You can see that their PPDA values dropped from 23.8 to 7.8, which is incredible and attacks per minute skyrocketed as well. This tactical analysis will dissect both teams’ tactics and identify their main approaches. France … Tactical analyst and FC Barcelona fan, lover of the tactical side of the game. Links to Croatia vs. France video highlights are collected in the Media tab for the most popular matches as soon as video appear on video hosting sites like Youtube or Dailymotion. His presence in the box ensures they have more threat and cutting edge going forward but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t to be this time yet again. Croatia faced France in another World Cup final replay, only this time, the two titans faced off in the UEFA Nations League. The main problem with their defensive structure was that it seemed too disjointed. The midfield and the forward lines were too far apart and this would result in France progressing easily despite being pressed. Still, the game was an interesting case study with two giants colliding and hopefully made for an entertaining tactical analysis. You can watch Croatia vs. France live stream online if you are registered member … With Croatia mostly defending with one man up top and applying minimal pressure, this made the ball progression in the first phase very easy. Croatia were the more consistent of the two when it comes to respecting the initial system. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. An important thing to note about Croatia and their defending was that it was rarely a stable system. The combinations would mostly revolve around creating superiorities out wide and then forcing a cross into the box or quickly swapping the play to the weak side. France won the World Cup for the second time after beating Croatia 4-2 in a pulsating final in Moscow that included a controversial use of VAR. The double-pivot of Modrić and Badelj would position themselves in half-spaces so the centre-back duo could easily find them with passes to advance the play. The young midfielder immediately started dropping into the backline and then using his runs to progress the ball up the pitch. Of course, a lot of that was enabled by Croatia’s unwillingness to press, allowing France’s centre-backs to play the dangerous passes. The following example shows Varane once again stepping up easily and Mendy and Martial swapping places with quick changes of pace to overload Croatia’s left flank. Croatia lined up in their standard 4-2-3-1 positions with Dominik Livaković between the sticks and a four-man defence consisting out of Filip Uremović, Dejan Lovren, Domagoj Vida and Borna Barišić. The forward line was made up of Antoine Griezmann in the no.10 role and Kylian Mbappé and Anthony Martial just ahead of him. N’Zonzi and Tolisso would press Croatia’s double-pivot while Rabiot kept the no.10 in his cover-shadow. Dalić’s team was in control for the majority of the second half but a swift attacking play saw Mbappé seal their fate once more. We’ve seen it in the first in-game example in this tactical analysis with Mbappé and Everton’s Digne and down below, you can see a similar thing with Mendy and Martial. With 27.8 PPDA on average across both halves, France were certainly not overly aggressive in their pressing. Learn all about UEFA's newest national-team competition, and see highlights of the first final tournament. The pattern highlighted in the analysis above shows us a very recurring play for France on the night. Croatia played well and more likely than not, they deserved at least a draw from this clash. UEFA Nations League 2020/21: Croatia vs France – tactical analysis. The equalising goal came from Vlašić, another midfielder who gives Croatia something different in the middle of the park. Croatia vs France (kick-off 7.45pm) is live on Sky Sports Football red button from 7.40pm on Wednesday; other Nations League fixtures including Italy vs Netherlands (kick-off 7.45pm) also available Below, with France again having numerical superiority in the first phase, they easily recycle the ball across the backline and Varane can run with it forward. Once the former drops, the latter immediately overlaps and bursts forward. During a higher press, they maintained the 4-3-3 and would then drop into a 4-4-2 diamond in the middle third with Griezmann at the tip and then finally, to a 4-4-2 flat deeper on the pitch with Barcelona’s forward joining the midfield line. Here’s everything you need to know to stream Croatia vs France live on Wednesday in UEFA Nations League action. Below, Modrić is chasing up Rabiot but with a heavily disjointed pressing squad, France easily outplay the move and advance the ball. Alternatively, it were the forwards who tried keeping the pivots in their cover-shadow so that the midfielders can keep track of their counterparts, potentially deeper on the pitch. Deschamps went with a 4-3-1-2 formation with some changes but also with familiar faces. Mbappé drops deeper, which drags one of Croatia’s midfielders with him, leaving Digne to advance in a 1v1 situation with the opposite full-back. Such an example can be seen down below as Griezmann and Martial mark Badelj and Modrić so Rabiot and Tolisso can pick other targets out wide. Just like Croatia, France also swapped through different defensive approaches. The tempo upped immensely and Croatia were far more aggressive than they were in the first half, as indicated by the graph below. I’ve also highlighted the players on the other side already making a run towards the box because that is an important aspect of their attacking tactics. Real Madrid’s centre-back can pierce a ball into the space up front. We can see an example of that below as France easily recycle the ball and establish numerical superiority to escape the press. The graph above depicts one of their more common tactics from the game. As a result, they started relying on long balls in-behind the defensive line a lot, which, unfortunately for Croatia, yielded them the winning goal as well. However, you can’t allow the champions of the world an opportunity to strike because they will most certainly take it. Croatia vs France Team News Les Bleus' last game was a 0-0 draw with Portugal and that marked the first time the side had failed to find the back of the net in a home clash in the Nations League. Below, we can Perišić cutting inside and then quickly sending the ball across where a 2v1 situation can be created. Even though they couldn’t threaten France too much in the first half, they did well to overcome their defensive shape in the first phases of attack. Here, the midfielder can easily receive the ball, turn and then progress it forward in just a couple of touches.

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