Justin LaLiberty 1,253 films 91 11 Edit. I wish there was more blood and gore FX in the shootouts, I feel that would’ve added more intensity to each encounter. Für nen lauen Abend eine gut geeignete Einschlafhilfe. All of the films Dolph Lundgren has acted in that I've seen, ranked from best to worst. Eople need to stop being harsh to straight to video releases. William Kaufman focuses on sharp gunplay, fade to black editing, explosive action and easy to follow plot lines. The script is average and very generic. If only he had a budget and a quality action script. For movies of this type, you could do a lot worse. Might not even qualify as a B-movie, apart from Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lundgren who appears to thoroughly enjoy his part as a crazy assasin with a taste for tacky Hawaiian shirts and Frank Sinatra music and being one hell of a killer. Cuba Gooding Jr is a “fixer” for whichever crime family pays him the most money. Typischer Billigkäse der in Rumänien abgedreht wurde. At least Dolph was having fun with this. There's the relationship between hitman and handler. ), I knew I was in for a gritty and authentic look at Eastern European organized crime once the opening credits informed me that this was a film starring both CUBД…. letterboxd.com/kylejunt/list/action-movies-of-dolph-lundgren-ranked/, letterboxd.com/cyman/list/woovember-3-love-and-death-in-saigon/, Unmade Films That Would've Been Interesting To See, Die Hard Scenario Films (The Complete List! Cuba does a good job as well. Bobby Suverov Billy Murray. IMDb Hinzuzufügen ist noch das alles hässlich und unsympathisch ist, typisch Rumänien halt. He is a founding member of The Atlantic Theater Company in New York and is very excited to be working with such awesome people. Cuba Gooding Sr, Soul Singer and Father of Cuba Gooding Jr, Found Dead, 21 Things You Never Knew About 'Jerry Maguire', Watch Tom Cruise Act Out His Entire Film Career in 9 Glorious Minutes. 51. Guckt euch lieber "Six Bullets", "Skin Trade" oder "The Hard Way" an. Not bad, not good, just average. Directed by: Steve Taft. When the Eastern European filming locations that so many American productions use these days aren’t dressed up to look like New York (or wherever), and their true location is embraced, even a low-budget movie like this can have an interesting visual flavour. Cast 6. Oscar caliber talent in B action movies is not bad. It's an entertaining little action flick basically the DTV edition of a Denzel Washington programmer. Atmosphärisch sind die alle gleich scheiße und inhaltlich geht es auch immer um das gleiche. Directed by William Kaufman. The action scenes are good, some clearly John Woo inspired shootouts. Two rival seasoned assassins collide in this U.S./Czech/Romanian actioner that Cuba Gooding Jr.(JERRY MAGUIRE,MACHETE KILLS) and Dolph Lundgren(ROCKY IV,AQUAMAN) as those two hitmen as they're each caught in a war between two rival Mafia clans in Prague,Czechaslavakia,with Cuba Jr. being the good hitman who finds love with a Prague local(Claudia Bassoes[THE RETURNED,FULL LOVE[a.k.a. Every time Dolph Lundgren showed up on screen a smile sprung to my lips. Hell, perhaps Dolph could show up in a similar capacity in the worldwide hunt for John Wick. Her seventh grade aptitude test determined she was most qualified to be a coin machine repairman, a bowling pin mechanic, or a wig stylist. (see my list Dolph Lundgren Ranked), Personal rating - 7/10Critical rating - 5/10. There's the honor among killers. He's obviously having a blast. He's serviceable with a weapon in his hand, but a tad bit sloppy. “One In The Chamber” is set and filmed in Prague, and the sense of the remnants of communism slowly crumbling while gaudy capitalism attempts to take root is everywhere. ", "Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolution", "If it chooses you, nothing can save you. It moves at a nice, quick clip and doesn't take too long between getting to scenes of bloody violence. Don’t think I didn’t try. Her seventh grade aptitude test determined she was most qualified to be a coin machine repairman, a bowling pin mechanic, or a wig stylist. TMDb You can show Cuba Gooding Jr the money, and he will give it his all. One in the Chamber starring Dolph Lundgren. Already from the name of the film and the name of one of the main stars, it was clear to me that this was going to be a no brain, B movie action. Andrew Liverod 1,785 films 129 34 Edit, The weird, trashy and exploitative films tucked away in the damp and decaying corners of Amazon Prime (UK). A recent graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he enjoys nothing more than acting, writing and long, romantic walks to the fridge. He then decides to take a payment from the other gang, effectively switching sides. