Meanwhile, 28% of households in the area include one or more children under the age of 18. [11] Wyuka is from the Lakota language meaning "to rest". [40], In 1971, an expansion of Gateway Mall was completed. The decade from 1990 to 2000 saw a population growth never seen before. The suburban Gateway Mall was completed in 1960. The City of Lincoln is the capital and the second-most populous city of the US state of Nebraska. Let us know your areas of interest by checking all that apply below. The cemetery was modeled after the rural Mount Auburn Cemetery east of Boston. On June 30, 1937, Congress designated U.S. 6 as a national route honoring the Grand Army of the Republic. [12] Lakota is spoken by the Lakota people of the Sioux tribes. For major problems, we tow you back to our center where we use OEM or equivalent parts. [52] Telephone and cable TV service would also be included,[53] making it the third company to compete for such services within Lincoln. In Lincoln, Nebraska, NMC is the dealer to turn to. The first police force was formed July 1870. Thank you for registering to receive email from NMC Cat. In 1888 a new capitol building was constructed on the site of the first capitol. 38 overlap and in 1933, the U.S. 38 route designation was dropped. The city public library was founded in December 1875. Almost a month after ALLO's announcement of Gigabit internet, Windstream Communications announced that 1 Gigabit internet would come to the city, using its existing fiber network. The Commission, composed of Governor David Butler, Secretary of State Thomas Kennard, and Auditor John Gillespie, began to tour sites on July 18, 1867 for the new capital city. [1], Most settlers abandoned the village in September 1864 due to the 1864 Sioux Indian scare. We are one of the leading transmission services in Lincoln, Nebraska, who offer superior customer service. The new building replaced the former structurally unsound capitol. [10] In 1869, the University of Nebraska was established in Lincoln by the state with a land grant of about 130,000 acres. Later tenants included Hovland-Swanson[35] and Hinky Dinky.[36]. The county was named Lancaster. The village of Lancaster was spared, though other settlements were not. Our professionals find solutions to keep your trucks running with modern tools and parts, technology and diagnostic tools. The Stuart Theater, which co-hosted the premier of the movie Cheers for Miss Bishop in 1941, was renovated beyond recognition with the balconies either removed or covered, chandeliers removed, ceilings lowered and the stage converted into a bar. [22], Arrow Airport was established around 1925 as a manufacturing and test facility for Arrow Aircraft and Motors Corporation, primarily the Arrow Sport. [15] The city council voted to establish a full-time paid Fire Department in 1885 with one company working with volunteer fire companies. The Willcox designed capitol's foundation settled and the building was structurally unsound. When your business is in danger of losing data and having damaged equipment from a power outage, it’s vital to invest in reliable power generation equipment from NMC. Please browse our rental inventory. Both newspapers merged in 1995 to become the Lincoln Journal Star. Lincoln became a rail center. Revitalization began in 1969 after the passage of State laws for revitalization and beautification of blighted urban areas. In 1985 Bankers Life sold the Gateway Mall to Jacobs Visconsi Jacobs of Cleveland. NMC helps supply machines on your site with sufficient amounts of power when utility power fails. Herpolsheimer's and Miller & Paine were the first department stores in Lincoln, both founded in 1880. By the close of 1868, Lincoln had a population of approximately 500 people. Purchasing new equipment may not be in your budget, but used heavy machinery for sale in Lincoln is a secure investment for your business. [23] The autoroute was a tourist magnet and traffic was heavy. NMC’s product line has more than 300 options for new machines that can be used for dozens of applications. [16] Herpolsheimer's closed in May 1931 due to the Great Depression. In the early years of air travel, Lincoln had three airports and one airfield. During World War II, over 25,000 aviation mechanics were trained with over 40,000 troopers being processed for combat. Some remnants of the old airport can still be seen today in-between N. 56th and N. 70th Streets, north of Fletcher Avenue; mangled within a slowly developing industrial zone. The US Post Office and Courthouse was built from 1874–1879. Once J. [1], Lincoln was founded in 1856 as the village of Lancaster and became the county seat of the newly created Lancaster County in 1859. After planning and by the Omaha-Denver Trans-Continental Route Association in 1911 with support from the Good Roads Movement, the Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway (O-L-D) was established through Lincoln. Disregarding the original plat of the village of Lancaster, Thomas Kennard platted Lincoln on a broader scale. Many of the people south of the river had been sympathetic to the Confederate cause in the recently concluded Civil War, and it was assumed that the legislature would not pass the measure if the future capital were named after Lincoln. A short time later, the Gold's name ceased to be used and the downtown department store was renamed Brandeis. [20] Miller & Paine was purchased by the department store chain Dillard's in 1988. [2], Captain W. T. Donovan, a former steamer captain, and his family settled on Salt Creek in 1856. Miller & Paine occupied the corner of 13th and O Streets and would continue to be in business until 1988.