A different set of EU rules govern the recognition of professional qualifications in other EU countries  – that is, degrees giving access to a profession, such as nursing or the law. If they respond, good. Here's what you need to know, Rupankit Saha considers himself to be among the lucky ones. Lets hire the Canadian because he is Canadian (Then again, I was hired at my previous job because I was a dual-citizen of US and Canada, so having the US citizenship might help)". In most cases, you can obtain a "statement of comparability" of your university degree, stating how it compares to the diplomas delivered in the EU country you are moving to. As the uncertainty over the future of H1-B visa sponsorship becomes a reality for Indian students in the United States, many are considering alternatives such as Canada and European countries, including the Netherlands, France and Germany. There is no automatic EU-wide recognition of academic diplomas. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is doubtful, if he or she can start and lead any significant research program in India. If they don't, then you know the answer. The first question should be, “What is in a foreign degree?” Some foreign universities operate like degree factories. I doubt you would get into a situation where you would be passed over because you have a US degree vs a Canadian with no Degree or a undergrad. JavaScript is disabled. I live and work in the US , have a US masters degree, have more than 5 years of experience working in the US. Students get postgraduate degrees with course work. Depending on the country where your diplomas are assessed and the purpose of the assessment, the ENIC/NARIC centre will either evaluate them itself, or transfer them to the competent authority. hi wh431, generally, a German university degree is NOT an undergraduate degree. Read Ishani Duttagupta's story on overseas education and return on investment in ET Magazine, this Sunday (May 06). I think if you looked at everything equally (Canadian Masters vs US Masters) you would find that they might favour a Canadian more. Instead, the entity requiring the validation determines an acceptable validation practice and authority. Proof of education requirements will vary from one program/position to another and it is important that the applicant reads carefully which document(s) is/are required in the application package (e.g. Kathrin completed a university degree in Germany. A new report has confirmed Germany to be the third-most popular host country for international students. To do so, contact the ENIC/NARIC centre in the country where you would like your diplomas assessed for "comparability". For reprint rights: Indian students opt for desi route to get a foreign degree, For foreign degree, Indians can go anywhere, Doctors with foreign degrees flunk in screening test in India, Companies find foreign degree holders better skilled for jobs: Survey, 79% of doctors with foreign degrees fail screening test for practicing in India. Degree in India with a competitive entrance exam are good especially from Government colleges. Value of MS degree from USA, Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia within two communities – Academic and Employers – and find out how such foreign degrees are impacted by Indian perception upon return back home. Try applying to companies. A famous professor gives small pieces of experimental or analytical work and the student gets the degree. COVID-19: Need help staying in Canada? You may therefore need to go through a national procedure to get your academic degree or diploma recognised in another EU country, if you seek admission to a further course of study there. Again the exceptions are where the candidates are inherently intelligent and smart. This section concerns the recognition of academic qualifications. Individual governments of EU countries remain responsible for their education systems and are free to apply their own rules, including whether or not to recognise academic qualifications obtained elsewhere. Hard to say. Nonetheless, she had to pursue 2 further years of undergraduate study in the French system before she could apply for the postgraduate course she wanted there. This could be your home country if you return home after your studies, or another EU country if you move there for work or further study. It carries some return in the foreign country and highly significant return in India. Part of these students comes from the number-one ranked US. Sample story Find out whether a country will recognise your foreign diploma. Tomorrow is different. As a general rule we should avoid foreign degree because it will not help in getting employed in India. Rupankit Saha considers himself to be among the lucky ones. However, such candidates return to Indian universities and move up the ranks on the strength of the reputation of the degree granting university and seniority. Hey Guys, I havent yet moved to Canada but I am thinking of ( My PR just came). Before the assessment, make sure you check: If you provide documents in the Europass format (such as the Diploma Supplement), your degree can be more easily compared and recognised. There are exceptions to this and examples are mentioned in the article. Many employers and education institutions in the United States recognize foreign diploma validation when completed by a trusted, independent credential validation or evaluation service, according to the U.S. Department of Education, or DOE. On the flip side, here’s a recount of career growth for an ISB MBA grad working abroad – Value of Indian MBA abroad. If the graduate or doctorate is generally, competent, he will do well in his or her career. I found a bit of trouble with people not being happy with my US experience and degree but in your field it might be more even. Even some PHD degrees are earned mostly by course work with a little experimentation and a thesis. She then moved to France to pursue a postgraduate degree, but found that the French authorities did not recognise her diploma, requesting that she obtain a document certifying her qualifications from a French university. Foreign Education has its own advantages for the students. Wait was that sarcasm or for real ? After discussion with a French university, she was able to get her degree recognised as equivalent to a "licence" in the French system – a type of diploma obtained there after only 3 years of study, and which she felt covered much less ground than the studies she had already completed in Germany. He was able to get a job at a multinational company in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2017, after completing an undergrad degree in accounting and finance at the University of Exeter in the UK.The transition from an international student on a tier-IV visa to a tier-II visa was smooth only because his employer sponsored him for the work … Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. An engineer's degree is an advanced academic degree in engineering which is conferred in Europe, some countries of Latin America, North Africa and a few institutions in the United States.The degree may require a graduate thesis or dissertation at the level of a research doctorate such as a PhD. Kathrin completed a university degree in Germany. If he or she is mediocre, his or her career will reflect it. Since Germany did not have the Bachelor/Master system so far, but only the "Diplom" degrees which are a lot longer in terms of regular study times (7-8 semesters at the Fachochschule, 9-10 semesters at the Universität), as well as in REAL avergage study times (~ 12 semesters) + 1 year more in high school … CanadaVisa.com | 1303 Greene Ave., Suite 200 | Westmount, Montreal, QC, Canada | H3Z 2A7. Access the exclusive Economic Times stories, Editorial and Expert opinion, Sharp Insight-rich, Indepth stories across 20+ sectors, ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth, A foreign degree is great, but is it really worth it? - Recognition of academic diplomas, Publications Office of the European Union, how much the service will cost (if there is a fee), how long the assessment will take – it could be several weeks to several months depending on the country, the purpose, and the complexity of your file, what type of document you will get as a result – it could be a full equivalency, or a comparative report, what you can do if you disagree with the assessment (how to appeal). CanadaVisa is here for you. That sounds superb. 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