Dreaming of gems and wealth indicates wisdom and knowledge. This indicates a lack of concentration. It also depends on the harvest season. The interpretation of dreams in Islam also teaches us that giving birth to a child through one’s mouth is the worst sign because it indicates death. Why i am writing this post. But if he is not known to him it means that he any get married in a foreign land. I have not finished the file that will be published on the official website. Be careful, study the context before applying it to your dreams, Dreaming of the fall of a turban indicates disgrace, the turban being the crown of the Arabs and Muslims. The cat is beneficial, but it also indicates domestic troubles. I was searching for the interpetation of dream that i see last night and i come across this site. Short arms indicate courage or generosity. First dream: very quick dream. Warning about the work you are doing or the decisions you will make. Eating an apple in a dream indicates determination, if the taste is sweet and tasty, then it indicates that one will legally earn money. If you succeed in repelling them, it indicates that you will overcome great obstacles and your fortune will increase. We must also make a sacrifice on this date. This predicts that you will narrowly survive an accidental injury. So, someone who thinks he will win will be defeated. If a man dreams that he is pregnant, then this indicates a painful weight to bear or the fear of revealing his problems in public as in the expression Carrying a heavy burden. I wake up in the fourth heaven of Jannah and I feel extreme peace This is why the mind uses dreams to evacuate ideas that would have been implanted by other people. Dream of Ruins – Indicates a spiritual retrograde. Its not over ’til the Trumpets Blown – Sin and Repentance, The Sin of Fornication and Adultery – Part 1, The Sin of Adultery and Fornication – Part 2, The Sin of Adultery and Fornication – Part 3, I dreamt of a child with white irises…and cried from fear. Your email address will not be published. Dreaming that you ride a bike on a downhill slope means you have to be careful, the bad luck is near. To dream that one has bare feet indicates a loss. Recent developments in neuroscience believe that many of the mechanisms associated with dreams involve learning, but also memory processing. The second dream : Dreaming that you are naked – Loss of personality or consciousness (no shame). Dreaming that we go through a window indicates that we will come out with advantages in our transactions. If the man sees a virgin organ that has never been touched then he will soon be facing problems and he will not be lucky in his affairs. If the same dream is observed by an emperor and a beggar then their interpretation is also different. Dreaming of a rape. To dream of a shield means the coming of all sorts of misfortunes. Magic – Dreaming of any form of magic predicts unforeseen changes. Want to marry a revert but family won’t accept.. My parents will be upset if I don’t consider this unsuitable proposal. This site is really Dreaming of a flower garden predicts serenity, comfort, true love and happiness in your future. What does removing husband cologne bottle from a tin box filled with water! Be careful, it’s an enemy symbol. Islam believes that the dream is similar to X-rays that can detect diseases in the body. To dream of a pair of gloves means a marriage or a new sexual relationship. In the first case, a person dreams of a trip and therefore, he will make a trip in the future. Sigmund Freud has tried to use a psychological approach to interpret dreams, but we note that it is very superficial and devoid of common sense. Dreaming of marriage or engagement indicates the death of a family member. Jam – If you dream that you are eating jam, you will suffer embarrassment and shame from a woman’s hands when it’s not your fault. Colors have their own meanings in dreams. For the ordinary man, this simply indicates his trade or his goods. If a non-pubescent boy has such a dream, then he represents his father and for a girl of the same age, that represents his mother. Want an interpretation of dreams? Loosing a moral teeth with the root.what does that means? Bad sign. Guide of the interpretation of dream in Islam ; Questions; Dictionary of dreams in Islam; Ask a question about your dream in Islam; Donate, please! To dream that we are missing an arm implies that we are not very smart, but that we compensate for it with kindness. If you dream that you are far from the ocean and you hear the waves breaking against a ship, it means that you are going to have trouble in a case and that you are going to have a housework scene. But if you dream that he drinks water in a glass and that it breaks then he will find the right path. One of the main rules of Islam concerns the nightmare and it indicates that one should never speak to anyone under penalty of realizing it. Prejudices spread by his friends. It all depends on the name you dream of. I am only 18 and not married and … It’s just one meaning. A drawn sword is a sign of war and the victory will be for whoever holds it. But there are many interpretations, so i couldn't exactly figure out which category my dream fell into. Take precautions, protect yourself physically and psychologically and do not be careless in your behavior. Dreaming of the fox indicates someone who is naughty and cunning by nature. Pie indicates spying or peddling bad rumors. I am only 18 and not married and the second also fall into my situation. If a man dreams of a fine set of teeth then it means he will have a long life. It is obvious that only an ulema (one who knows the science of dreams can interpret a dream). Note that for ants, the senses vary enormously. To dream that a precious stone has been lost or forgotten is a sign of success. The dream is the imagination of the soul. If you dream that you kill a snake, it indicates that you will defeat your opponent. He will be able to succeed in this task with the help of someone whom he would not even have suspected that she can help him. If a woman dreams that she is making a bed, then she will be getting married soon. and there are many more interpretations. However, if a man dreams that he is beginning a private act, but does not finish it then it indicates that he will not be lucky in his affairs. I have found a husband to her'' and then i heard it and i got very very happy and greeted her with salaam. i hope you are well, just i reached your website is very useful related to khwabon ki tabeer online. Dreaming of the sun, the moon or the stars means that we are on the road to Tawhid (the most secret science of Islam and very rare). The color of honey means that a person has succeeded in his spiritual life and is a true believer. To dream of telling a story – means that we will soon be the wife of a rich man. Some signs that announce danger or warning in the interpretation of dreams in Islam. If you dream that you are in prison, it means that you feel shut up and suffocated. To dream that one is mystified or amused by a magician indicates a reunion with an old friend or a reconciliation with an old love. May Allah reward you for taking your time to read this. But last week both me and my mom received dreams, both dreams pointing to a marriage. If she receives a bunch of roses in spring then she will find true love. If you dream that you are reading a letter, it means that you will soon receive news. If the marriage concerns two strangers, then the death will concern a person who is not near. As mentioned, this third dream is the most important, but only an ulema can give meaning. Dreaming of a neck is a sign of money coming in, but if the neck is broken then it is a warning about your business. Is this a sign from Allah that we shouldn’t marry? For the student, this means that he will succeed in his studies or will have the opportunity to read a valuable book. The reason is that many symbols are similar to many cultures, but one must always pay attention. Dreaming of a butterfly on a flower indicates prosperity. In negative signs, the interpretation of dreams in Islam about pregnancy can mean an obsessive love or having an illegal relationship (at the physical level) or having deviant behavior in one’s sexual practices or a kidney-type disease. If a traveler arrives at your home, but you are bothered or embarrassed by this arrival, then this indicates that we will have to ask someone for help and that we will not like it. If you dream of a spider climbing on a wall, then you realize your dearest wish. Ice – Dreaming that you are sitting on ice means you want to dream of the opposite. In some cases, this can be very positive. How do I tell my parents I want to marry a Nigerian boy? If we dream of nails that are reversed then this indicates that the victory that was gained will soon change sides.

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