Spain has a diverse culture which has been shaped by thousands of years of occupation by different kingdoms. I mix mostly with modern, liberal Spaniards, interested in trends and technology. Spain extends 505,182 km2 over the Iberian Peninsula to the southwest of Europe. Values and attitudes have shifted … Here I’ve looked at the values the Geert Hofstede model has ascribed to Spain, and evaluated them based on my own experience of Spanish business culture. The most common online payment method is credit card (37%). This becomes even more true when we incorporate the fact that nationals are very risk-averse. The most significant barriers for women entering the workplace do not include social norms, but rather chronic high unemployment and lack of part-time jobs. The country went through a classic boom and bust scenario. We are talking about a relational business culture, and if you expect to win the negotiation because you have the best statistics or empirical data, this is not your country. Be aware that Spaniards are generally not very. However, whether we are talking about North, South, East or West – all the Spaniards are very proud of where they come from. The first thing we must take into account is that eye contact is strong and constant, much more than in other countries (and it is not perceived as threatening). In fact, in the case of not having these elements we could say that the relationship is not prosperous, something that would go against our business objectives. Search our Course Catalogue for all Spain Courses. population in Australia is based on the 2016 Australian Housing Spain & Spanish business culture Part 1 - Working in Spain: Working practices, Spain & Spanish business culture Part 2 - Doing business in Spain: Business practices. Situated in south-western Europe, Spain’s geographical diversity encompasses landscapes that range from deserts and coastal beaches to snow-covered mountains. As a result, Spanish culture has evolved immensely and continues to grow. It includes advice on what type of company is right for you, what taxes you will end pay, and other interesting facts. In the northern region there are also iron and steel works, a number of engineering industries, chemical plants and shipbuilding facilities. and 4p.m. As you will see, they are really dependant on Christian traditions. Values and attitudes have shifted since the restoration of democracy in 1975. On the other hand, while they seek quick solutions to problems. This sounds obvious, but we often see this going wrong. We take a look at some of the distinct features of how business is done in Spain and offers some advice on how to fit in and succeed in the Spanish business environment. Facebook is the network where they are most socially active (next to Whatsapp and Spotify). In general, Spaniards are characterized as a very warm and hospitable people. Contrary to what many people tend to think, naps (“siestas”) are for weekends. It can be breakfast in a cafeteria or a simple 15-minute pit stop to chat with colleagues. , This is what you see in the Spanish social media landscape. That’s almost 70% of the Internet users? Addition to which, providing useful information on training practices and placements. Naturally, this is the same in Spain, which is 15 times larger than the Netherlands. Influenced by its collectivist past, family values, a sense of identity and belonging to a group are integral parts of society in Spain. In fact, they usually expect you to ask the same of them. Another characteristic of the Spanish people is that they are extremely proud of the region where they come from. The knowledge of traditional values and attitudes of the people will help you to understand them better and adapt the way you do business accordingly. For better or for worse, in large cities in Spain North American business models are just as fashionable as cupcakes, swing dance and gintonics. Regarding e-commerce sale, Spain comes fourth in the ranking after England, Germany and France. And that makes relationships in the business world long term. This may result in your Spanish colleagues insisting that everything is in order, even if it is not. For a long time, the e-commerce market in Spain was well behind compared to the Northern and Central European countries. Humour can also be a great way to build quick relationships. Business culture in Spain. According to Hofstefe, consensus and getting along are valued, whereas competitiveness is not. The main language is Spanish, so with a Castilian website, you can warm up most of the Spaniards for your product or service. A teacher’s job is not as highly regarded as in other western European countries. The working day ends at 6 or 7 p.m., although it is very common to stay in the office working until after hours from 8 p.m. onwards. In Spain, education serves as an important instrument in national integration by promoting equal opportunities as well as democratic, social and cultural-values. While it is true that phone calls (and to a lesser extent emails) can help, personal face-to-face contact takes precedence over all. In addition, when dealing with your Spanish counterparts you may also find that competence and control are important elements of their work ethos and crucial for saving face. The National Institute of Statistics indicates in 2011 that the population was 46,815,916. statistical department does not formally gather information The government’s efforts to cut spending and make the labour market more flexible have shown small successes so far. What happened to giving the meaning of “fiesta” to the world? tab at the bottom of the page, as well as the date this profile was published The decision-making process in Spain is usually unhurried and can be a gradual, detailed procedure that involves consideration from various levels within the company. The south eastern part of the country is semi-dry and the Canary Islands are subtropical. In