Smith’s nerviest blockbuster finds him playing a superhero who’s also an asshole, and the actor seems tickled at the prospect of tweaking his own squeaky-clean image. Will Smith is on his game in this movie, and his performance is just as good as the incredible cast of Six degrees of separation movie. A fairly basic thriller that hasn’t aged particularly well — unlike the Isaac Asimov book it’s based on — and feels compromised, not least of which by some truly bizarre product placement. Yeah, it’s the complete misguided mess that you’ve heard it is, but all told, it’s more embarrassing for Edward Norton, Michael Pena, and Kate Winslet — who play the awful human beings meant to be the “good guys” of this bewildering “heartwarmer” — than it is for Smith, who is mostly put-upon and thus escapes the true awfulness. And don’t think he doesn’t have depth, either, playing “serious” roles in both dramas (Ali) and four-quadrant blockbusters (I Am Legend). EVER, do that again" is pure comedy genius. While the other guy’s eating? The debacle that prompted Smith to take an 18-month hiatus from acting, After Earth really is as bad as you remember: an overly ponderous, drag-ass sci-fi action-drama in which Will’s son Jaden wholly lacks the charisma that made his dad a mega-star. As Smith's first foray into big budget Hollywood action movies, Bad Boys is a straightforward but entertaining affair. I love this movie, and like I said this movie it's epic. In the meantime, please feel free I cry every time I watch this movie :'( so happy at the end. I'm a big fan of Will Smith live all his movies especially Hitch! I Am Legend is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film directed by Francis Lawrence... Bad Boys. Seriously, check out this crazy cast: Dermot Mulroney, Sean Astin, Lara Flynn Boyle, Christian Slater, David Arquette, Nancy McKeon, Alyssa Milano, Ricki Lake! Smith's at his action-hero-family-man best. Want to see the rest of the list? In my mind his best movie ever. Hancock (2008) PG-13 | 92 min | Action, Fantasy. As the voice of little funky fish Oscar, this bit of shark meat must save the underwater underdogs from the mean old predators while befriending a young male shark (Jack Black, 50) who's strictly vegetarian. Maybe that’s why Smith looks so glum throughout the film: He seems to be realizing in real time what a bad idea After Earth was. “There are genre-defying junctures where without a particular record, music would not have gone in various directions. Over the following decade, the vast majority of the movies he starred in met those objectives — high budget, high concept projects, typically released in the summer, with the potential to make a lot of money: the “Men in Black” and “Bad Boys” franchises, “Independence Day,” “I Am Legend,” “Enemy of the State,” and even poorly reviewed movies like “Hancock,” which was made for $150 million, and grossed over $600 million worldwide. The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. This movie was hilarious and two of made a good chemistry. The movie never quite figures out its ending — and the initial ending, from the book but rejected by test audiences, might have been a better place to land — but Smith is incredibly moving as a man who has lost everyone he loved and knew but still, in spite of himself, keeps trudging forward. The movie is fairly standard disaster-flick porn — albeit done in Roland Emmerich’s harmlessly dumb style — but Smith springs it to life every time he shows up. He’s the anchor of the ESPN crew, and his cameo consists mostly of a goofy early-’80s hairdo. Enter Ray (Jason Bateman, 51) to rehabilitate his image — and Ray's wife, Mary (Charlize Theron in action mode), to test his mettle. Too much of this Aladdin seems designed chiefly to make money, and likewise Smith’s performance is profoundly efficient — it’s a somewhat impressive technical and creative feat that no one really needed. related to AARP volunteering. Smith, in his first film, plays Manny, a legless homeless kid who mostly shows up to be friendly, move a wheelchair quickly, and get beaten up. Well, it looks like a movie-of-the-week with everybody wearing flannel. For the pair, this is their Lethal Weapon franchise, and their adrenaline-fueled combination of wisecracks, partner squabbles, and explosive action demonstrates that some boys just want to have fun and, like Peter Pan, refuse to grow up. No wonder he became such a July 4 star: This is America how we want to see ourselves, a little John Wayne, a little Muhammad Ali. Almost. All rights reserved.

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