In 1809 the struggle for independence from the Spanish rule brought uprisings against the royalist forces. Sucrenses were called enemies of the state. The city is host to several other teams that play in the first and second divisions such as: With the exception of Deportivo Municipal and Unión Maestranza, all the other teams play the majority of their games in the city stadium, the Estadio Hernando Siles, which also hosts the national football team and international games. In southern Bolivia the Andes become much wider and are formed by a high, tilted block called the Puna, with west-facing escarpments and more gentle eastward slopes down to the plains. The study says that reducing water distribution losses is the most effective short-term strategy to deal with water scarcity. At an elevation of 4,061 metres (13,323 feet), it is the highest international airport and fifth highest commercial airport in the world. The city is renowned for its unique markets, particularly the Witches' Market, and for its vibrant nightlife. Under the leadership of Tupac Katari, they destroyed churches and government property. Book select Amazon Cruises and get a spectacular Land Tour absolutely FREE! We provide you with the finest collection of cruises in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama and Southeast Asia. The highway runs 11,7 km and crosses the city of El Alto: The Southern District, one of La Paz's most affluent and commercial neighborhoods, is relatively separated from the rest of the city, including the CBD. Over 2 million people from La Paz and El Alto marched in protest against this. Pedro Domingo Murillo was hanged at the Plaza de los Españoles that night. During this time, silver and tin mining were the country’s largest industries. La Paz is located in the valleys of the Andes, close to the Eastern split of the Altiplano region. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. On July 16, 1809 Pedro Domingo Murillo said that the Bolivian revolution was igniting a lamp that nobody would be able to turn off. Capital: Sucre, La Paz ... Bolivia (officially called Republic of Bolivia) is a country in South America. During these years, the tin industry was relatively new and quickly surpassed the silver mining industry in revenues. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Sucre is the center for the judicial branch and La Paz is the seat of both the executive and legislative branches. Bolivia shares Lake Titicaca, the second largest lake in South America (after Lake Maracaibo), with Peru. Explore Indonesia's most iconic islands aboard the world-class Aqua Blu vessel. La Paz is renowned for its unique markets, unusual and dramatic topography, and traditional culture. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. The temperatures in the central La Paz, at 3,600 metres (11,811 feet), and in the Zona Sur (Southern Zone), at 3,250 m (10,663 ft) above sea level, are warmer (subtropical highland climate Cwb,[23] according to the Köppen classification). The city receives its drinking water from three water systems: El Alto, Achachicala and Pampahasi. Even though more states voted against it, the new constitution passed because the states that voted to approve it are more populated and have more voters. Silver had already been mined for several centuries. Night-time temperatures range from cold to very cold. When the Spanish colonized the Americas in the 16th century, they split it into several large territories. Eight lines are in operation, and three more lines are in the planning stage. Originally it was to be at the site of the Native American settlement, Laja, with the full name of the city being Nuestra Señora de La Paz (meaning Our Lady of Peace). It is land locked by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. Also on display are photos of old La Paz. As they struggled for political power, at the heart of this civil war was the debate over which city should be the capital. It allows easy access to El Alto International Airport. [31] The runway has a length of 4,000 metres (2.5 mi). This is also the capital city in which the judicial government resides. Another highway branches off before Oruro to reach Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. When asked about their capital, Bolivians still mainly refer to La Paz since it houses the country’s seat of government and finance center. It is one of Bolivia's three main international gateways, along with Jorge Wilstermann International Airport and Viru Viru International Airport. You may unsubscribe at any time. The city hosts some of the most important universities of the country: La Paz is an important cultural center of Bolivia. The initial three lines were built by the Austrian company Doppelmayr. In this country, the 3 branches of government are divided between two cities: Sucre and La Paz. The climate is mild and the people are relaxed and warm. Plaza Murillo with Government and Legislative Palaces in the background, Titicaca Lake near La Paz with the Andes in the background, This article is about the city which is the, Top to bottom, left to right: La Paz Skyline with, Palace of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, Red Line of the La Paz-El Alto cable car transit system, Globalization and World Cities Research Network, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of twin towns and sister cities in South America, "Results of the 2012 Population and Housing Census (in Spanish)", "BOLIVIA: PROYECCIONES DE POBLACIÓN, SEGÚN DEPARTAMENTO Y MUNICIPIO, 2012-2020 (in Spanish)", "Informe Nacional sobre Desarrollo Humano Bolivia 2016", "Bolivia: Proyecciones de Población según Departamento y Municipio, 2012-2020", "The Incredible Mountain City of La Paz, Bolivia", "La Paz: National Administrative Capital of Bolivia", "Sucre: National Constitutional Capital, Bolivia", "The Witches' Market in La Paz, Spells are Hot Sellers", "Climate: La Paz (altitude: 3610m) - Climate graph, Temperature graph, Climate table", "La Paz Climate La Paz Temperatures La Paz Weather Averages", "Klimatafel von La Paz - El Alto (Int. [20], Control over the former Inca lands had been entrusted to Pedro de la Gasca by the Spanish king (and Holy Roman Emperor) Emperor Charles V. Gasca commanded Alonso de Mendoza to found a new city commemorating the end of the civil wars in Peru; the city of La Paz was founded on October 20, 1548 by Alonzo de Mendoza, with Juan de Vargas appointed as its first mayor.