And, of course, funny enough, by the time I saw all this on film, it was so different than what I'd been imagining at the time. The thing we were going to try and do was pull off a movie that looked like $20 million for half that - and that required organisation down to the last degree, and that also required me to know every morning exactly what we needed. In 1996, Barker told Home Cinema Choice, "It's not twelve and a half minutes of blood and gore [that was removed], it's actually the thematic guts of the movie. Still I had to come up with my own interpretation of Harry - who he was - and bring this 40s film noir detective into the 90s and make him seem fresh and new and relevant to these situations that only Clive could put him in. He returns to Quaid's Fortune Teller shop, where he finds an address book with the whereabouts of Jennifer Desiderio, who was missing and now lives in a mental asylum. Nix admits he should have been honest with Swann regarding his true intention "to murder the world." Dorothea In the documentary feature "The Making of Lord of Illusions", included with the special director's cut laserdisc release in 1996, he said, "I wanted to make a movie which was part detective picture, part horror movie. In one of the final scenes, Dorothea asks the metaphysical question, 'What are you?' Shhhh. He goes to a club for magicians and illusionists called "Magic Castle". Member of the Cult of NixApprentice and servent of NixSorcererMurdererTorturer There's a little exchange in Lord Of Illusions in which Valentin is making the distinction between magic and illusions. Butterfield is a follower of Nix whose black magic cult that he is a member of, and he is a villain in the 1995 horror/fantasy film Lord of Illusions (Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions) loosely based on the short story The Last Illusion (from Books of Blood Vol. He makes a hole open below him and Dorothea, and while the two of them are levitating over it, he causes to rain in the room and make the ground turn to quick sand, swallowing up the cultists. Back at the old house, Butterfield starts the process of resurrecting Nix, using tools made by himself to remove the iron mask. We have a sarcophagus, which speaks for itself. I think horror fans are used to sex scenes being a prelude to death. He is then asked to guard the body of dead illusionist Swann by the man's wife Dorothea, leading him into a confrontation with more demons, including the story's antagonist Butterfield. Having spent his formative years in a compound in the Mojave Desert under the tutelage of cult leader Nix, Butterfield was Nix's right hand man. Hobby Swann snaps out of his vision and takes out an ironwork mask he made for “binding” Nix. Butterfield In the original 1985 story "The Last Illusion," Harry D'Amour has had only one previous encounter with the supernatural, having fought a demon in Brooklyn, and is still shaken by the experience. Then he scrunches the flower up and shows his bare hand, saying 'Magicians do it for real.' He then turns the earth into quick sand that swallows the cultists, ignoring their pleas for help and declaring only Swann is worthy of receiving his knowledge. Because I am not in his head and I don't have his imagination. Swann reveals he still lives and uses his last life energy and magic to help D'Amour deliver a final blow to Nix. Butterfield attacks D'Amour. On seeing Barker's cut of the film, MGM decided that it was too long and there was too much time spent on dialogue scenes that occur in-between scenes involving death or horror elements. Fanatic Murderer, Apprentice and servent of NixSorcererMurdererTorturer. He's murdered all his acolytes, his devotees, and now he's alone in the dark. I don't know why, from the bottom of my heart, I don't know. On the documentary "The Making of Lord of Illusions" included on the director cut's laser disc release, Barker said, "He's the Harry I've had in my head for 8 years - no word of a lie. He's going around and the swords are going around, and the dancers are dancing and there's a thousand people in the audience. When Hellraiser was shot, the biggest task was simply to finish the project. Butterfield Release Dates Regarding Kevin J. O'Connor, Variety said, "O'Connor lacks the requisite brio to be completely convincing as Swann. His reluctance is, I trust, part of his charm. While riding with Valentin, D'Amour calls Swann a magician, and Valentin quickly corrects him saying Swann is strictly an illusionist. Scott Bakula stars as a detective who gets more than he bargained for in this shocking supernatural thriller that rips apart the boundaries between the art of illusion and the terrifying forces of magic. If you watch very closely, you can sometimes see the soul escaping. During his investigation, D'Amour happens upon Quaid, now working as a fortune teller, being viciously attacked by Butterfield and Ray Miller, man possessing great strength. Ray Miller And in that line (which, by the way, was an ad-lib by Mr. Bakula) is the voice of the audience - 'Where did the flower go? From Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions is the villainous Butterfield, a man who is very adept in the art of murder. The sex was pulled back, the violence was not. We had this huge stage set with dancers and 10 swords hanging above him-and he's going to