Party Election Broadcast: Leavers Don’t Waste Your Vote. A newsletter telling you how to ‘take back control of your money’, UK wants to stop migrant boats by using nets, but Farage labels it an idiotic plan, Finding the other side to Nigel Farage’s asylum seeker hotel ‘scoop’. Nigel Farage watches on in Washington as his ally Donald Trump delivers a State of the Union address and the Brexit Party leader claims the Democrats look 'disconsolate', Triumphant Nigel Farage says the EU is now 'more frightened of us than we are of them' after Brexit and blasts Remainers REFUSING to use historic 50p coins. Nigel Farage is joined by former Labour official Tom Bewick to talk about why only The Brexit Party can challenge Labour in their former heartlands. Rishi Sunak plays down prospect of Britain copying Trump's flight restriction on European visitors due to coronavirusn co, Inside David Cameron's doomed bunker where the war for Remain was lost as former aide reveals the plots, betrayals and broken friendships that came with the vote to leave the EU, Nigel Farage boasts of 'great meeting' with Donald Trump in the White House saying Transatlantic ties will deepen post-Brexit, Brexit: The Movie producer is jailed for nearly four years after faking documents to con Dragons' Den entrepreneur James Caan's company out of £519,000 loan, 'Looks like we are still winning to me!' Parliament vice-president Mairead McGuinness switched off Mr Farage's microphone as he was finishing his address as she told the party's MEPs to 'put your flags away, you are leaving'. DAN HODGES: How can we have allowed this to happen again? Everything Nigel Farage has been working towards is about to come to fruition when Britain leaves the European Union at 11pm tonight. Furious locals in Cornwall have hit out at the leader of the Brexit Party, claiming he didn't follow any of the government's rules during the trip. Beer. Sipping a glass of red wine, the Brexit Party leader said 'we are all locked down' and 'there isn't much else to do' as he held a Q&A on Facebook Live last night. © Copyright 1997 - 2020 NewsNow Publishing Limited. The Brexit Party | Party Election Broadcast | General Election 2019. JAN MOIR: Were we all hallucinating in the battle of Big Beasts and bucket heads? Sorry, no headlines or news topics were found. David Shipley from Buckinghamshire, was today sentenced to three years and nine months imprisonment and disqualified from being a director for seven years. Nigel released this video after Priti has been saying in the press that she’ll come down hard on these who Cross the … Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told a Channel 4 documentary he believed Dominic Cummings was behind persuading Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to form a Leave alliance. Mr Farage made the comments on his LBC Radio show on Sunday morning, despite rules issued last week saying people should only be leaving the house for exercise once a day. Needs to get a life': Nigel Farage hits back at Lib Dem leader who reported him to the police claiming he had broken lockdown rules with pub visit, Nigel Farage DENIES breaking lockdown rules after Lib Dem leader Ed Davey called the POLICE over claims he visited the pub on Super Saturday less than 14 days after returning from the US, Ukip picks Freddy Vachha, a tax consultant who lists 'Nazi Germany' and the 'Belgian Congo Holocaust' among his hobbies as its new leader, Nigel Farage was stopped from boarding flight to US amid travel ban but was finally allowed to attend Trump rally under 'national interest' clause, officials reveal, Nigel Farage is pictured at Trump rally despite the US ban on visitors - sparking speculation the President helped him into the country, It wasn't as bad as my plane crash! The leader of the Brexit Party sat down with the US President for talks yesterday evening in the Oval Office as the two continued to bolster their friendship. Brexit has dominated this year's election with the phrase 'Let's get Brexit Done' becoming Boris Johnson's mantra and the exit poll confirms the Tory's are set for a large majority. DAN HODGES: As Remainers rant about coins, who are the loonies now? Those Conservatives who spent years fulminating against him are now praising him. Nigel Farage called a 'traitor' after defending EU threat to sue No 10... ANDREW PIERCE: Are Nigel Farage and chums set for a comeback? HENRY DEEDES watches as four Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs on leader Nigel Farage, Andrew Neil savages Boris Johnson in monologue calling out PM's refusal to face him for BBC interview and insisting he must address his 'untrustworthiness' before election, Nigel Farage suggests he would challenge Donald Trump over NHS drug prices under a post-Brexit UK/US trade deal in a BBC interview with Andrew Neil - but says chlorinated chicken would be fine in British supermarkets 'with the right labelling', Nigel Farage warns UK politicians it is a 'great mistake' for them to demonise Donald Trump as the US President prepares to jet in to Britain tonight for a Nato summit, Nigel Farage says London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan should never have been released from jail because he 'had the jihadi virus' as party leaders hold new election debate, Jeremy Corbyn's most loyal supporters are more likely to be anti-Semitic than those of other party leaders, YouGov poll reveals, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson claims she is FORCED to fly between Scotland and London because of 'Victorian' train system in Channel 4 climate change debate, Nigel Farage praises a Tory manifesto he can finally approve of - because he says half of the policies in it were first mooted by Ukip, Boris Johnson vows NOT to extend Brexit transition period past December 2020 in move praised by Nigel Farage - as Tories says they can do trade deals with the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan within three years, Boris Johnson holds a 13-point lead with the Tories on 43% and Labour on 30% just 19 days before the election, new poll reveals. ANDREW PIERCE: Are Nigel Farage and chums set for a comeback? The Brexit Party is assisting Boris Johnson by giving the Tories a clear run in 317 UK seats which they won in 2017 - but Mr Farage said he could not bring himself to vote for the Tories on Thursday. Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst. Nigel Farage's party is expected to help Labour keep 26 seats and will split vote in key marginals. Farage brushes off plunge in Brexit Party support, Nigel Farage's career doomed to end in failure, says Nancy Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage accuses Johnson and Corbyn of 'playing safe' BBC debate, Michael Gove gives out No10 phone number amid Andrew Neil grilling row, HENRY DEEDES: Four Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs Nigel Farage, Andrew Neil urges Boris Johnson to submit to interview in TV challenge, Farage suggests he would challenge Donald Trump over NHS drug prices, Nigel Farage warns against 'great mistake' of demonising Donald Trump, Nigel Farage says London Bridge killer Usman Khan 'had jihadi virus', Corbyn's most loyal supporters are more likely to be anti-Semitic, Tory fury as Boris Johnson replaced by ICE SCULPTURE in C4 debate, Nigel Farage praises a Tory manifesto he can finally approve of, Boris Johnson vows NOT to extend Brexit transition past December 2020, New poll gives Johnson a 13-point lead just 19 days before election, Nigel Farage threatens to launch anti-lockdown party as he hits out at Boris Johnson's draconian restrictions, Producer of Brexit: The Movie who conned Dragons' Den entrepreneur James Caan's firm out of £519,000 must pay back just £85, Noel Edmonds is accused of running off to New Zealand to avoid paying £1million debt to Bad Boy Brexit creditor Arron Banks - who says: 'No Deal is not an option! In the ITV seven-way election debate, Mr Farage said people convicted of plotting mass murder should never be released from prison unless it was clear they did not have the 'jihadi virus'. Nigel Farage Blogs, Comments and Archive News on The Brexit Party leader claimed Brexit was 'an incredible victory for ordinary people against the establishment' as he spoke of his joy at seeing it happen. Nigel Farage. It’s 25 years to the day since Norway voted against EU membership but their politicians still signed them up to the single market. Today we are on the campaign trail broadcasting from Doncaster, talking about the Andrew Neil Interviews and manufacturing. Eamonn Holmes, Nigel Farage and Femi Oluwole appeared on This Morning to discuss whether patriotic British songs like Rule Britannia should be sung at the Proms.

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