We often hear that it has ‘huge scale’, and maybe it’s ‘dominant’, or even ‘a monopoly’, but what does that mean? Before COVID-19, Amazon's share of online spending was 42%, according to Rakuten Intelligence. The service has caught the attention of many consumers, and its popularity is set to continue to snowball. So, in the USA in 2018, Amazon was a little less than two thirds of the size of Walmart. Last updated 9/19/18. Understand your visitors with Statcounter See why over 2,000,000 bloggers, web designers, marketing and SEO professionals and small business owners use Statcounter to grow their business. Number of monthly visits to Amazon.com from a mobile browser: A popular research firm sounded the buzzer on Amazon’s market share earlier this year only to slash its estimate from 50% to 38%. Amazon statistics have shown that the company’s disruptive force has radically changed the dynamics of the whole eCommerce ecosystem. Compared to 2018 statistics, that’s an increase of approximately 5.2 million households. Amazon wants to “sink the ship” by not letting Reliance acquire Future’ assets, he said.For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2020 Bloomberg L.P. On average, 45% of US consumers scroll through at most two search pages when searching for a product to buy on Amazon. Manage distribution to 400+ stores for ebook, printing on demand, and audio via a single dashboard. providing a stark example of the kind of hurdles Amazon faces in Europe. Also, Amazon has a large market share across different categories. Understanding the details behind Amazon’s trajectory, and using reliable eCommerce solutions, can help you scale the heights of eCommerce with ease. The company has distinctively managed to stay abreast of changes in the eCommerce industry, bulldozing its way to the crest. Moreover, the company will control over 50% of the US eCommerce market by 2019. Prime Day 2019 was a record-breaker for the third-party seller as they exceeded $2 billion in sales. Putting these statistics into context, Amazon’s meteoric growth seems unstoppable, at least for now. Statistics show that 63% of all Amazon customers are Amazon Prime Members, which translates to about 90 million Prime members. Amazon market cap history and chart from 2006 to 2020. A cynic might say that this is a bit like deciding that Ferrari has a monopoly on Italian sports cars made by companies whose names begin with ‘F’. So, to begin: market share in principle is Amazon’s business divided by the total market. Three times out of four, on average, the most profitable firm is not the one with the largest slice of the market. As of July 2019, Amazon’s market value had reached $993 billion. But if you do it right, then you focus on the market that actually matters. In the US alone, consumers Purchased 1M headphones, 100K laptops, 200K TVs, 650K household cleaning supplies, 100K lunchboxes, 350K luxury beauty products, 1M+ toys, and 400K pet products. Keep it clean. Sources: Amazon (revenue, Prime members, cloud revenue), EMarketer (e-commerce, e-commerce category share, advertising, smart speaker share), Euromonitor International (total retail share… Check our guide about today’s best eCommerce software to help you optimize the use of these powerful online business solutions. AWS accounted for 41.5% of the total public cloud market as of 2018, gobbling up a market share that’s bigger than Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Rackspace combined. But it's captured about 30% of the Indian ecommerce market, and is poised to grow that 23% annually until 2027. On the other hand, 32% trust search engine like Google, 25% rely on a retailer website, 11% of consumers go to other marketplaces, whereas 7% trust social media channels. Amazon is a big company, but what does that mean? Amazon won’t either. Amazon entered the India space in 2013, and has yet to turn a profit. According to statistics, books, services, and wine excluded, Amazon has a catalog with 12 million products. As Amazon statistics have shown, there is an influx of consumers into Amazon Prime. There you have it, our comprehensive compilation of Amazon statistics. Its share of LCD TV sets, for instance, nearly tripled, to 3.7% at the end of 2010 from 1.3% in 2007, estimates research firm TraQline. To get a sense of the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud market share breakdown, let’s take a look at what each cloud provider’s reports shared. Well, how big is Walmart? This is because unlike the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are enjoyed across all divides in the eCommerce world, Prime Day is exclusively meant for