[16]. If you’re searching for generator rentals near you, NMC offers a range of equipment solutions for a variety of industries. Whether you require services to generators already on hand, need to replace a generator or develop a plan, contact NMC. [2], In 1869, Wyuka Cemetery was established by the state as a state cemetery in the new capital city. The county of Lancaster was founded in 1859. [50], In 2015, ALLO Communications was purchased by Nelnet (headquartered in Lincoln); a day later, it was announced that ALLO would bring ultra-high speed fiber internet to the city. It was assumed that senators south of the river would not vote to pass the measure if the future capital was named after the former president. After much of the territory south of the Platte considered annexation to Kansas, the legislature voted to move the capital south of the river and as far west as possible. We maintain your truck fleet by adding value to everything we do. The store was known variously as The Exposition Store, The Glass Block and The Daylight Store. Because breakdowns can occur at any moment — despite preparing with maintenance schedules — our NMC emergency truck repair crew will respond and inspect your truck. The city of Lincoln was incorporated April 1, 1869. The Lincoln Army Airfield was established in 1942 at the site. [13] On December 22, 1870, the State Lunatic Asylum was completed and accepting patients. The previous location of J.C. Penney was temporarily inside a former Hinky Dinky grocery store building in a complex of Gateway Mall stores north of the main mall. The former city was incorporated in 1890. [20], As automobile travel became more common in the U.S., the needs for better roads in Nebraska and throughout the U.S. grew. [23] The station building, no longer a rest stop, is the Grand Manse Pavilion. [29] The base became the Lincoln Municipal Airport under ownership of the Lincoln Airport Authority. In 1956, Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska announced plans to build a $6 million shopping center next to their new campus on the east-side outskirts of Lincoln. From the north to the south the streets were North, Nebraska, Saline, Washington, Main, Lincoln, College, High and Locust. Nebraska was granted statehood on March 1, 1867. [18] The worldwide economic depression of 1890 saw the reduction of Lincoln's population from 55,000 to 37,000 by 1900. [19] In 1915 William Gold incorporated his former dry goods store The Peoples Store as Gold and Company. [32], In 1930, the Veterans' Hospital was opened east of the city and the city annexed the town of Havelock. [17] The first hospital, Saint Elizabeth Hospital, was founded in 1889. [34] During the 1960s, the two main airlines serving the Lincoln Airport were United Airlines and the original Frontier Airlines. By 1920 the first air field Union Airport was established northeast of Lincoln. Speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second were planned for both business and household use by using the city's existing fiber network. Restaurants and other service businesses either closed or moved outside of the downtown core business district. By 1888, there were nearly 400 patients. [41] Brandeis was bought by Younkers in 1987 and shortly thereafter the former Brandeis store was renamed Younkers. The goal was eventually realized by the mid 1920s; 1,700 mi (2,700 km) of constantly improved highway through six states. [14] The Lincoln Gas Light Company was organized in 1872. Its goal was having the most efficient highway to travel on throughout the state of Nebraska, from Omaha to Denver. The Nebraska State Capitol was completed on December 1, 1868; a two-story building constructed with native limestone with a central cupola. We understand it costs your company time and money when your truck is out of service. [45] Westfield made a $45 million makeover of the mall in 2005 including an expanded food court, a new west-side entrance and installation of an Italian carousel. The village had very few inhabitants. The capital of the Nebraska Territory had been Omaha since the creation of the territory in 1854; however, most of the territory's population lived south of the Platte River. Speed limit during the early days of I-80 in Nebraska was 75 mph (120 km/h).[38]. Construction of University Hall, the first building, began the same year. The Union Pacific began service in 1877. In 2015, Rain caused Salt Creek to exceed capacity on the west side of the city. NMC is your partner to support the efficiencies of your company. The Nebraska legislature in 1969 legislated laws for urban renewal and shortly after Lincoln began a program of revitalization and beautification of the city. Most of the houses in Lincoln (57%) are owner-occupied, and 43% are occupied by renters. [25] One, Union Airport, was established northeast of Lincoln in 1920 by E.J. A decade later, Herpolsheimer's relocated to the southwest corner of 12th and N Streets, building a 73,000 square foot building. A religious colony led by Reverend John M. Young was the first to settle the village of Lancaster in 1863, and some consider John M. Young to have been the founder of the eventual city of Lincoln. 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The expansion included a new second story indoor mall corridor connecting the outlying Sears to the mall with covered parking underneath the corridor. Pei. Willcox. – On the heels of the Big Ten’s recent postponement of fall sports, the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, University of Nebraska Athletic Department and Downtown Lincoln Association invite fans to keep the tradition of game days alive in Lincoln. The boom housing market in south Lincoln created new housing developments including high end housing in areas like Cripple Creek, Willamsburg, and The Ridge. Settlers first came to extract salt from the wild salt flats of Salt Creek.

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