"What?! Don't you see it? My mum couldn't take anymore of your hate and anger. Adina | After the race, Benny called him a cheat, and Tybalt kicked him over. And the 2 of them kissed rapidly and sweetly. Tybalt only makes three small cameos in Sherlock Gnomes. Oh, it makes a few stabs at following the Bard's plan. Julian Assange | Well, what happens if he DOES get smashed in the middle of the road? Stu Macher | Graydon | Gnomeo is upset by this, fighting Tybalt on the mower. That same night, Tybalt runs into Juliet when she's running back to the Red garden after her encounter with Gnomeo. Why in the world did you kept this from me? As the blue gnomes prepare for battle, they paint black war paint on their faces. Bill Cutting | She looked down at her feet with all the glue around them. General Hummel | Gnomeo and Juliet meet by accident, unaware that they’re from opposing tribes. Billy Flynn | Zed | One-Eyes (Zigzag & Phido) | We'll get to that, but first let's set the scene. Answer me! (Lawnmowers revving like mad, camera angles borrowed from '50s film classics.) Stay informed with one email every other week—right to your inbox. Gnomeo is upset by this, fighting Tybalt on the mower. Sick Boy | OH, MY POOR BABY GIRL ): Give me at least 5 reviews or more and I will put up the 2nd chapter. She didn't have any other choice than to punch Lord Redbrick in the stomach so he'll let her go. Powers/Skills Billy Loomis | Please, you can't die, please Gnomeo! Care about what’s happening in Bay Area arts? But you deserve it" she growl softly, Then she turns her head back at the Blue garden, thinking of her Gnomeo. Marsellus Wallace | 6. Spence | Featherstone – a garden flamingo – is thrown away into a shed. Jill Roberts | She screamed in rage, begging and figuring out how to escape this prison, which she calls her home but she lost all hope. The next thing, Juliet knew was that from where Gnomeo was standing a cloud of dust appeared, followed by a crashed sound. "Get away from him! Tybalt ended up fighting Gnomeo on top of the boat until they froze due to Mr. Capulet seeing them outside. Juliet screamed at him, admitting the truth out for the first time in all the time she was Gnomeo. Maynard | Hobby "No, the one who doesn't understand is you, brat. She yanked her arm from his grip and turned her eyes back at Gnomeo. "You can't treat me like this, Dad! At the end of the film, Tybalt is revived by getting glued back together and seen dancing with the other gnomes. Sir Edgar | That was my first chapter 1; I hope you liked the argument of Jules and Lord R and the song because I love that song. Tybalt jokes about Fawn and the little red gnomes, implying that he's going to use the red mower to smash Benny. Later, Tybalt is seen competing with Gnomeo in a lawnmower race, where he knocked Gnomeo and his mower away with a pipe. But she had faith, she wasn't going to let nobody, not even Lord Redbrick stops her from seeing the love of her life that needs her now more than ever. Lock-and-Load Montage: Gnomeo gets one (with duct tape, garden stakes, mud, and a spray nozzle) before his first raid into the Red yard. Full Name You are my daughter and you will do what I say.

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