Question. save. ... All Riot Shield & Combat Knife Attachments Unlocked Gold Camo Unlocked For Riot Shield & Combat Knife Platinum Camo Unlocked For Riot Shield & Combat Knife Works On PS4/XB1/PC. Now that we’ve established that unlocking the Damascus weapon camo in COD: Modern Warfare is tiresome, there’s a way to slightly ease up the grinding process. ... we are talking about completing Damascus. Question. We use the safest methods for Modern Warfare services. I got my combat knife gold but it says to get it platinum and Damascus I have to "unlock the gold Camo for every weapon of this class" what does that mean? Combat Knife Damascus. Archived. Posted by 8 months ago. Posted by 7 months ago. Close. Modern Warfare 2019 Damascus Camo. Do you need to get gold on the combat knife to get the Damascus camo? Question. 3. Combat Knife Damascus. Do I have to do pistols and launchers aswell? 10 comments. ... but then suddenly I thought about the combat knife... Do you really need gold on the combat knife too? share. 3 Tips to get Damascus Faster in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. report. 1. Core game modes are also the better place for unlocking the combat knife gold, as the lower damage in guns gives you more time to close the distance between you and other players. Purchase Modern Warfare Platinum, Damascus, and Obisidian and receive it on your account in 24 hours. stridentgamer August 5, 2020. It’ll still take you quite a lot of time and matches but it’ll be easier than trying to do it … hide. Close.

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