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Dolph takes this one and runs away with it. Cuba Gooding Jr is a “fixer” for whichever crime family pays him the most money. A seasoned assassin plays both sides in a Russian gang war and becomes the target of an unknown enemy. Dolph sembra divertirsi nel ruolo, picchia e spara senza fermarsi e regala più di una scena degna di nota. Wer in den letzten 20 Jahren irgendeinen Seagal, Lundgren oder Van Damme Film gesehen hat, der hat auch schon quasi diesen hier gesehen. Aleksey Andreev Cuba Gooding Jr. Ray Carver Leo Gregory. “One In The Chamber” is set and filmed in Prague, and the sense of the remnants of communism slowly crumbling while gaudy capitalism attempts to take root is everywhere. was homegrown and housebroken in Brooklyn, New York. One In The Chamber's cast and crew. With so much mediocrity my rating had no other choice but to follow suit. She wrote and produced the feature, is thrilled to be making her Los Angeles theater debut. 2012 List of all cast members for program One In The Chamber. Its action packed and the script isn't garbage. Einzig das Drehbuch ist ziemlich reizlos und rückt mehr die gesichtslosen Ganoven in den Vordergrund. I understand their trash, but they are at least a enjoyable type of trash. das dazugehörige Drama qualitativ auf dem Level einer Soap ist. He eats up this hitman role and every scene with him is fun. ), letterboxd.com/jpeg1000/list/vudu-d2d-ma-compatible-may-2020/by/popular/, letterboxd.com/jpeg1000/list/vudu-d2d-non-ma-compatible-may-2020/by/popular/, LETTERBOXD LOVES: Direct-to-Home Video movies. John Wick writer did some work on this. Not so much. Find full cast and crew information for the program One In The Chamber. It's a totally formulaic run of the mill…, A pleasant surprise. The rest. In questo caso, Cuba, non eccelle e non sfigura ma c'è da dire che Lundgren finisce per rubargli decisamente la scena. For it's part, it's perfect 3am fodder when you get home from the pub still utterly soused. This is…, A near complete of the various films aping the Die Hard Scenario formula. This was the first film of writer Derek Kolstad who notably created the John Wick universe, and it's definitely worth checking this film out as a dry run, it touches on similar colourful criminal underground elements and Dolph's character is absolutely in keeping with the style of those films. :THE EAGLE'S NEST]) while a flashy clothing sporting Lundgren plays on both sides while watching them destroy each other. I like his character. One In The Chamber is presented by 6140 Productions in association with Theatre Planners, Racquel Lehrman, Victoria Watson, Lynne Peck, Joe Cirincione, Ed Ryan, and Robin Greenspun. October 27, 2019 - 2:00pm. Festival and promo theatrical dates non withstanding. Non conosco molto della svolta action di Cuba Gooding Jr e, francamente, mi sto ancora abituando all'idea. October 25, 2019 - 7:30pm. Between the fights, it’s a little slow. The action scenes are once again average. E se sei l'attore protagonista non è propriamente un merito. The use of hand to hand with the gunplay I feel should’ve been used more, they knew how to do it and make it look good. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out more Dolph in my Lundgren ranked list here:letterboxd.com/kylejunt/list/action-movies-of-dolph-lundgren-ranked/. Cuba and Dolph are both great as hitmen mixed up in a Russian mob war. in Performance Studies from Arizona State University. (That’s too long for a novelty Letterboxd list title. It's a generic Cuba Gooding Jr. DTV actioner with a po-faced storyline about Russian mobsters and....zzzzzzz. Some of these are debatable but for…. The opposing gang hire Dolph instead. Find movie and film cast and crew information for One in the Chamber (2012) - William Kaufman on AllMovie I kind of only like Dolph Lundgren in this movie and he's not in it until 20 something minutes in. Cuba Gooding Jr. As Ray Carver. Trotzdem überzeugt er nicht, da einfach kaum richtige Action in nem Actionfilm und das Schausspiel bzw. He also reads monologue narration during parts of this that is awful. Not all the action was great, but even when it wasn’t, it was still put together pretty well.

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