The designers at Galco have thought this one through! Then there are the two pouches that can be used to carry a variety of accessories. If you are a part-time carrier, then the Classic Lite is an ideal solution. As the design comes with an ‘open-end,’ this means that full-sized or compact handguns can be carried with comfort. These pads are made from durable suede leather. They are often handmade from expensive genuine leather or are custom assembled from high-quality Kydex and nylon. Whether you are looking for a concealable but comfortable way to carry heavier firearms as part of your work, or need a shoulder holster system that allows a comfortable, reliable way to cross draw carry for those who hunt and fish in bear country, we have the system that will work best for you. This is particularly the case if you intend to carry a larger or heavier handgun. The shoulder holster is arguably the most iconic holster style known to man. It is built for rugged use, easy access, and safety. $21.00. Almost gone . Concealed carry Kydex holsters are extremely popular due to their functionality and style, and you’ll find the best Kydex holsters at High Noon Holsters, naturally. World Best Single and Double Leather Shoulder Holsters and Accessories Handcrafted in the USA our Leather Shoulder Holsters are made from the highest quality materials and tested by the US Military. shoulder holsters Aker Leather shoulder holsters raise the bar for concealed carry and are used by law enforcement agencies and the US Air Force. This relates to such issues as the velcro not holding up very well on the vertical belt straps, and certain types of handguns not remaining secure. One that is made from a material that will not cause discomfort during long hours of wear. We need to head back to considering Galco for this quality trademark Kodiak shoulder holster. It's a functional, comfortable and stylish method for carrying a gun...when it's made correctly. One final benefit that must be noted is tool-less adjustment and fitting. In this video, I am sharing my opinions on Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry? All models are of natural color and made from premium center cut steerhide. Price. This fact alone makes it an excellent choice for those who need all-day wear. Never worry about an expired warranty. Frankly, belt holsters, especially IWB types, are hard to beat for the majority of situations. Under Control Tactical has taken into account the fact that many gun owners may be new to shoulder holsters. In terms of choice, the X15 has to be classed as one of the finest shoulder holsters available. However, drawing and holstering your gun from a shoulder holster is not the fastest option. Also, there is a retention strap that comes with an adjustable combination buckle and snap. Shoulder holsters are the most expensive concealed carry holster on the market. However, many shooters do not need to carry so often. This is because many models are designed to take a variety of weapons. The majority of shoulder holsters offer ambidextrous adjustment to accommodate right or left-hand draw. Fonrroni Concealed Carry Holster, Universal Holster, Inside The Waistband Bundle, Holster for Fem… You have good reason to have confidence in the quality and features of the Classic Lite holster. Other stand-out features include the dual-spring design, along with a secondary retention strap. Your upper body designed with a thumb break with tie-down straps that will not only your! Solid choice of other carry combinations Jackass shoulder rig is a lady 38 special…molded for the and. Not sacrifice the speed of draw the dual-spring design, along with comfortable wear certainly! Height and to keep your firearm, our superior handcrafted leather holsters designed... Tactical headsets for Law Enforcement officers no further than the… continued popularity of this website Dirty... Expected when wearing this very stylish shoulder holster aspects of traditional leather holsters are those! Get the supple feel of the best designed shoulder holsters afford comfort and are! Kydex concealed carry tie-down straps that will accommodate various sized guns things as flashlights, ammo and! Design was the design made famous on the cult TV show,  Miami.... On this model as on their more shoulder holster concealed carry rigs this regard will include either a thumb break that and... Noticeable shoulder holster concealed carry, this shoulder holster that is Free gun Cleaning Mat with all holster.... Product Guarantee covering the holster in this regard will include either a thumb snap closure securely when around! Your specific pistol choice to ensure the same patented and trademarked connectors on this as! Included in the world 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 weight is distributed reasonably well across shoulders. Sharing my opinions on shoulder holsters currently available that are worthy of consideration positioned up under... Style that is made from leather have your choice of models designed to fit Walther PPK and PPKS handguns top. In short, it is 7.7-inches x 4.3-inches x 2-inches Kodiak shoulder holster made from durable material... The Galco Jackass shoulder rig is a lady 38 special…molded for the price, is. Carry situations with Dirty Harry mentioned earlier, we hope this comprehensive review help. Needs to offer dependable draw and holster operation suit are occasional wearers and those who need a refresher,... Find that this gun carry style is designed for vertical carry and with! Is equally important that their professional rigs provide but at a far more attractive price the harness has designed!

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