Everyone has questions about menstrual cups and we’re sure you will, too! This cup (body) is slightly shorter than the EvaCup and has a rounded base. Curiously, when you checked the location of your cervix, was it right before or at the start of your period? Ladygo cups come in standard and active; Stonesoup Wings Regular Menstrual Cup: Stonesoup Wings is a reusable menstrual cup, made of medical-grade silicone that is used for period care. ———-, UltuCup Large – This cup has a slightly longer body than several of the large sized cups out there, but it has a short stem. I would normally suggest getting familiar with the length of the strings and checking them periodically, but as you already have a hard time locating them, this is useless. I feel like a may need to change it especially one for my heavy days but i am not sure which one will be the right for me. I’m 35, no kids with what I think is a pretty light flow (even on my heaviest days I can leave a regular sized tampon for 8-10 hours and need nothing overnight). Filtering or sorting examples: Topics such as various sitting or standing positions that may give you easier access. Even though we have the largest FAQ section online, you still may have a question that is specific to your situation, or maybe we didn’t go into the details that you were searching for. Browse other questions that have been asked or submit a new one. Hi Lena! Read more...You will also find some important information about the cup such as the material that it is made of, measurements, sizes, and some notes about that particular cup. It has a pretty good total length and a very nice capacity. SoftCup, Ziggy Cup, and Lumma Unique are the others on the market. Just follow 8 simple questions and see all menstrual cups that best match your needs. This cup is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is the same material that MeLuna uses for their cups. Total Length – 67mm The firmness of the ring is in the middle of the two others. w/o the Stem – 62mm They usually take on an oval shape after use and may not return to a perfect ring. Menstrual cups with Lower Capacity » Since you have experience with using tampons, I feel that you might be fine with inserting a larger cup (for capacity), as a folded cup will be about the same size as a tampon during insertion (maybe except for the “C” fold). We are constantly working to improve the database as we obtain and add cups. For someone with a medium/low cervix, a bell-shaped cup might be a bit more comfortable because the base of the cup is rounded and doesn’t taper to a point like “V”-shaped cups do. Did you see the new Venus Cup? Even some shorter cups that are comfortable for a low cervix, have variations that allow for a higher capacity. Okay, so those were my suggestions. (28-37 ml ) But I wonder if I should also pay attention to the size or length of the cup and buy smth smaller/shorter (I was anyways using small sizes). However, these ‘rules’ aren’t always very accurate. – I have a copper IUD and a high cervix (have trouble finding my strings) Several small-sized cups may be short enough to be comfortable, including “V”-shaped ones but might not have the capacity you seek. Sometimes so high that it’s either hard to reach or completely out of reach. A couple of cups to check out are the small EvaCup (USA) and the small Venus Cup. Capacity to the Rim – 26ml. Diameter – 46mm Too soft! Bell-shaped cups will ride up and sit higher and more comfortably. The info that came with the cup said to leave at least 1/4″ of stem as well, though, I don’t actually use the stem to remove it; I find it easier to squeeze the bottom and pull. Our menstrual cups are made from soft medical grade silicone, are leak-resistant & can be worn up to 12 hours. There are very few brands in which the small and large are the same length – like the Diva Cup. I have also experience lately a bubbly sensation with the cup when im in the bathroom or when i move a alot and also sometimes is hard for me to pee or i feel like i have not finish. Diameter – 43mm The size small might be something to look into . Tieut Cup (large) If you feel like you have bladder sensitivities, you might prefer the Casco Cup, Hesta Cup, or Freedom Cup instead. Where To Buy Menstrual Cups? – I’m 27, never had kids, never used a cup Depending on your flow, you might choose one of them based on the capacity that they hold. When removing the cup, make sure to break slight seal/suction that the cup creates before tugging down on it. We think about new menstrual culture with menstruation education and alternative menstrual products. If you rather switch to a different brand, I would check out the cup comparison chart here on MCR. I don’t think it’s sliding, that’s just where it sits. The Fezy Menstrual cup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup for multiple times as high as more than 10 years. w/o Stem – 51mm My doc had suggested me to stop using cups, because of possibly some erosion caused by the cup to the walls of my vagina. However, don’t cross a cup off of the list if it’s a couple mm shorter or longer. Congrats on deciding to make the switch!…or at least trying it . As for the Menstrual Discs, I’m partial to the Ziggy and Unique only because they are reusable and I don’t want to have to keep buying Soft/Flex Cups. The MoonCup is a fairly narrow cup compared to other cups on the market. The Diva Cup does have an extra inner seal between the stem and the base. Anyhow, if you’re comfortable with the Yuuki Cup size and shape, you might just want to stick with the brand and get one of the softer versions. Menstrual Cup Quiz. The cups above are made of medical grade silicone. Here’s a few cups that might interest you (in no particular order): Super Jennie – small: This is the shortest cup in this group. It still might be fine since it will sit differently and the pressure might be applied to an area that is not as sensitive. I am about to buy my first cup- woohooo! If you have a very high cervix, this one might be the easiest to reach. Locating and measuring your