terms of Spain’s business culture, it’s one of the few countries I know where staying for a coffee after lunch instead of running to a meeting is an advantage (it allows you to network). Especially with the hot weather in the summer, closing your store at the ‘early’ Western times will cost you customers and revenue. Effective business negotiations and decisions are frequently based on trust and personal feelings as well as concrete evidence. In terms of politics, I’d also point out that the Spanish government includes the autonomous regions less than, for example, the UK includes Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. But Spain’s diverse regions are not only geographically and climatically different but they also form an eclectic blend of personalities and identities. Due to the relaxed sense of time that Spaniards have, the working day starts at 9, although in many cases (and especially in high business ladder positions) there will be a breakfast with colleagues before, so the day could even start at 10. Making the first steps in a different country can be challenging and it can be hard to find the right place to start. The following section highlights the general business and educational environment of Spain and focuses on the attitudes and values of the Spanish. 4B and Euro6000 are the most popular payment cards. If we compare with other countries in the European Union, we can say that. Spanish social values and attitudes were modernized as its people came increasingly into contact with the outside world and the country was opened up to the outside world. A more laid-back approach, for example, can result in deadlines overrunning and meetings stretching late into the evening. In order to be effective in Spain, their business culture also requires a sense of self-dignity, consideration and diplomacy. Personal treatment, liking that person, and ice-breaking conversations that have nothing to do with business are fundamental. The idea of Spaniards describing other Europeans as “agressive and blunt” is surprising to me. If you are travelling with your pet within the European Union, you will need to obtain a ‘Pet Passport’ indicating the origin of the pet and certifying that the pet has received appropriate vaccinations: Although the Spanish are usually open and tolerant to other cultures, there are some issues that are best avoided in casual conversation or business encounters. Spaniards like to know their business partners before entering serious negotiations. However, the number of smoke-free places is gradually increasing. And don’t forget: this e-commerce is still growing in Spain. There is not necessarily a regular and open communication line between departments. A more laid-back approach, for example, can result in deadlines overrunning and meetings stretching late into the evening. Legislation has been in place since 2007 to ensure equality in the terms and conditions of employment. Schools were sorted into three categories: free public schools respecting diverse religious beliefs, private schools offering paid education and religious schools. Care should also be taken in using the correct surname as Spaniards have two, their father’s first surname and their mother’s first surname. CIA World Factbook The emergence of many startups that adopt new and more dynamic organizational models, The entry of international workers with a different business culture, The fact that many leaders of Spanish companies have studied and been trained abroad, acquiring a much more modern mentality, This becomes even more true when we incorporate the fact that nationals. That said, the perception of Spain as having an old-fashioned or twee business culture isn’t completely accurate. Spain has made significant progress on equal opportunities for both gender. The amount of respect that subordinates give their boss (. Spaniards are proud of their language and do not speak English as well as Dutch people for example. While this saves some organizational troubles, in the case of Spain, it might not be feasible. Other topics to avoid include bullfighting, machismo and feminism. It means that people put work emphasis on work than free time and do not indulge themselves. format that can be printed out and accessed at any time. In 2017, Spain has become an interesting market for many Dutch entrepreneurs. There are many aspects of this sentence which do not match up to my experience. Spanish businesses may have more tolerance for imprecision and flexibility. It is best to keep in regular contact with your Spanish business associate. The quality of private sector schools varies greatly and as many of them are severely underfunded. The fear of fraud and failure to fulfill promises plays a major part here. © Copyright 2018 – Self Employed in Spain, Always check what you read with an expert (see Terms and Conditions). Spaniards in Australia. Real interest in the other person and trust comes first. You can download this cultural profile in an easy-to-read PDF Required fields are marked *. Spain & Spanish business culture Part 2 - Doing business in Spain: Business practices. Business protocol and work culture . While there is a relaxed sense of time in many Spaniards’ social lives, punctuality is required in the world of business. He comments that “People like to have rules for everything… There is great concern for changing, ambiguous and undefined situations”. When any kind of problem arises in the company they will look for a quick solution, leaving aside the long-term consequences it might have, as long as the chosen path is effective now. Finally, we are forced to break a great myth. However, I’d agree with the overall sentiment. Finally, the last issue that you must understand to successfully conduct business is evertyghing related to the legal part of the culture. Ok, can we lose the “fiesta” label already please?

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