can any one explain what independent cinema means? “It Is a Period of Rebellion…” Here at Lights Film School, we talk and teach a lot about “independent film”.. Wow! It's about the film. It's much freer and not full of stars. I recently posed this very question to a friend of mine, a bona fide film buff. Perhaps I will see you at the Independent Filmmaker’s Ball. These non-studio films had many advantages over studio productions. This led to an explosion of independently produced films. Technology then stepped in. 1 decade ago. by Elliot Grove | 19 January, 2014 | In Our Opinion | 2 comments. - Ottawa Indie Fest, 4 Week Filmmaking and Acting Certificates, Designated Charity: Independent Film Trust. Well, in reality there exists varying levels of independence. After the film, Auster was interviewed by Mike Figgis, no stranger to both indie and studio film-making. Independent cinema can mean many things: films that are made outside of major studio support; films that are made with a small budget and lesser technological resources; films that are a closer reflection of the director’s intentions (i.e. Does it matter where the money comes from? Of course, in this age of social media, we need buzzwords. In fact, all art is independent; the mere act of labelling any art form as ‘independent’ is redundant. Anonymous. On the one hand, big studios blew big budgets on cute aliens hanging out in cupboards, the perils of bumping into your parents while time travelling and locating the best people to call should you find yourself being haunted. Relevance. Founded in New York City yet globally focused, we are a collective of passionate film professionals constantly navigating the technological highways of the digital age while remaining faithful of the economically dilapidated back alleys of the anti-establishment. any links to information would be great thanks! Technically he was right, sort of. The ability of a filmmaker who has a vision and is able to stick to that vision with no compromises. Usually there is some movie that comes out in the independent circle that inspires you as a film-maker, that you want to do something like that and it is possible. The studios reigned for several decades due primarily to the fact that they owned and controlled the production, distribution and exhibition of films which left little room for competition. The bottom line here is that we are now in an age where anyone with a script and a few thousand dollars has the ability to produce and distribute a film completely on their own with zero studio involvement. "Michael Winterbottom: "I think from the point of view of making films, I just want to make the films I want to make. "Independent means you are free to say what you want. Learn how your comment data is processed. Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t is an online publication devoted to the maintenance, presentation, and ideology of independently produced cinema. Also, how will the rise of digital affect indie film? precise blog I shall return for more. ", "Indie means to me not very much money to make the film. A few weeks ago, I caught a screening for Paul Auster's directorial debut, The Inner Life of Martin Frost - itself an indie film that has run into distribution trouble despite having a cast that includes David Thewlis, Irene Jacob and Michael Imperioli. 2016 Interview: Gerd Schneider (Writer/Director-The Culpable), Interview: Alan Hicks, Director – ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’, Review: Legendary jazz trumpeter Clerk Terry teaches how to make your dream come true – Writing for Mass Media, Burma Storybook | CPHDOX – Copenhagen – international premiere, “Take Me” and “Hounds of Love” Film Reviews: Blondes-Bound-in-Basement Movies, Tribeca 2017 Glimpse: What to See and Skip: Helen Highly Brief | Indiewood/Hollywoodn't, Interview: Kweighbaye Kotee (Director Programming – BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL), Bushwick Film Festival Celebrates Milestone 10th Anniversary This Fall. For example, when I started making films with Derek Jarman in the 1980s, that was really independent film-making, going around with a Super 8 camera to make The Last of England. In an effort to cash in on the present day boom in independent film, today’s Big Six major studios have created a number of independent-flavored subsidiaries, designed to develop less commercial, more character driven films which appeal to the growing art house market.

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