I see that similar looking birds appear to be building a nest nearby in a bird house now. The experts say that the parents take it away to keep the nest clean so that predators will not be alerted to young by the smell. I hear the 3rd one cheaping with the mom answering. I'd watched them build it 3 weeks ago, and was rather disappointed when it seemed as though they'd abandoned it. Something I’d completely overlooked in my frantic thoughts after that first glimpse of the (sleepy) babies. I wondered if maybe I'd scared then off - until tonight. I'll say a little prayer that your bunch will fledge without mishap. Is it possible the birds are dead? (author) from South Louisiana on April 22, 2012: If you have House Wrens or House Sparrows in your area, one of them could have been the culprit. Answer: Definitely something more sinister... probably a predator got them. They were much bigger and really loud with fuzzy heads. I have been watching the mom and or dad for weeks going back and forth to the nest..and even watched it week before feeding..Now I don't see either parent.I heard the crying babies all day yesterday, but never say parents feed them. If the chicks are healthy, that is the only reason I can think of for them to suddenly stop feeding them. I love them! The male builds many nests each season and the female chooses the ones to nest in. When I returned I noticed three eggs in the nest. I, first, wanted to thank you for helping to ease my anxiety about my apparently wrong conclusion. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. I use organic flea eating nematodes and keep my yard cut for the ticks. You must have a large healthy plant. I don’t understand what happened. They are identical in color. So didn't know if they eat dead bugs or not.... We live in Florida and a wren built a nest in a paint can in our garage on a shelf about 3 feet up. Answer: That's a tough one. What should I do? The dead one was probably the youngest/ smallest baby and was not strong enough to survive. I’m struggling with where to respond, I hope you, Yvonne, are able to follow me. Possibly illness and inexperience of a young parent played a roll. Both male and female feed them and they go in and out so fast that it's easy to miss them. They usuallly make a raspy warning call when they are bothered by something or someone. A nesting pair, which have been hanging around since last year, have made their way into my laundry room via the back door. Sadly my twin sister passed away on October 16, 2008. He picked a lousy neighborhood to live in. The result was a total success. One of the babies was ripped to shreds and the other 4 were dead. How long can the babies go without food? Will it abandon the nest since it’s mate was killed? Will the parents keep tending to the other eggs? Yvonne L. B. Attach a guard to keep predators from raiding eggs and young. (author) from South Louisiana on July 01, 2013: Toby, I'm a bit confused about why your husband feels the need to tear down the nest if it is off in the corner of the metal support beam. Pairs mate for life and will usually remain together all year long. They are inside during the day and I let them out at night to do their business. Yvonne L. B. It is going to be around 100 degrees in Michigan for the next 3 days. Nothing attacked the babies. I still have not seen parents go to nest. When insects are in short supply, the parents often feed the young suet. In the Mid-Atlantic, maybe March or April through summer. Hello if anyone is there! Yvonne L. B. Any idea why this might be happening? One of my Carolina Wrens has just finished lining her nest...in a leftover piece of pink insulation on a shelf in my garage! There were five eggs, four of the babies have flown away. But building their home in CATNIP. Will they ever hatch? Other two eggs were missing possibly removed from the parent. They can also harm people. This was a wonderful hub on nearly everything that you need to know about the Carolina Wren. They don't seem too concerned that we are nearby. Make sure you put it up well before breeding season. Should I or when should I leave the door open for them to be able to fly? When we lived in a subdivision, we, too, had trouble with the neighbor's cats. I hope they live. It is good that you have all the lovely figurines as a memorial for your sister and the birds, that you both loved. It found a hole in the roof and made a nest with two eggs! As the babies grow, the parents will return to the nest with food more often. I guess I’ll just keep monitoring the situation, and when they start to fly, at that point, the parents won’t reject them if I move the nest. The parent then takes it away. What could make them just die? The parents come to the nest but I don't see them on the eggs. Answer: Now that the babies have fledged, you can add soil and fertilize the flower pot. Hi Yvonne. Don't leave food outside for your dogs. ( motorcycle helmet) we put the nest back up and spotted one parent sat watching us. There is a feeder nearby. So many people still think that it's okay to let your cats run wild and many don't spay or neuter their pets. carredsal from New Jersey on June 14, 2011: Loved your pics of the babies...Carolina wrens are my of my favorite birds....:), The pocket of clothes hanging on the line, 1/2 wheat germ or shelled sunflower seeds. I need to add soil and fertilize. We actually did see him on a lower branch yesterday with another bird. It's hard not to like Carolina Wrens. Both the male and the female feed the young. The eggs should be hatching soon. Unfortunately this was just after sunset. Is this unusual? 5 eggs - very funny looking nest:). They were just getting their feathers and would have been gone soon :(. They are surely fascinating and adorable! I live in the country and wonder if I can find a safer place, and how far could I put it so they can find it? I am so excited; this is only my 2nd year at back yard bird watching. The wren, like most small animals, have a shorter life span, are subject to higher predation, and may experience other casualties specific to their species. I can hear them peeping all morning...Should I take them to a wildlife rehabilitator or leave them in hope? The male was bringing food to the young. It almost sounds like a few factors were in play. I've been watching her thru my kitchen window bring bugs to feed the babies. Don't substitute vegetable shortening; they need the real, high cholesterol, old-fashioned lard made from animal fat. Seems like the chicks we're watching have been feathering but have only recently opened their eyes. Have you taken a quick head count? Hopefully the parents will build another nest but in a safer place. Here's a quick list of some of the odd places that we know of: This nest was removed from a nest box on our Bluebird trail after the Carolina Wrens abandoned it. Answer: Hopefully, he's still around, and perhaps he's visiting at different times or less frequently. We have a tin bird house that was put up for decoration only. I'm afraid wrens will leave this nest now because of traffic in and out of door. The wren's aren't very choosy on nesting spots for sure. I crept up a stepstool last night with a flashlight to see if I had a guest. Yvonne L. B. (author) from South Louisiana on April 14, 2013: Congratulations on the nest. Today both parents were distress calling on my front porch. She keeps coming back to sit on the eggs every day. The entry faces outward so all I see is the top of the nest. The parents will perch on a chair and look in the window. The fledglings are a week old. I work during the day and he stays inside, but I let him out at night and he usually sits on my car. Quit driving and they all fledged. Yvonne L. B. The nematodes can be ordered from Amazon or Gardens Alive. Answer: The parents probably watched you put the baby bird back. I have not seen the daddy in almost two days, but mom is still there.

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