He didn't feel like the best heavyweight in the world, the one who'd done a number on Iron Mike. At one point they went to look at the ocean, and Buster confessed that he wanted to live by the sea. Buster's father, Bill Douglas, had been a professional fighter, and he held steady employment as a boxing instructor for the parks department. "In my opinion," Futch continued, "he could have got up in time. This boxing is the lottery.' He meant Bo Jackson. The temperature is perfect, right at 70°. He could hear what people were saying at ringside—he could actually hear their conversations. Last year he played a gangster of sorts in the television crime drama Street Justice. Finally Buster was forced to say, " What About Bob? The bell rang, though, and in that instant there were only two people left in the world. He's no longer 225 lbs., feeling the heat of lights overhead, hearing the cheers. Had that been his only problem, he might've had an easy time preparing for his fight with Holyfield. He looks a lot like Buster did after the Holyfield fight, what with the purple bruise under his eye. Why couldn't he just go home? Money always seemed to be at issue, and rather than settle arguments peaceably, Johnson and Nallie took to name-calling. In exchange, Buster's camp had to pay $4 million to King. He lived with his grandmother until he was six, then his parents took charge. State Sen. Jay Hottinger, a Newark Republican, said a bill establishing a “James ‘Buster’ Douglas 42-to-1 Odds Day” is moving through the statehouse. He had the Joker's laugh down pat, and now he had the look. A few weeks after the Tyson fight, Buster decided to escape it all, to just up and leave everything behind. No one spoke Buster Douglas's name anymore—except perhaps to use it as an example of how far and how quickly an athlete could fall. By the time October rolled around, people outside his camp were starting to see Buster Douglas's future as well, and it wasn't as king of the heavyweight division. ", The movie goes for $9.99, and even a multimillionaire like Buster can't afford to pass up such a deal. Kid Galahad was one of those sappy Elvis pictures! "And yet," he continues, "if you talk to certain people in Columbus they'll tell you I'm depressed. "But he sure never tried. He christened the boat Lula Pearl and had an artist paint the name on the hull along with a picture of a shell with a sparkling pearl. Other partners include Franklin University and MCS-T.O.U.C.H., a program that helps formerly incarcerated men and women gain life skills and find jobs. He met movie stars and was surprised by how short, how puny most of them were. Follow us on Twitter, @DeadspinStacks, or email us at thestacks@deadspin.com. It gets pretty confusing sometimes. Happens to be a favorite of mine.". Buster didn't grow up in a slum, and he didn't attend troubled inner-city schools, and he didn't run with gangsters. For those who have forgotten, James Buster Douglas is the man who beat Mike Tyson in February 1990—the only person on this planet, in fact, ever to have beaten Tyson as a professional. Sorry." It was easy for a millionaire athlete to get a woman, a beautiful woman, a woman so perfect as to stop your heart. It's something Jack Nicholson said after a mishap with a vat of toxic waste transformed him into a diabolical fiend. What was he doing here? "Hey, man, where's my belt?" "Just Like in the Movies," the Time magazine headline read. He doesn't watch the fights he lost, such as his title bid against Tony Tucker, in 1987. It’s among several official actions that governments are taking to mark the anniversary. He was tired of being separated from Bertha, and he wanted her back. Buster welcomed the isolation. James “Buster” Douglas, a Columbus native, met Tyson, the reigning undisputed world heavyweight champion, in the ring in Tokyo on Feb. 11, 1990. Fraught with worry, he journeys to his favorite video store and cruises the aisles, searching for the right movie to speak to where his head happens to be at the moment. His mother was a great lady, a real presence in the home. Buster hated losing the money, but he figured he could live with the agreement. He flew around in a private jet. During the shoot you stayed in your hotel room until they called you down, then you went to the set and waited for your cue. He didn't want to raise his children in Vegas, so he and Bertha decided to give Florida a look. He's seen most of them and has a comment for each one: "This is—, this is all right. While Buster and friends were just beginning to celebrate inside the ring, promoter Don King was already at war outside, frantically trying to have the decision overturned. In the vision he was about the size of his father's father, whom everybody called Big Daddy.

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