The hottest temperature ever recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand was 42.4°C, on February 7 1973. It is reported by local news outlet that temperatures. A reading of −35.5 °C (−31.9 °F) in Čakovec on 3 February 1929 and −36.0 °C (−32.8 °F) in Gospić were not measured under standard conditions and are not considered to be official record lows in Croatia. 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The hottest temperature ever recorded in Poland was 104.5 High & Low Weather Summary for the Past Weeks This list does not include remotely sensed observations such as satellite measurements, since those values are not considered official records.[1]. With 2.8in over 13 days, you will experience some showers throughout your vacations. The WMO has stated they stand by the 1913 record pending any future investigations. The coldest spot is the north-eastern corner around Suwałki. Many weather records are measured under specific conditions—such as surface temperature and wind speed—to keep consistency among measurements around the Earth. Cold continental air flowing in from the east in January makes the eastern part of Poland one of the coldest areas in the country. The standard measuring conditions for temperature are in the air, 1.5 metres (5 ft) above the ground, and shielded from direct sunlight intensity (hence the term, x degrees "in the shade"). An important factor is also the region’s location close to higher-lying areas that stop clouds and moisture, which results in … Coldest temperatures ever recorded in POland are -42C at Olecko in February 1929 (semi-official), -42.2C at Rabka (unofficial) in the same month and than -41.0C at Sliedce (Official) in January 1940. Poland - Poland - Climate: Varying types of air masses collide over Poland, influencing the character of both weather and climate. Weather by CustomWeather, © 2020. The former world record was 43.3 °C (110 °F) set on 5 July 1918, in Death Valley, California. Only in the upper parts of the Carpathians and Sudetes is it about 0*C (Kasprowy Wierch, -0.8*C; Mt Śnieżka, -0.4*C). The number of freeze days, typically in late spring and early autumn, ranges in the lowlands from 90 (at the seaside) to 130, while in the mountains it exceeds 200. 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On average, there are only five such days at the Rozewie Cape and over 40 in the Sandomierz Basin and Lublin Upland. If you pay close attention to your thermometer, you will notice that temperatures will keep dropping at and right after sunrise on most mornings. Temperatures measured directly on the ground may exceed air temperatures by 30 to 50 °C (54 to 90 °F). Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. The climate quite comfortable in this city in july. The average monthly temperature in July is 19 degrees Celsius (66° Fahrenheit), but sometimes in the summer the temperatures rises to … Global Measured Extremes of Temperature and Precipitation. Winters are cold and snowy, but not much colder than in the lowlands (because of the temperature inversion, a phenomenon whereby cold air stagnates on the lowest layers of the atmosphere, which is typical of cold plains in winter). Maximum temperature yesterday: 64 °F (at 12:00 pm) Minimum temperature yesterday: 46 °F (at 5:30 am) Average temperature yesterday: 54 °F. The lowest temperatures ever recorded in Poland were -41*C in Siedlce (in 1940) and -40.6 *C in the Żywiec Basin (in 1929). Hot days, when the temperature exceeds 25*C, occur from May to September. The major elements involved are oceanic air masses from the west, cold polar air from Scandinavia or Russia, and warmer, subtropical air from the south. The temperature hit triple digits on Tuesday – more than 10 degrees above normal – bringing the city’s total number of 100-degree days this year to an astonishing 143, and tying a record set in 1989. Bird International Airport", "Confirmed: 2016 the Warmest Year in History of Global Recordkeeping", "Greenland witnessed its highest June temperature ever recorded on Thursday", "More record lows since 1937 than record highs", "Datos metorologicos de los departamentos", "Early Summer Heat Broils Northern Hemisphere", "Extreme temperature scenarios in Mexicali, Mexico under climate change conditions". Christopher C. Burt, a weather historian writing for Weather Underground, believes that the 1913 Death Valley reading is "a myth", and is at least 2.2 or 2.8 °C (4 or 5 °F) too high.

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