Also, I can call my husband when I'm tired and ready to go so I can meet him somewhere. They acknowleged the receipt of the phones and said they would process the refund on 11/14/19. All you want to know about Jitterbug Phone Reviews Complaints. This complaint regarding poor customer service and lack of a refund was RESOLVED by their management team. Other than that, I love the phone. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. Her friend would not buy a jitterbug for her mother due to the billing issues and lack of service. I asked why their customer service did not reply to my e-mail explaining this I was told that they don't reply to customers who do not have an e-mail address on file. When I'm dialing out on it, the service is great. After speaking with the agent, I IMMEDIATELY canceled my account. Everything in these blogs is true! Most of the reps don't give a you know what, but money motivates the uneducated lazy reps and they'll do almost anything to keep you as a customer. Something that is not disclosed on the site. I think you should add this voice activated calling feature to your commercial. However, I got a dial tone. If you call to cancel, you'll be fortunate to speak to a happy Account Services representative who will offer you a replacement for $49. The Greatcall Jitterbug Flip is a simple, daily use phone with a very easy to use design and uncomplicated features. But, he could hardly find a flip phone. GPS-FALSE Water Proof-FALSE Nothing works and it is all a scam and con to sell to the elderly and disabled. Very frustating, because I can't even donate the phone, since no one else supports it or would sign up for an account to activate a defective phone. So it didn't work for me. I began to pry and ask why, because he was probably the best customer services/technical support person I ever met. I like it, it works well but my husband is not as into it as I am. Very strange. We have created the Jitterbug cell phone specifically for seniors, and choosing the one you need couldn’t be easier. I care for the individual below and they have not taken care of their customer. I can also keep track of my grandkids and great grandkids which I like. Irving. Well, the minutes roll over, they say, so it’s not a problem. Ten days later a careless orderly sent the phone along with the used bed sheets to a laundry in California, and that was that. Jitterbug worked fine until great call took over, phone would not roll back our minutes so every month we had to call and get manaul reset. I... Plz assit my account is blocked due to upgrade of details is there a number i... Hai Supriya You are working with mapplyfly fake team, and you wroting you got a... Iam yathish rn plz tel me 2019 chevorlet motor company awardwinner plz tell me... Elite Worldwide & Cargo Delivery - delivery service, Chevrolet Motors Promotion United Kingdom - 3crore 35lakh rupees chevrolet captive car, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. The service was horrible. Any other company would have cut it off by the second billing cycle that was missed. My name is Irving, and I live in Florida, and I am writing to complain of an unjust billing that has been demanded of me by your billing department. By Friday morning, my phone time was reduced by 45 minutes due to unsolicited calls received from telemarketers for employment, from car dealers, etc. Jitterbug said they were having activation problems. I also could see it and I could tell time on it without pulling out my glasses. I plan to send the "word", in every manner possible, that Jitterbug is a mistake. The net one customers are not told they need to update the software, which most of the time can't be done anyway. One more thing, it took over 9 days and numerous phone calls to have my number ported over. great call mobile lively medical alert device. I will be changing my dad over to verizon in the very near future. I tried again the next day and the person I got was very nice. I have read the jitterbug blogs. I realize the number of complaints vs. the number of telephones in service is probably a small percentage but there is a common thread to these complaints and the company response to them has scared me off. I WANTED TO CONFIRM WETHER THE PARCEL EWCD-393 518 7231. She loved the phone especially the voice activated calling feature. Access the headquarters listing for Great Call. I called the Jitterbug team twice and they asked me to hold, which is normal. Buyer beware. The battery runs down because the phone you have probably is working very hard to connect with the network. The device is sold under false pretenses as being able to: The software isn't compatible with "net two" i.e. Sue if this customer does not pay on time let us report him/her to the credit bureaus for free. NO REFUND of the credit card charges was provided after one month. Preying on the elderly. It is an unjust charge, as the so-called service was “reinstated” after definite cancellation by me, in writing, and after my home-care aide, on my request, called to protest the first bill. She chuckled as she told me she had a friend that used to work at the company. I have been a customer of Jitterbug for almost 5 years and have called in MULTIPLE times for service issues, representative complaints, bill issues, fraudulent charges. Abraham in Carlsbad CA. GLOBE, ARIZONA -- I liked the style of Jitterbug and what I thought was going to be very simple to use but I didn't experience the complete simplicity. They are not jitterbug!!! See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. He has been able to keep his job after claims of drug use, he had an affair with the human resource manager at the call center, even having an affair with a married woman while her husband was stationed overseas. They make their phone sound like a good deal but it isn't. When they do answer, the phone automatically goes into speakerphone mode so you can communicate quickly and get the help you might need. Here’s the website where I found out about the Just 5: That is not only deceptive advertising, but it is bad customer service! My name is Sue Weaver, and I’m the VP of Customer Service at GreatCall, creator of the Jitterbug cell phone. Jitterbug said they were having activation problems. Erased all messages, including court evidence. You commercial does not mention this feature. They said I have to wait a whole year to get a new (likely refurbished) phone as you only get one replacement a year. In the event of an emergency you can press the SOS button and the phone will automatically begin dialing the 4 numbers you have preset (like 911 or your doctor, etc..)until someone answers. SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE -- I got a Jitterbug for my dad. ... Jitterbug Cell Phone Supplies. ELLWOOD CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought the Jitterbug flip phone for my sister who was blind. Not happy at all. Jitterbug's billing is deceptive, if not illegal. Abraham assured me that all I had to do on my return was pay a $35.00 reactivation fee which I agreed to do. The company needs to investigate this problem.

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