If everyone wore a pistol on their hip, others would be less likely to mess with you. A shorter list would be the things that republicans are in favor of: Lowering taxes for the 1% and raising them on everybody else. See more of Louie Pheeters on Facebook. Enjoyed a long career in radio, almost invariably in western programs ("Gunsmoke" from 1952-1961, "Fort Laramie", "Wild Bill Hickock", "The Roy Rogers Show"). Create New Account. In James Nusser's last appearance as Louie in The Thieves it is explained that he has stopped drinking and while at a moment of weakness he takes a drink at the end Louie restates that he has quit as he is sweeping up at the Long Branch indicating that is saying a lot HERE of all places. He travels by train and bus. Also, there must be a species barrier in effect that prevents my dog from catching what I’ve got. Drug laws force casual, non-violent, and otherwise upstanding users to associate with seedy, black-market characters in order to cop some recreational drugs. Sections of this page. Had a drinking problem in real life, as well. Bang Ding Ow. The town drunk who saw a man drowned, believes it was dream, until he meets up with the guy who did the drowning. There should have been a "Goodbye Chester" show where he finally gets lucky with love and moves back to Missouri or on to 'Californy' or something. It’s quite different than standing.”. Here’s mud in your eye, Louie. I like that, but the problem is there are not enough prisons to hold them all. He was known mostly for his many performances in Gunmoke and also being in the John Wayne movie "Cahill U.S. Wall Street & Bank reform i wonder about that' but i Loved him as a Grand Dad' He would get money on his watch for drinking money' and then WORK to pay her back' Thats Great' i would have Loved to have Met him  in PERSON'   or better yet' why was i not on the Show' Just was not the Plan of God!!!!!!! Flasher and former 9th district congressman, Anthony Weiner, is running for NYC Mayor. He looked and sounded just like Louie except that he’d shaved, combed his hair and donned a robe. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. I didn’t get a flu shot last year and I didn’t get sick. See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. So, when Michael Richardson from Kansas commented on my post called “Louie Pheeters – Gunsmoke’s Town Drunk” saying that he knows Roger and is in contact with him, I wrote Michael to find out more. We saw a good speech full of lofty goals, but Obama’s time for making a positive difference is getting short. Yes, they can be used for target shooting and defense, but why? He has never been married, but almost got married once. The many benefits of legalizing drugs is fodder for another blog post, but legalization would go a long way toward lowering gun-related crimes. Please Login or Register. thanks in advance. Stubble-faced character actor, best remembered as town drunk Louie Pheeters in Gunsmoke (1955). Black woman Marissa Alexander gets 20 years for firing a warning shot toward her abusive ex-husband. Thought he was excellent in the role. Only a junior senator with the backing of the Dark One could cause the federal government to shut down, costing America at least $24-billion in the process and, at the same time threaten the entire world with American insolvency. I doubt they could do anything for me anyway. They were all True Blue Friends''''''''''''' Money can't BUY that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This disaster is brought to you by the same people who insist that their proposed XL pipeline through the heartland of America can safely transport the dirtiest of all crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico without leaking a drop. Try not to laugh too hard while reading the names out loud: Clean Energy Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. They can’t say that they are used for hunting because there is no sport in slaughtering a defenseless animal with such a meat grinder. That was my understanding also. The Elderly Log In. The 2014 mid-term election will determine whether America will acheive positive, progressive changes or descend further into a negative, conservative quagmire during Obama’s final two years and beyond. Marshal (1973) which was his last. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Obviously they have no shame. He wanted to move on to other things and guest starred on other shows and even did pilots for his own series to star in. Then, Speaker of the House John Boehner gave an unusually fervent introduction of the President. News Note: Since Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana eight months ago, the world hasn’t come to an end. I do wonder sometimes if I’m laying the foundation for re-infection after I recover. Illegal guns are as available as, for example, marijuana. He appeared in a few films too including: It Should Happen to You (1954,debut), Hell Canyon Outlaws (1957), Hail,Hero! If I had to guess, I'd say 75 to 100 episodes - but that's just a guess. Sadly, he never received an Emmy or a nomination for his work on Gunsmoke, but he should have. But, knowing how you humans ruin everything you touch and that you can even fuck up a wet dream, I worry that ya’ll will screw this up too. So, must we all just learn to live with the proliferation of guns and accept the unfortunate casualties that happen when some people have the urge to kill indiscriminately? For what it's worth, James Nusser was in a lot of Gunsmoke radio episodes too. Only cheap, regulated and readily-available pot, used responsibly, will do that.

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