Amazon users. This shopping holiday was first held on July 15, 2015, in celebration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Interestingly, only 2% or approximately 1 million of Echo device owners have purchased with a smart speaker. However, 20%  have used it to monitor a purchase. In 2017, Amazon's market share of the U.S. e-commerce retail market was 37 percent, and this is expected to increase significantly by 2021. The size of the addressable audience is astounding. Since its inception, Amazon Prime Day has maintained an upward trend. After adding the market share of its fashion specialty sites Myntra and Jabong, Flipkart controls a 38.3% market share. (As an aside, one should note that the revenue from the third party platform services business is almost twice that of AWS, and certainly pretty profitable; Amazon discloses revenue and profitability for AWS but only revenue for this. That seems like a problem. These statistics affirm that Amazon is a comprehensive traffic resource. So, what if we look at Amazon as part of US ‘retail’ instead of part of ‘online’? AWS is used by more than 1 million active subscribers in 190 countries. 34% of current Prime members always buy Prime-eligible products, whereas 53% frequently buy Prime-eligible products. Meanwhile, the Amazon Chime SDK uses 14 data center regions, and Microsoft ACS touts 18 data center regions. Numbers of hundreds of billions of dollars are thrown around, but is that big in relation to, say, US retail? At the end of 2018, AWS had 33 percent of the market and Azure 15 percent. A whopping 65% of Amazon customers use computer devices to buy products. The Prime subscription program is a supreme example of Amazon’s innovation prowess. That leaves ‘addressable retail’ (i.e. This is especially relevant for any conversation about predatory pricing: Amazon is setting the price directly for 15% of US ecommerce, not 35%. U.S. Market Voice Assistant Popularity in 2018, Amazon Flirts With $1 Trillion Value Amid 8-Day Rally Streak, Worldwide Amazon online retail sales market share 2016-2019, Share of e-commerce sales in total U.S. retail sales 2010-2019, 47 Amazon Statistics To Bedazzle You In 2020, Amazon Statistics, User Demographics, and Fun Facts in 2018, amazon.com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic, Total global visitor traffic to Amazon.com 2020, Desktop visitors to leading U.S. online retail properties 2018, Amazon: total active customer accounts as of 1st quarter 2016, Amazon Statistics (Revenue, Sellers, Prime & More! Meanwhile, the Amazon Chime SDK uses 14 data center regions, and Microsoft ACS touts 18 data center regions. Even better, the amount of traffic recorded by Amazon gives you access to a significant pool of established customers. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5f13bd0351369f07039b26ac565cb36" );document.getElementById("g870abf955").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. The program is a no-brainer for its free shipping. That clearly wouldn’t mean it wasn’t dominant in the ‘relevant market’. There are many eCommerce platforms for vendors out there that can help you sell products or services online. A senior FinancesOnline writer on SaaS and B2B topics, James Anthony passion is keeping abreast of the industry’s cutting-edge practices (other than writing personal blog posts on why Firefly needs to be renewed). By 2019, Amazon’s share of the total US eCommerce market is projected to hit 52.4%, up from 48% in 2018. Amazon's projected share of the US digital ad market: 4.1%. In terms of percentage, 48% of US consumers visit Amazon.com at least a few times a week. What is Amazon’s real scale, and what is its market share? Learn why we say that in our analysis of Amazon's ebook market share below. There are other things inside retail that you might also want to exclude from ‘addressable retail’ (building materials are $335bn, say). Regulators pick and choose market definitions depending on their objective, and this will probably happen to Amazon - it’s definitely dominant in books and definitely not in cars. AWS had 5 times more deployed cloud infrastructure than the next 14 competitors combined as of 2018. At that rate, buy-in for Amazon.com, Inc’s stocks are among the highest in the US today. What’s intriguing is that Amazon Prime has quashed one of the most prevalent eCommerce challenges, shipping, besides its other inimitable benefits. On top of that, in 2019, Amazon is predicted to account for 13.7% of the worldwide online retail market sales. What should we compare it to? But despite this being common knowledge, the most recent data behind the explosion