cervix is one of the easiest ways to eliminate many cups that might not be comfortable or easy to work with your body. Was it easy to reach or did you need to push in a bit to retrieve it? Each matching cup will have a matching score. Suitable for women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles. Thanks so much for the response! I’m also happy to hear that you find this site helpful…although, it’s not mine . If it’s feasible, I would suggest picking up their two pack – small & large just in case this happens. I did some research in the past months and I learned that it probably leaks for two reasons. – insanely heavy (and painful) periods. I’m 25 and have never had kids. Diameter 48mm I’m so happy to hear that you’re about to buy your first cup! The one that I do like is the Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc. The firmness of the rim is just about the same as the EvaCup large, but the diameter is more narrow which should ease the pressure that you’re experiencing. (27 ml or less ) Merula Original or XL If you did need to push in a bit more, then the large might be fine. Enter our menstrual cup comparison tool ». The rim is on the meatier side which may help this cup to open easy even though the body is softer. Were you able to reach it easily when it was in position correctly or did it feel too long? Cancel my previous suggestions as I thought you might be from New Zealand from one of the cups that you named. w/o Stem – 47mm A lot of fellow bleeders feel it’s deceiving when choosing a size. Enter our menstrual cup comparison tool », For many other filtering and sorting options Read more...In that case, the Menstrual Cup Review Forums might be the place for you. These large cups are a little longer and wider than many on the market, and they have a decent stem length as well. He’s also detected the collection bag on this one. This way, they won’t get in the way when placing the cup. Can I trim the stem? I am a 23 year old and I have never given birth. Capacity to the Rim – 40ml Menstrual cups with Higher Capacity » Diameter – 47mm Both might be comfortable for you to wear. I have not had consistent luck with all of them except for one which I only use before bed. I can understand your frustration . I’m Canada actually, I’ve been seeing a number of reviews for the saalt cup recently, specifically comparing it to the diva cup. To easily use the menstrual cup, quickly and effortlessly, it will probably take you one to [...], There is no contraindication to wearing a menstrual cup when you are a virgin. w/o Stem – 56mm Cups come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes and while one might fit someone perfectly, it might feel uncomfortably long or be hard to reach for the next. It was designed by women as a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. First of all, with menstrual cups becoming more and more popular, an influx of them are being manufactured. The Diva Cups are all the same size – 56 mm without the stem. They may allow you to use the cup for the full 12 hours since your periods are on the lighter side. These shapes normally have a little more capacity than “V”-shaped cups. Since you have a light flow the capacity might be fine with the small Saalt, but I worry that it will ride up and sit higher around your cervix. I choose cups that were on the narrow side. The “Rainbow” version is a tad softer than the “Soft” version, but not by much. and holds a really good capacity – medium 36ml & large 40ml. You can also bear down to reach a slightly shorter cup or trim the stem on a longer one. A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene device which is inserted into the vagina during menstruation.Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining) and prevent its leaking onto clothes.Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone, latex, or a thermoplastic isomer.They are shaped like a bell with a stem. These sanitary cups has been designed to be a easy to clean and a comfortable to wear menstrual cup. Some of them are on the softer side. Each matching cup will have a matching score. Venus Cup (small), There are some other factors that you can think about to help narrow down your selection even more. However, not all are of the same quality. MINI: Since the EvaCup felt a little too long, I searched for a cup with a shorter body and that is slightly softer. Capacity to the Rim – 43ml, The large LUB isn’t as long, but is still longer than several of the average large cups out there. How to use to use a menstrual cup. All of these cups are shorter than the EvaCup large. Capacity to the Rim – 29ml, LARGE: and if so, which do you recommend? Before I suggest a couple of cups that might be more comfortable and have the capacity that you’re hoping for, can you tell me if the large Lena sat comfortably as in length? Freedom Cup, Green Cup of Maine, LinCup, Life Cup, Hesta Cup, Hello Halo, EverCup, Mahina Cup, Wa Cup, are some of the names it can be found under. Menstrual cups for Medium/High Cervix » Too firm! Red Herring Then, about two years ago, it suddenly started putting pressure on my bladder and making peeing slow. So those are the cups that I think might work for you. Total Length – 67mm I swap out to a ‘regular’ menstrual cup in the morning. Lena Cup Sensitive – large: This is a bell-shaped cup with a flared rim. Capacity to the Rim – 27ml, MyCup (NZ) – Even the larger size is a bit shorter than the Diva, but the diameter is quite a bit wider. The Fezy Menstrual Cup is the feminine protection of the 21st century. Total Length – 73mm I would be really interested in a cup that could be used during sex, but would also be ok buying a cup and some Flex cups as well (my sister uses and swears by them). Good thing is, it’s cheaper than the smallest size that they offer Anyhow, this cup is a bit on the firmer side and should open fairly easier without a lot of coaxing unless you have very toned or hypertonic pelvic floors muscles. Until then, Good Luck & Happy Browsing!

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