Amicus employs a kit design with an extracorporeal volume (ECV) of 160 mL. Our incubators offer flexibility to the researcher as well as optimal performance for a stable and reliable environment. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Click the following links f you’re looking for Ultra Low Temp Freezers or Medical Freezers. Single for collection of Fenwal ancillary products are designed to help improve work flow and operator efficiency. Laboratory scales and balances are scientific instruments used to measure the weight or mass of an object quickly and easily. Vertical freezer racks and racks for liquid nitrogen storage are designed to organize your laboratory freezer inventory. For collection of blood and preparation of red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Data on file at Fresenius Kabi USA. This line of products includes one of the largest portfolios of detection & analysis technologies available from a single provider and can meet most throughput, application, and budget needs for fluorescence, luminescence, UV/Vis absorption, brightfield, label-free, and other detection & analysis technologies for life science research. Available in Fahrenheit and Celsius, these thermometers feature min/max memory to monitor high and low readings, large, digital temperature display, and all the necessary materials needed to use these devices such as batteries, Velcro®, etc. Whether you’re looking for a cuber or a flaker, all of these ice machines offer superior efficiency, quality and performance within a long-lasting, durable unit which is ideal for research and medical labs and health care facilities. Units offer an extensive array of features that range from heated lids to digital timers to built-in recalibration, all ensuring the accuracy and protection of samples. Instruments include the TOne, ideal for routine PCR; the TAdvanced, offering a unique heat conductive silver block; and the TRIO, a three block unit ideal for multiple users. This Gown and Bootie Storage Cart provides baskets with a semi-open front for easy access. Each shelving system is manufactured from a variety of high quality materials including wire, stainless steel or solid aluminum and the trademarked poly pro Metro Max and Metro Max Q. To compliment these cryogenic storage systems, we have a full line of accessories to aid you in the use of these LN2 freezers and inventory management systems to keep organized whatever you’re storing. This product is for Military, Federal Government, or Physician purchases only. Our storage box and cell divider offering consists of fiberboard boxes, fiberboard cell dividers, plasti-coat boxes, polycarbonate boxes and much more designed to safely store your samples in an organized manner. Electrophoresis Systems, Reagents & Accessories. Our LN2 freezers are engineered to maintain tight temperature uniformity for the most demanding applications such as assisted reproduction, blood and cell banking, cord blood storage, primary cell lines used in research and other applications in the pharmaceutical and veterinary sciences disciplines. Our offering includes Ultra Low Temp Freezers, Lab Refrigerators, Lab Freezers, Cryogenic Sample Storage, Freezer Racks, Temperature Monitoring and more. Fill out the form for more information or call us at 925.957.9100. Medical professionals, medical facility employees 855.571.2100. Fenwal’s broad range of whole blood products and systems are suitable for the collection of blood and blood components and for the filtration of leukocytes from whole blood, red cells, and platelet products. The proper care and well being of laboratory animals is of top concern among researchers and animal caregivers today. Address Be first to If you’re unsure of what type of ice machine best fits your needs, contact your local rep. These boxes and dividers are constructed of high-quality material for durability and hold most popluar cryo/cold stroage vials. These Metro Garment Racks are designed to provide efficient storage of cleanroom garments. Manufactured with fully automated technology, needle sharpness is 100% tested for donor safety and comfort, Sample Diversion Pouch (SDP) sampling system diverts the initial blood during blood donation for donor testing, up to 42 mL of undiluted blood, All sets come with DonorCare™ Needle Guard for reducing needlestick injury, Enhanced paper labels improve the adhesion of overlabels, Quality controlled without compromising the safety of the closed system, Requires no external attachments or docking, 3 years in unopened foil pouch; 30 days in an opened/ resealed foil pouch, The set can be removed from its foil pouch and outer wrap (cellophane) packaging and stored for up to 4 days exposure at room temperature with no compromise of product solution integrity, Storage conditions: Room temperature; avoid excessive heat; protect from freezing, Latex content: This product is free of natural rubber latex, Collection capacity: 450 mL or 500 mL, as indicated, Needle protection device: for reducing needlestick injury, Ultra Thin Wall 16-Gauge Needle: 100% tested for needle sharpness for donor safety and comfort, User-friendly, finger contoured needle hub with a “bevel-up” indicator, In-line Sampling system: Sample Diversion Pouch Sampling System, Reduces donor chair time by providing test sample access while collection bag is filling, Anticoagulant: Citrate Phosphate Double Dextrose (CP2D) or Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine (CPDA-1), 63 mL for 450 mL collections, or 70 mL for 500 mL collections, as indicated, 100 mL for 450 mL collections, or 110 mL for 500 mL collections, as indicated, for CP2D/additive systems, Except for the CLX platelet storage container, all bags and tubing are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) plasticizer, The CLX container is PVC with tri (2-ethylhexyl) trimellitate (TEHTM) plasticizer; this proprietary plastic is transparent, flexible and gas permeable and designed to maintain an acceptable pH over the component’s shelf life, Tubing: All tubing is compatible with standard sterile tubing connection devices, Satellite bags: Standard (STD), i.e., DEHP plastic bag, or CLX platelet storage bag, as indicated

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