Taylor also directs Duke’s Social Science Research Institute.don.taylor@duke.edu. “, Purser, J. L., C. F. Pieper, P. W. Duncan, D. T. Gold, E. S. McConnell, M. S. Schenkman, M. C. Morey, and L. G. Branch. Long-term care (LTC) practice sites are particularly vulnerable to gaps between classroom teaching and how daily care is implemented, owing to the recent rapid advances in the scientific bases of care for frail older adults, the relative isolation of most LTC sites from academic settings,2 and the relatively small number of registered nurses (RNs) available in LTC settings who can facilitate translation of research-based practices into care.3 The aim of this project was to demonstrate the feasibility and value of an academic practice partnership to implement evidence-based approaches to solving resident care problems in LTC, as many scientifically proven practices hold promise for improving resident outcomes yet adoption is often slow.4 We developed and implemented a clinical practice improvement process, based on diffusion of innovations theory and research,5, 6, 7, 8 to serve as a new model of academic-practice collaboration between a university school of nursing, LTC facility management and direct-care staff, as a means of developing high quality clinical sites for student rotations. “, Weiner, D., B. Peterson, K. Ladd, E. McConnell, and F. Keefe. They’re also at risk of bringing infection into the nursing home from the community, and taking it out.”, “You have patients who are at risk moving in and out. Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS), Program for Advanced Research in the Social Sciences (PARISS), Research Data Security Team Activities (PDF). Provider Location Address Dr Eleanor Schildwachter Mcconnell is licensed to practice in North Carolina (license number 059345) and her current practice location is 508 Fulton St, Durham, North Carolina.She can be reached at her office (for appointments etc.) “, Wei, Sijia, Eleanor S. McConnell, Kayla Wright-Freeman, Amanda Woodward, Bada Kang, and Kirsten N. Corazzini. “, Olson, D. M., C. O. Borel, D. T. Laskowitz, D. T. Moore, and E. S. McConnell. Diffusion of innovations in long-term care measurement battery. These residents are at incredibly high risk for infections and for adverse outcomes. She studies factors that influence functional decline in very frail older adults. Improving Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Acute Care: Evidence and Lessons Learned From Across the Care Spectrum. Eleanor Schildwachter McConnell, RN, PHD, GCNS, BC has not yet specified the insurance plans she accepts. Complexity theory: a long-term care specialty practice exemplar for the education of advanced practice nurses. Staying connected with the nursing home staff, be it the administrator or social work staff. If you are a Medicare beneficiary this means the provider can charge up to 15% more than Medicare's approved amount for the cost of rendered services, in addition to your normal deductible and coinsurance costs. For a faster response, please call us directly at 888-666-8135. “, Simpson, Kelly M., Kristie Porter, Eleanor S. McConnell, Cathleen Colón-Emeric, Kathryn A. Management Team Perceptions of Risks and Strategies for Preventing Falls Among Short-Stay Patients in Nursing Homes. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Provider Other Organization Name She studies factors that influence functional decline in very frail older adults. Perceptions of Nursing Practice Scale Pilot Study: Directors of Nursing in Nursing Homes. She has also developed and tested a variety of interventions to modify risk factors for worsening disability. I think if staff are anxious and fraught, there’s likely to be some transmission of that emotion to others. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please call your doctor or 911 immediately. Recreation therapists who used to be connecting people in groups are now connecting people on the phone.”, “I would encourage family members to step up and if they don’t already have a relationship (with staff), use this time to forge one.”, “It’s important for your loved one to have an advocate. “, Harrell, J. S., E. S. McConnell, D. S. Wildman, and G. P. Samsa. Ball. Nursing homes will continue to be COVID-19 hotspots until state and federal officials can institute sweeping testing of asymptomatic patients and workers, Duke experts said Wednesday. There’s a whole range of ways we can connect family members who can no longer visit with residents in the nursing homes, from simple technology like the telephone, to more advanced technologies like the Zoom platform.”, “Research has shown that people of all different levels of cognitive ability retain the ability to display emotion. The Duke-NICHE program: an academic-practice collaboration to enhance geriatric nursing care. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Entity Type Code “, Colón-Emeric, Cathleen S., Kirsten N. Corazzini, Eleanor S. McConnell, Wei Pan, Mark P. Toles, Rasheeda Hall, Melissa Batchelor-Murphy, et al. “, Shaw, M., E. S. McConnell, G. Mancil, and B. R. Connell. Delirium detection and improved delirium management in older patients hospitalized for hip fracture. Improving dementia care through behavioral interventions. Without a broad scale, asymptomatic testing approach, we will not deal with the epidemic in skilled nursing facilities.”, “Given asymptomatic transmission of the disease, we probably will not be able to get control of this in nursing homes without asymptomatic testing. Provider Enumeration Date Randy was a loyal, spirited, and loving husband to Eleanor Schildwachter (Ellie) McConnell, whom he met at Duke University and married on September 10, 1977. This project focused on oral hygiene because the staff was dissatisfied with their existing resident oral care program, and an evidence-base for oral care in LTC existed that had not yet been incorporated into care routines. If you see a problem with the information, please write to Scholars@Duke and let us know. “, Cowper, Patricia A., Matthew J. Peterson, Carl F. Pieper, Richard J. Sloane, Katherine S. Hall, Eleanor S. McConnell, Hayden B. Bosworth, Carola C. Ekelund, Megan P. Pearson, and Miriam C. Morey. We're currently processing your request and we'll be in touch soon. A low-vision rehabilitation program for patients with mild cognitive deficits. To communicate on a day-to-day basis with all these people with masks on, that to me is a big lift and a huge challenge.”, “There’s this notion in dementia care of emotional contagion. Provider Mailing Address Eleanor Schildwachter McConnell is an Associate Professor and Gerontological Nursing Specialty Director at Duke University School of Nursing and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center Department of Veterans Affairs, Durham, NC.

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