are definitely some nice new ideas like video creating for teaching., OrcMath is a math worksheet generator and LaTeX editor that you can download for free. Using this application my daughter learned the whole times table without noticing, * Currently the application is only for Android phones * o’read education app is also one of the best resource for students and teachers. Google Forms And with features like automatic package and flight tracking, this clean design will help you get (closer) to inbox zero faster. Explain Everything It is also good for the teachers to help the students. Find more ways to say curiosity, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I love PLICKERS for quick feedback and formative assessment. Great apps thank you… Learn about Famous Inventors, Movies Filmed Nearby, or many other rotating categories.... More Info », One time purchase (perpetual license) that cost about $2. iPhone Users can produce their own unique sound by dragging their finger across sounds like rivers and nighttime crickets to make a soundtrack that works best for them. After students get inspired by the open-source wonderland at Thingaverse, turn them loose to start designing their own 3D objects with this app. I just don’t make them anymore,” writes TED-Ed Innovative Educator Nicholas Provenzano in this blog post. This mobile app design is simple with red backgrounds and countdown timers to let you know how long you need to keep cranking before your next break. Their website is and they provide a free 30 day trial account for parents or educators to try it out. I appreciate how my students have a greater appreciation for other cultures. now a days apps are very useful and the easy way to learning and teaching. I LOVE it! Mindmeister I’m actually just finishing my first app in a whole series which are looking to both streamline and improve many of the everyday processes in the teaching profession. It also has an excellent way to replay paper forms by collecting parental signatures on the mobile right away. A Quality of the educational apps, especially for teachers matters a lot because when you’re finding great educational apps, success lies in its ability to provide value in the most user-friendly and efficient manner to its users. “All of my projects are shared with my students through our shared notebooks, and all assignments are posted on the Assignment shared notebook that is available for parents on my website. Hi Laura, “I love my Edublog app for a.m. documentation and communication,” says TED-Ed community member Louise Sciulli MacKinnon. Add one more: studybooster. Oh and this is In addition to having thousands of ready to use resources mapped to compliment the curriculum. (best app for quick or even deep testing, kids love it because they think it is a game that they are playing). Traditionally, these handouts would be viewed by students then trashed. Every classroom needs a good dictionary or two. 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