Contact us Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade 195 Lambton Quay Private Bag 18 901 Wellington 6160 New Zealand This is how: She literally referred me to a French consulate’s website from MOROCCO to get the information I needed…. I am an American citizen and I applied for my long stay visa to France in person at the consulate of France in Chicago. As a general rule of thumb I always try to give three examples of bank statements. Important: The information below is exclusively for New Zealand passport holders, who have slightly different Schengen rules to other countries. I will be on a flight to France this weekend to enjoy a fresh, visa free 90 days over there before I start my new job in the USA. I mean, I am grateful and privileged to know that my parents could bail me out in the case of something catastrophic happening. Hello! Is there an option to work? No you can move around for as long as your long stay visa lasts. Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, except French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis-et-Futuna and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF). Also note that this appointment system will be clogged with student applications during the summer and in the fall. When I got to Chicago the woman there was like “Why in the world did you make photocopies? Have an appointment tomorrow at the Prefecture to see what our options are. So I did everything according to that website I mentioned in the first section. I followed the instructions and did the visa process according to that website. And no, you can’t just ask Pierre from next door to help you out in exchange for a nice tartiflette dinner (though tartiflettes do make good bargaining chips in  France). This should be my long stay visa to France: the ugly, the ugly, and the very, very bad. Once you have completed your online application, all you have to do is submit it to your local visa centre. So I called them, and after waiting on hold for 30 minutes I got through and said give me my damn passport back! Proof includes tax returns, bank statements, or an Affidavit of support by family or a scholarship. So who knows, you my end up avoiding the total zoo by applying for your long stay visa to France in Germany. I’ve had years of student visas (ahhhh those were the days!! I am an American citizen, and I am from Michigan. In France you need to go through an officially recognized translator in your region who can mark it with his or her seal. I told them I would have to go to the United States for my brother’s wedding and they said that I can’t leave France while on the visa (which is a pile of BS because you can travel freely in the Schengen Zone and they would never know…). I hope it will be better! This is where I think my application went wrong. I’m prepared for cra-cra!! It cost me hundreds of dollars in flight changes and also I still had to pay rent over in France…. < Back to Living in France This will may change  when they outsource their visa process. I also got my boyfriend (whose name is also on the lease) to send me a copy of his passport, a copy of a utility bill with his name on it, and a handwritten letter stating that we do in fact live together. After years of dealing with French bureaucracy, it seems like they take things on a case by case basis. About the FBI background check: leave lots of time for it. They seem to offer only $100,000 policy maximums also when you would only need half that much for the visa. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry you had to go thru all that. If you need to call the Consulate of France in Chicago: I’ve had a variety of long stay visas during my time in France. I could have an identical twin applying for the exact same tourist visa to France in Chicago and I wouldn’t surprised at all if they asked for different things in her application. So please take everything  I say with a grain of salt or just use this post as a broad guideline. Here is what I needed to bring with me according to the website: Choosing your appointment for your long stay visa to France. If you hear radio silence, send them an email just saying you’re checking up on your application. Long-stay visa serving as a residence permit (VLS-TS). Some are just continuing to do their own things regardless of what this website says. Their policies were at least three times as expensive than what I found, but I think bloggers get a big cut for referring customers thus it is advertised everywhere. I wrote my note in English and in French but only English would be ok for Chicago. Granted, I ended up spending more than that to apply for my visa in the USA….I guess it depends on where you want to be stuck. I promised him I wouldn’t turn up on his doorstep! I am hopeful – but not relying on it – that my work with the Alliance Francaise, French Consulate, and the French American Chamber in San Francisco will help, but I learned a long time ago, “who you know” doesn’t get you much in France! In order to extend your stay beyond the period of validity of your visa, you must apply for a residence permit at a prefecture. So I just decided to apply for a long stay visa to France (Visa de Long Séjour) that would last 12 months. I hope it will be better! For general information and for preparing, submitting and tracking your application, log on to France-visas, the official website for visa applications to France and overseas territories. Perhaps you could use a friend’s address? Note that from the summer of 2018 the visa process will be changing in the USA. This is especially helpful since you probably won’t have much luck if you call the consulate. © Copyright 2017 Beyond Babeesh. I don’t need your silly long stay visa to France anymore! I have a pending French work contract (2-year) as a postdoctoral researcher (Canadian, with German residence permit from previous position). Thanks for sharing your experience. This, to me, is a pile of BS. Then I had an idiot moment when I realized that I had only 6 days left in the Schengen Zone before my 90 days were up! Thanks for reading and sharing your experience! I have been there and done that. They told me that in person at the French consulate. I ended up preparing an affidavit of support that said my parents would support me. I had to cut the woman off and basically shout that the information I needed wasn’t on their website. The wait for a response is also a LOT longer in France- think one to two months. It was just too risky. 14 days sounds like a gift from heaven, even though I ended up having to wait more than two months in the USA…. Your experience getting the long stay tourist visa to France may be different than my experience. If one of a New Zealander’s grandparents was born in the UK, the New Zealander may may be issued a 5-year Work Visa. I should have known better since I lived through 3 years of this sort of chaos over there. Citizens of the European Union, Monaco and Andorra, for all territories. Then I spoke in English and felt dumb, but I guess it’s better to  be absolutely sure I was saying exactly what I wanted to say! I’m sorry you’re in this pickle! Believe me, there are lots of very nice French people out there. In this instance your nationality does not exempt you from requirements. This was separate from my handwritten letter saying I would not work in France. I was really mad about that since they literally say nothing about it on any website. I think That’s around 1,500 Euros but that changes every year so double check. OK so my passport is double stuffed and has almost 80 pages in it…I had to make 30 pages of photocopies of the used pages and THEY DIDN’T KEEP IT. It is at no extra cost to you and the tiny commission I make helps keep the blog up and running! My main question (of many questions) is : do you think I can still apply through Germany if I don’t have a current address but still a residence permit? I got a criminal background check through the state of Michigan online.

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