[21]. A great number of silver mine owners lived in Sucre and many of the tin mining families lived in La Paz, near which other tin mines were also being run. However, Sucre’s bid to actually move all government branches back to Sucre was vehemently denied during congressional debates and negotiations on President Morales’ new constitution. Of particular significance were both silver and tin, which were found in heavy concentrations just west of Sucre, in the town of Polosí. Airport facilities include ATMs, cafés and restaurants, car rentals, duty-free shops, and free Wi-Fi internet. Thirty years later Indians conducted a two-month siege against La Paz. After the arrival of the conquistadores, Bolivia was subsumed within the Viceroyalty of Peru, and it provided Spain with immense wealth in silver. While we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information, Rainforest Cruises makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information in our Guides or found by following any link on this site. Food, tobacco products, clothing, various consumer goods, building materials, and agricultural tools are produced. This industrial change affected the political and economic power within the country. You may unsubscribe at any time. Additionally, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly is found in La Paz. [14], La Paz is also an important cultural center of Latin America, as it hosts several landmarks belonging to the colonial times, such as the San Francisco Church, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza Murillo and Jaén Street. La Paz , officially known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈnwestɾa seˈɲoɾa ðe la ˈpas]; English: "Our Lady of Peace"), also named Chuqi Yapu (Chuquiago) in Aymara, is the seat of government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. When the Liberals won, the two parties reached a compromise. It’s All in the Name. During the rainy season it becomes a veritable swamp, but it is a hot semidesert during the remaining seven or eight months of the year. During this time, silver and tin mining were the country’s largest industries. The first two lines (Red and Yellow) connected La Paz with El Alto. Northward from the Chaco the relief of the Santa Cruz department is somewhat more varied, exhibiting a gentle downward slope to the north. The two sunniest months are June and July, in winter, when sunshine averages around 8 hours per day.[24]. This change reflected the shift of the Bolivian economy away from the largely exhausted silver mines of Potosí to the exploitation of tin near Oruro, and resulting shifts in the distribution of economic and political power among various national elites.[22]. In the late 20th century, however, the demographic and economic landscape began to change as the eastern lowlands—particularly the department of Santa Cruz—developed rapidly.   |   What Do the Colors and Symbols of the Flag of Bolivia Mean? The geography of La Paz (in particular the altitude) is marked by social differences. Bolivia was at this point part of the territory called Alto Peru along with modern-day Peru and some of Chile, until 1825 when it became independent. There is still much conflict over the issue of the two capitals, and many see La Paz as the true heart of the country. [18] La Paz is listed on the Global Cities Index 2015, and is considered a global city type "Gamma" by Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC).[19]. Heavy precipitation typically occurs throughout summer, and often causes destructive mudslides. The city hosts several cathedrals belonging to the colonial times, such as the San Francisco Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral, this last one located on Murillo Square, which is also home of the political and administrative power of the country. It remained part of this viceroyalty until 1776 when it became part of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. Although there has been an increasing number of projects and propositions to restore some of the city's colonial buildings, the future of these historic edifices remains uncertain. Since 2005, there has been a movement to return all three branches of government to Sucre. In July 1994, an earthquake rated at 8.2 struck just 200 miles (322 km) north of La Paz. Sucre’s silver owners and large landowners supported the conservatives. [12], As the seat of the government of Bolivia, La Paz is the site of the Palacio Quemado, the presidential palace. Juan Karita/AP; Britannica Quiz. To book an unforgettable journey in Bolivia please contact us by sending us an enquiry or calling us at 1-888-215-3555. Keep up to date with new blog posts, cruise offers and more by signing up to our monthly newsletter! In 1898, La Paz was made the de facto seat of the national government, with Sucre remaining the nominal historical as well as judiciary capital. The El Alto system receives its water from the Tuni Dam and two water channels. Indigenous and other unrest was repeated around the turn of the nineteenth century. There the Andes reach their greatest breadth and complexity. mainly as a result of improved political stability. Additionally, the airport supplies travelers with oxygen for those who suffer from altitude sickness. Visitors to La Paz should be prepared for (literally) breathtaking altitudes - it perches at 3,650 m (11,975 ft) above sea level, making it the highest capital city in the world. To the west along the border with Chile is the Cordillera Occidental, which contains numerous active volcanoes and the spectacular Uyuni Salt Flat; the cordillera is crowned by the republic’s highest peak, Mount Sajama, reaching an elevation of 21,463 feet (6,542 metres).

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