Air Optix Review (Including Hydraglyde, Night & Day, and Colors). © 2020 IntroWellness, LLC. It is amazingly affordable and easy to use. Biofinity lenses offer you the premium level of comfort that you’re searching for. Buy Biofinity contacts on sale at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. Patient Instruction & Information Booklets, CooperVision Announces the Opening of new site in Costa Rica, CooperVision Statement on COVID-19 and Contact Lens Wear, Naturally wettable so you're less likely to need additional wetting drops. When using a computer or handheld device, your eyes require more effort to stay in focus. Both lenses have the classic Biofinity Aquaform technology as well as Coopervision’s. I love Convenience it was quick and easy easy to upload my prescription easy to place my order and received an order with no problem on the day that was stated. I recently went to the eye doctor for my annual exam and they told me 2 to 3 weeks to order my contacts. Thanks to our exclusive Aquaform® Technology, Biofinity lenses allow plenty of oxygen to pass through to your eyes. Your cart contains an item that was added previously which is different than your current session currency. We'll update your order after we verify the Rx. To expedite the processing of your return, please reference your order number. No, these lenses do not provide UV protection. The Biofinity Multifocal is an excellent option for presbyopic patients who are aiming to achieve adequate vision at all ranges without the use of glasses. If you request a small parcel item be picked up for return, the item must be packaged and available for pick up in the same manner as it was delivered. The best place to look is at your eye doctor’s office. Aquaform Technology, which provides natural wettabillity by binding water to the lens, without the need for additional surface treatments or wetting agents. Demand Biofinity comfort. Buy Biofinity Contacts Online and Save with The Optimized Toric Lens Geometry is Coopervision’s answer to the common complaint of vision fluctuation in toric lens wearers. Orders can only be shipped once your prescription is verified. If you’re searching for a comfortable, affordable monthly contact lens option, there are a ton of great brands to choose from, which may have your head spinning. In addition to Aquaform, this multifocal lens is also designed with Balanced Progressive Technology. throw away at the end of one month). Biofinity brand contact lenses are made by CooperVision for superior comfort, extended moisture, and oxygen permeability.Biofinity contacts are made with Aquaform Comfort Science Technology, which creates a unique material that provides superior moistness, and resists protein buildup by holding water within the lens. The toric lenses boast Optimized toric Lens Geometry, which provides a wider range of vision and more stability, resulting in clearer vision. And you’re free to wear them for up to 7 days in a row. Ask your eye care provider for more information on this. The Aquaform technology of Biofinity lenses creates a bond between the lens surface and water, forming a hydrophilic surface that helps to maintain lens hydration and comfort. Furthermore, it comes in a range of powers from -20.00 to +15.00 so it will fit a very large range of contact lens wearers. 3) When you know the best contact lens price of your brand - ask to price match at office or just buy cheapest contact lenses at the place where you have found it. For more information on contact lens solutions, check out our complete guide! Keep a travel size bottle of solution with you. The difference between these lenses lies in what type of prescription is available, with XR meaning “extended range” and correcting for higher levels of prescription than what is available in the standard toric lens. This website is for informational purposes only as we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis’, or treatments. Biofinity lenses offer you … We cover the cost of your return within 60 days. lens in February of 2020 to provide correction for those who have both presbyopia and astigmatism. Premium soft contact lenses. Biofinity monthly contact lenses use Aquaform Comfort Science technology to bring you an advanced level of comfort in a monthly disposable lens. I have ordered through Opti Contacts a few times and have never had any problems. The Biofinity line comes in a wide range of available powers including spherical, astigmatism, multifocal (with and without astigmatism), and extended range for higher powers not commonly available in other soft lens brands. Limited time promotion. Biofinity: Availability: IN STOCK Material: Comfilcon A 52%, H2O 48% (SiH48) Packaging: 1 box of 6 lenses Pricing: Retail price: $50.00. IntroWellness, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. Limited time promotion. This technology creates a water-loving (hydrophilic) contact lens surface and requires less silicone per lens which results in higher oxygen transmissibility compared to other lenses. var google_remarketing_only = true; To prevent delays and receive your contacts faster, you can follow these steps: click here. it's on the box. Prescription numbers can be found on the box! var google_conversion_label = "WDpuCKfDxAIQm7S6_wM"; from Coopervision has been available since 2007 and provides a wide range of monthly replacement lenses to suit most patient’s needs, at a price point that is affordable and manageable for a year’s supply. This is referred to as accommodation. RELATED: Learn About the Best Contact Lenses Currently Available. This lens was designed specifically for patients who experience eye fatigue after device use. With Biofinity (Comfilcon A) contact lenses, eye-care specialists CooperVision have set a new standard of contact lens comfort.

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