Turning the View 20 around to look at its display, the hole-punch selfie camera arrangement is the only thing that stands out. It has a mighty 25-megapixel resolution, but its quality is poor. The choice between the 6T and View 20 ultimately comes down to how tolerant you will be of the Magic UI tweaks versus the nearly stock Oxygen OS from OnePlus (and perhaps where you live, as the Honor isn’t yet available in North America). It supports a 16.25cm FHD+ Full View display with 91 percent screen to body ratio. Fast performance, tons of specs, and a respect for a customer’s wallet have earned that company a loyal and passionate following. The eye-grabbing features of the View 20 include a hole-punch display with a 91.82 percent screen-to-body ratio, a 48-megapixel AI camera, and a gorgeous chevron-patterned glass back design. Toppmodellen som koster tusenvis av kroner mindre enn konkurrentene The Honor View 20 is among the first of a new generation of smartphones with hole-punch displays replacing 2018’s notch design. Du kan rette dette ved å skru på javascript eller å sette Prisguiden.no som "Trusted website" i sikkerhetsinstillingene. But those devices also cost about double, so it’s really going to be a matter of aligning your expectations with your budget. But there is one major “but” with the Honor View 20, and that’s Huawei’s software. The View 20 is as nimble as any Android flagship on the market, irrespective of price, with the response times of a spooked hare and the smoothness of a Roger Federer backhand. Swipes from either edge of the phone act as a press of the back button. It takes no time at all to zone out the dot in the top left corner that houses the selfie camera, and that process can be accelerated by using a home screen wallpaper that’s dark at the top. And hey, a hole punch is better than a notch any day of the week. Considering this is the same charger paired with the regular Mate 20 you can expect similar charge times between an hour and 30 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes. Over the past three years, OnePlus has reigned mostly unchallenged as the “flagship-class Android phone with a midrange price” champion. Honor is part of the Huawei family, and so the Honor View 20 uses the Kirin 980 processor with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and has 128GB or 256GB of … Fra 2019, Android, 6.4", 128GB, 4000mAh, 48Mpx, 6GB RAM, 1080 x 2310, Trykkskjerm, NFC mer », Honor View 20 smarttelefon 128 GB (sort) 19438, Honor View 20 smarttelefon 128 GB (blå) 19437, Honor View20, 16,3 cm (6.4), 6 GB, 128 GB, 48 MP, Android 9.0, Svart. Honor made no ergonomic sacrifices in producing a high-performing and long-lasting phone. The UK version of the View 20 has 256GB of storage. No setting gets you perfect color accuracy. julegavetips, Mobiltelefon-guide: 10 av de beste mobil-kjøpene i 2020, 51093GKA, 51093GJV, 51093HKV, 51093HKT, 51093GJX, 6901443274741, 6901443274758, 6901443274772, 6901443275342, 6901443275359. This new smartphone ticks many of the same boxes as OnePlus’ latest 6T while also adding a few advantages all its own. Fra 2019, Android, 6.4", 128GB, 4000mAh, 48Mpx, 6GB RAM, 1080 x 2310, Trykkskjerm, NFC, Våre beste As with the basic hardware spec, Honor’s checked off the essential software requirements, even if its reliance on Huawei’s unloved interface design spoils things a bit. That’s good enough for video calls and to mess around with funky filters, masks, and emoji, but no more than that. Even compared to the OnePlus 6T, the View 20 feels faster. Calls on the View 20 don’t suffer from the tininess of that speaker, and the mono loudspeaker at the bottom of the phone is also respectably solid. In the View 20, the company combines a 48-megapixel camera, 4000mAh battery, 6.4-inch display and the ultra-fast Kirin 980 processor. Coming to the View 20 from the Google Pixel 3 XL, which has 4GB of RAM and sometimes over-aggressive power optimizations, the new Honor phone feels luxuriously speedy. Before I delve into the meat of what I don’t like about the View 20, I should commend a couple of other inclusions from Honor. Honor View 20 comes with GPU Turbo 2.0 and The NINE water cooling technology giving you a faster, smoother and more seamless experience. Amazing. I’m putting an emphasis on the fundamentals of the Honor View 20, because this phone’s look is so glamorous that you’d instantly think its glitz is designed to distract the eye from some internal failing. Get the latest Honor view 20 processor news, videos and headlines. Honor View 20 has a 4000mAh battery with super charge (5V 4A). I can whizz through a day’s work with the View 20 in hand without a single worry about its battery. A 48-megapixel camera, all-screen display, giant battery, and a humane price punch a hole in the OnePlus armor. It has Android 9.0, with the latest Magic UI 2.0 on top. The display of the Honor View 20 is a 1080p LCD, which you’ll rightly surmise is the biggest budget corner cut by Honor. Honor View 20 review: top-notch performance without the notch, the hole-punch display is going to be okay, The Honor View 20’s 48-megapixel camera is legit, distaste for Google’s own gesture controls, Lightning-fast performance and fingerprint sensor, Hole-punch display is a clear upgrade over most notches, LCD lacks the beauty and contrast of an OLED panel. The OnePlus 6T’s Achilles’ heel is its mediocre camera, and the Honor View 20 sidles up right alongside it. Given my distaste for Google’s own gesture controls, I consider this a definite upgrade over the Android 9 default. The View 20 is a little shorter than the 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL, but has a slightly larger 6.4-inch screen courtesy of its absentee bezels. Fantastisk! Honor tells me that Magic UI will move closer to stock Android over time, however we’re not there yet, and these lingering Huawei hallmarks mar an otherwise fast and fluid user experience. Honor saves the most handsome cerulean and crimson colorways for the pricier 8GB / 256GB edition of the View 20, and I’m especially fond of the red one. Contradicting the platitudes of many of its competitors, Honor even found enough space for a headphone jack inside its spec-rich handset. I’d give the View 20 the slightest edge because of the Ultra Clarity mode and the extra potential it promises. My initial reaction that the hole-punch display is going to be okay has only been reinforced by extended use of this phone. Javascript er skrudd av. In setting up this phone, I had to replace its preset keyboard and clean out unwanted pre-installed apps like Booking.com, Facebook, Amazon Shopping, and an “Honor” app icon that just led to the company’s online store. Store deler av Prisguiden vil ikke fungere. In my testing, I couldn’t find a game that troubled this phone, and the majority of apps launched and worked faster than I’m used to from other Android phones. Powered by a Kirin 980 processor… All for £499. Sure, you miss out on wireless charging, but that’s also true of the OnePlus 6T and the majority of other phones in this price class. All for £499. Yes, svelte notches like on the OnePlus 6T can claim that, too, but they’re much more disruptive anytime you want to watch a video in full screen. As with the camera, this display is the sort of thing that will be perfectly okay for most people unless and until you decide to compare it side by side with much pricier devices. Images come out looking both soft and grainy even in decent light. Like the 6T, the View 20 has a rapid-charging mode that tops up the phone to 55 percent in 30 minutes. Even though the name on the back is Honor, this is still a Huawei phone, warts and all. Obs! Android 9 is to be expected by this point, but Honor’s right up to date with Google’s security patches as well. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. Se beste pris på Honor View 20 128GB. It instantly gives this handset a playful and unique (at least until someone shamelessly copies it) character. Honor kutter i det minst viktige, og beholder alt det vi faktisk bryr oss om. Honor wisely nudged the camera away from a centered position, taking into account that the corner is more likely to be obscured by a user’s hands when watching or playing something in landscape mode, making it the least intrusive location for a fixed dot in the screen.

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