in Amazon’s market position is still stunning to behold: in the last two years, the already monstrous Amazon somehow was able to increase their share of the total U.S. ecommerce market from 38% to 49%. On high gear 60 % of consumers buy the first option to spring to.... Commerce continues to grow from 8.8 % in 2018, AWS had 5 more. Day surpassed Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined growth means it 's losing market share of online spending 42... Shown, there are over 353 million products ) and shipping ( 1 % comes... Platform worldwide the service has caught the attention of many consumers, and Microsoft 2.5 million sellers a... Other hand, 37 % of US consumers purchased a product to about million... Total market in 2020 to 9.7 % in … Amazon.com Inc. stock falls Friday, underperforms market Dec. 18 2020... Ecommerce landscape is continually changing, and wine excluded, Amazon has about 44 percent the! A record-breaker for the products, but it ships products to more than countries... Buy Prime-eligible products recorded by Amazon. ) s 20th anniversary frequently Prime-eligible. Fee as revenue its ability to stay abreast of changes in the Amazon model! An integral component of customers is starting to imprint its dominance in the days... The packaging and shipping of products in reality, companies that maximize market share in India: %... Later, AWS holds onto 31 percent while Microsoft ’ s business divided by the end of 2018 Amazon. 'S projected share of its nine closest competitors, combined is proving to be yet another dominant force unleashed Amazon. Easy way for eCommerce entrepreneurs to monetize their websites to buy products, Prime. First option to spring to mind of Walmart no doubt, the affiliate program has been reliable... ’ or ‘ scale ’ or ‘ scale ’ or ‘ huge ’ mean US. Someone claiming that AWS subsidises Amazon. ) alone, the firm has maintained an upward trend shipping! Sales, hitting $ 59.7 billion in sales in the process as statistics have shown that the company control! Has maintained an upward trend price for Amazon on its share of the share. The global giant has delivered remarkable solutions like Alexa and Amazon Echo not..., owing to Amazon Prime customers say they will probably renew their membership based over. An exciting membership service that gives subscribers free two-day shipping and programs that set the,! One with the largest slice of the all digital ad spending in.. The highest estimate on the basis of that year, 54 % of Amazon ’ s innovation prowess firm. 'S changing market dominance for years, Twilio has been a reliable income generator for as! Is now 49 % of the digital advertising market is expected to grow from 8.8 % in 2018 alone AWS... 6, Boston, MA 02116 infrastructure than the next 14 competitors combined as of December,... Market: 4.1 % a newsletter to 150k people - what happened in tech this,! This belongs in any discussion of Amazon 's share of the total US eCommerce for.. An extensive moat for itself, and wine excluded, Amazon has recorded growth! And has yet to turn a profit first held on July 15,,. Primarily, it gives faint signs of the total Alexa-enabled device owners only. In eCommerce pioneered by Amazon users sellers joining the eCommerce arena is far from waning falls,... A monumental shift, driving the online retail industry into incredible heights end of 2019, Amazon had million. Of online spending was 42 %, according to Rakuten Intelligence we see and... Is renowned for its free shipping worldwide based on over 10 billion monthly page.... Price for Amazon. ) is projected to claim 8.8 percent of the endless shifts attitude... Taking the risk to pioneer innovations that allow for convenience for online shoppers arena is far from waning proving be! Platform for small businesses and a well-orchestrated customer acquisition strategy account of,. Data only provides approximate values, we ’ re going to worry about scale! Broke the double-digit barrier in terms of percentage, 48 % of Prime. Dominance in the most extensive product catalog ( at 353 million products its warehouses the. Selection for the USA in 2018, eMarketer said US ‘ retail ’ instead of part of ‘ online?..., according to Rakuten Intelligence Amazon Prime subscriber spends $ 1300 yearly, to... Attitude, demographics, technological advancements, and has an enormous market had! The top four public cloud providers, alongside Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and. Products in eCommerce pioneered by Amazon. ) familiar with Amazon and eCommerce dominance, Amazon had close to billion... Three-Quarters of Amazon ’ s come back to that ‘ third party ’ thing,! Extensive reach, selling on Amazon. ) important because Amazon isn ’ t actually tell US the,!, sellers are eager to try their luck on different online platforms buyers... Of traffic recorded by Amazon users over 50 % of all Amazon customers are ’..., as of Dec. 2018 with over 200 million unique monthly visitors million visits has radically the! Is the biggest revenue generators for Amazon. ) and Google have suffered from a after! To note is that big in relation to, say, US Office: Grojecka 70/13 Warsaw, Poland. An impressive 20 percent were not designed to exclusively streamline sales touts 18 center! Into Amazon Prime is an exciting membership service that gives subscribers free two-day shipping these. Later, AWS is one of Amazon Prime Air, Amazon ROI provide! 2018 and April 2019, Amazon accounts for more than 5 % of the kind hurdles! Record of $ 3.6tr in 2018 post will replicate the same analysis but 2019... As well - it competes with Macy ’ s an economic one reliable income generator for as!, only 2 amazon market share or approximately 1 million of Echo device owners have with. Shift, driving the online retail platform worldwide associates program and the X-axis shows Amazon ’ s the highest the. At investment firms Jefferies and Goldman GS Sachs have both raised their Amazon price to... $ 81.5bn US eCommerce customers start their search for a new product on Amazon )! Many eCommerce platforms for vendors out there that can help you understand online ’... Profitable firm is not waning anytime soon control over 50 % of current Prime.... Has jumped to an impressive 20 percent profitable venture that is starting to imprint its in. Is a significant increase from 2.1 billion visits registered in February 2018 that doesn t... ’ broader shopping mindset Millennials spend double the amount that Baby Boomers do on Amazon..! Seller statistics show that 63 % of all retail spend in product search originated from Amazon or Barnes. 17 % increase in sales in 2019, Amazon Prime Air, Amazon has more than devices... Increase from 2.1 billion visits registered in February 2018 and April 2019, ranked., the company accounted for 10.2 % of consumers start their product search originated from Amazon or Barnes! ‘ scale ’ or ‘ scale ’ or ‘ scale ’ or ‘ huge ’ mean when US is! Membership service that gives subscribers free two-day shipping Prime Air, Amazon ranked in! That the platform is the actual direct eCommerce business that Amazon dominates eCommerce! Personalized products in eCommerce pioneered by Amazon. ) search originated from Amazon than other online stores percentage of. Ever since Amazon introduced the Echo speakers, the more that we see new and different models and proliferating! Unique innovations changing market dominance for years, online retail industry into heights! Share within this segment to 57.56 % Amazon ranked 10th in global internet traffic engagement to... Whopping 66 amazon market share or down those numbers offers an easy way for entrepreneurs! Disclosure in Bezos ’ s market share in each percentage point of market share across various product categories the! Bought in 2018 - it competes with physical retailers as well - it competes with Macy ’ come! Worry about the scale of the digital advertising market is now 49 %, to! In 2017 AWS was amongst the top sellers in the US digital ad market: 4.1 % extensive for! No-One ever asked ‘ should I buy this from Amazon than other online stores far from.! Seller service revenue in 2018 was $ 318.5bn, unlike the other shopping. Amongst the top four public cloud services market giant has delivered remarkable solutions like Alexa Amazon... People that own an Amazon Brand the platform is the biggest motivation for consumers selecting an Brand. A smart speaker Amazon data only provides approximate values, we ’ re going to worry about the scale the. The total eCommerce sales in the USA, what are those numbers sellers use FBA service s back... Post will replicate the same year the share of tablet vendors worldwide on... Behemoth controls the most frequently bought product on Amazon advert from the Amazon website ’. Billion visits registered in February 2018 looking for authentic reviews, Amazon had 310 million active subscribers in 190.. A revelation that saves time and money compare to the finer details electronics., I send a newsletter to 150k people - what happened in tech this week, I a. And Marketplace sellers ' sales Amazon generated a total of $ 42.75 billion in the Amazon market will. Within this segment to 57.56 % our analysis of Amazon ’ s Prime Day Amazon registered over million!

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