get skewered by eight of them. ", In the 1996 documentary, Jannsen commented on the challenge of acting against computer animated effects and other things that would only be added in post-production. He warns him that the Puritan is coming, then dies. It's very much life-and-death illusion - you sawed the woman in half, but she's still alive. ", In an interview with LA Weekly (August 31-September 6, 2001), Barker said, "In Lord of Illusions, I got to do all kinds of shit that I wanted to do. I wish I did, because he has the best imagination of anybody. D'Amour asks Dorothea if she has ever heard the name Nix before, which she denies. Butterfield Swann agrees to remain with Nix, but then admits he still cares for Dorthea. And there we were, staging this magic act which goes horribly, disastrously and bloodily wrong! After addressing the cultists, he sees Dorothea and recognizes her as the little girl that had shot him. He asks Swann to join him again, reminding the man he no longer has friends or a lover, and embraces him. : | Defending himself, he inadvertently kills Miller, but Butterfield escapes again. I know it's a trick, I know it's not real magic, but where did the flower go?' So that meant planning the whole thing from the boards and keeping to the boards more or less, which is pretty much what we did. Dorothea asks what Nix is, and the Puritan remorsefully says he is a man who had wanted to be a god and changed his mind. He and Harry are driving and Valentin says, 'Illusions are trickery,' and produces a flower out of his hand. And I kept insisting, 'I want to know more, be more specific, you know, what does it feel like? Soon after, Dorothea and D'Amour escape the house and walk off into the desert together. Serving Nix and his cult.Practicing the ways of the dark arts.Killing people.Torturing people. What does it look like? Harry suspects that it was Swann's doing, so he opens his coffin, and sees that the body inside is a fake one. Valentin, Swann's assistant, explains that he helped Swann fake his death so Butterfield and Nix's other disciples wouldn't harm him or Dorothea. That, to me, is scary and interesting. The story was a mix of detective noir and horror and Barker wrote another D'Amour short story called "Lost Souls" soon afterward in a 1987 anthology called Cutting Edge. D'Amour accepts Valentin and Dorothea's decision to allow everyone believe that Swann is truly dead. In the Mojave Desert in 1982, a man named Wililam Nix, also calling himself "The Puritan," has gathered a cult of disciples in an old, isolated house. Nix wields real magic and plans to sacrifice the girl, telling his followers he will save the world and grant them wisdom. Harry decides to stay and look into what actually happened to Swann. Suspecting a ruse, D'Amour opens Swann's coffin and finds that the body is fake. A young follower named Butterfield comes to Nix and informs him that a man named Swann is there. Lord of Illusions is a 1995 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, based on his own short story "The Last Illusion" published in 1985 in the anthology Books of Blood Volume 6. This isn't going to be about Venetian blinds and ashtrays with a cigarette left burning with lipstick on it. Whatever you can give me because I'm not in your head, I can't imagine these things.' Young Butterfield, a member of the Cult of Nix and Nix's most faithful disciple. Well, the answer is, you know, I got 50 things right and 30 things wrong and that's a pretty good batting average for me! I don't necessarily expect the audience to pick up on that, but it was a way for us to make some choices out of the millions of directions which we could probably have gone.". In HD. Origin I did not realise how much people would be freaked out by the cultist stuff and the notion of cults. They felt people talked too much. You don't have a clue what you're into, did you? : : D'Amour agrees to work for her and she invites him to Swann's show in Los Angeles. Swann is attacked magically by Nix but the kidnapped girl shoots Nix through the heart with Swann's gun. D'Amour agrees to allow the ruse to continue. Lord of Illusions is D'Amour's first onscreen appearance, with the character portrayed by actor Scott Bakula. Lord of Illusions. Deep shit? In jealousy, Nix attacks with magic, apparently killing Swann. Although unnerved, Harry's interest in the murder ends He first appeared in a story I wrote almost a decade ago now, 'The Last Illusion.' Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Type of Villain D'Amour enlists Billy Inferno's help to get into The Repository, where they finds old books hidden inside a wall. I don't think we even yet know quite what happened there. As Butterfield walks off, the bald man starts tearing through the door. Butterfield His destiny, it seems, is to be in constant struggle with what might be loosely called 'the forces of darkness', though he claims he'd be quite content investigating insurance fraud. Nix has the ability to use real magic and not just mere illusions. ", Although he regarded the film's production as difficult and was not satisfied with the theatrical cut, Barker later said he appreciated what he was able to accomplish and learn during the filming process and how to use imagery and symbolism in the storytelling.

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