When his Tucson, AZ school's theater department is threatened to be cut, failed-actor-turned-high-school-drama-teacher Dana Marschz writes a play that he hopes will solve everything. That doesn't discourage Dana Marschz, a Tucson high school drama teacher, from trying to save the school's theater program with a sequel named "Hamlet 2." You Probably Already Know 1 of the New Sisters. In this irreverent comedy, a failed actor-turned-worse-high-school-drama-teacher rallies his Tucson, AZ students as he conceives and stages politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Mr. Marschz (to pronounce it, you have to sort of buzz at the end) has seen too many movies like "Dead Poets Society" and "Mr. Holland's Opus," and tries to inspire his students with his bizarre behavior. Music is by the Tucson Gay Men's Chorus. Réalisé par Andrew Fleming et avec pour acteurs Steve Coogan, la vedette du film, Catherine Keener, nominée aux Academy Awards, David Arquette, Amy Poehler et Elisabeth Shue dans son propre rôle! David Arquette is assigned the small role of Gary, the school's gym instructor and the couple's boarder. Even when the gags fall flat, he has a way of injecting genuine humor into the weirdest situations. Strange things start happening to the C-sectioned, anxious, new mom. After this “glorious” beginning, he's assigned to be a drama teacher at Tucson's West Mesa High, where he presents productions inspired by his fave movies, like “Dead Poets Society” or “Mr. So stupid on paper, but in the film he makes it hilarious. However, production values of the film, which moves rather fast for most of its 92-minute duration, are polished, particularly Tony Fanning's witty production design, which is a bright, funny send-up of Tucson, Arizona. However, the school's demographics changes, when the new semester brings tyro students-and from Dana's POV new recruits. His big idea is to write the "sequel" to the play Hamlet to restore his Tucson high school's drama department, complete with the showstopping musical number "Rock Me Sexy Jesus." Dana Marschz is a failed actor and recovering alcoholic who's moved to Tucson to teach high school drama, where he's plagued by bad reviews, student indifference, budget woes (he and his wife, who is trying to get pregnant, take in a boarder), and his own teaching limitations. A pregnant couple buys a mansion and moves out of NYC. It does, and “Hamlet 2” proves an entertaining multi-media show. Sundance Film Fest 2008 (Premieres)–How would the residents of Tucson, Arizona, which is the setting of Andrew Fleming's new comedy, “Hamlet 2,” react to a film that satirizes the mores of their lifestyles and educational system, and ends with a performance of the Tucson Gay Men's Chorus in the background. The problem with a sequel to "Hamlet" is that everybody interesting is dead by the end. “Hamlet 2” belongs to Fleming's more successful endeavors. https://allthetropes.fandom.com/wiki/Hamlet_2?oldid=58320, One of the earlier ads was simply the name of the film, with a voiceover which says "We apologize to the following groups this film may offend": It then proceeds to list. “A very palpable hit.” Arizona Daily Star. 92. Hamlet 2 Co-penned by Fleming and Pam Brady, the script is quite uneven, with witty and funny scenes alternating with flat and obvious ones. Coogan has the comic genius of Gene Wilder in classics like YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, combined with the underdog appeal of Sylvester Stallone in the original classic ROCKY.If I have any complaints about this film, it's that we don't see nearly enough of the talented teen actors who actually put on the play. B. Annonce. Director(s): Andrew Fleming. Through a bizarre combination of circumstances, a gang of tough Latinos and a handful of nerdy white theater kids join forces to help him realize his dream.So much is going on in this incredible movie. Holland's Opus”; it's no coincidence that both films are about instructors and played by comedians (Robin Williams in the former and Richard Dreyfuss in the latter). Yolanda getting hit in the face with something. View production, box office, & company info. However, while “Happy, Texas,” was both an artistic and commercial flop, “Hamlet 2” is more satisfying on both levels, and it might prove to have legs in specialized venues and midnight showings.

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