Dillian Whyte is determined to avenge his shock loss to Alexander Povetkin Alexander Povetkin's promoter has dismissed claims that the Russian heavyweight was on … He dropped Povetkin the first time by following a right behind the ear with a short left to the temple. 'I think she'll [Taylor] completely out-box and out-class her. JEFF POWELL: Dillian Whyte has taken Responsibility for his physical condition, given proper Respect to his opponent and is openly pursuing Redemption. Dillian Whyte (c) via fifth-round KO (uppercut) to win WBC interim heavyweight titleKatie Taylor def. Fantastic shot and what a comeback. And how that will sting. Povetkin gets back to his feet and looks to be ok, but the round ends. Bellew: I Hope Chisora Lands His Big Right on Usyk, Gets The Job Done! The WBC confirmed earlier this week that if Whyte beat Povetkin, the winner of Fury-Wilder III had to fight Whyte next in 2021. The fifth-round knockout via the Russian's left glove was as brutal as it was unexpected, a one-shot explosion that left Whyte requiring oxygen and his title prospects in an even worse shape. ", Repeat or Revenge!? 6:07 pm ET, at What a knockout from Povetkin! Povetkin engages with some shots of his own but Whyte has started the brighter. JEFF POWELL: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Povetkin with a massive uppercut and Whyte crumbles to the canvas! you have to dig deep and out-boxed her for the most part.'. 'I knew it would be a tough night,' Taylor said after the fight. “Povetkin took more of a beating than Dillian Whyte,” said Smith. Katie Taylor says she deserved to win the fight but paid a lot of respect to her opponent. Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn was quick to point out that the men had a rematch clause in the contract and that he plans to get Whyte and Povetkin back together again. Promoter Eddie Hearn announced the rerun is set for November 21 - but the fight is yet to be signed off by the British Board of Boxing Control. Hard one to score but what another unbelievable fight from the pair. But it will be a hard climb. 6:04 pm ET, at Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you, Alexander Povetkin knocked out Dillian Whyte cold during their fight in August - World of Boxing (left); Twitter / Dazn (right), 'Out COLD!' Catching PEDs cheats is not a priority for UKAD. Lights out straight away. Be sure to subscribe to the State of Combat with Brian Campbell podcast for for the best in boxing coverage each week. 6:05 pm ET, at The fight began with some close rounds, both men working off the jab and digging shots to the body. "If I hit him with one of my punches properly, I'm very heavy handed, I can hit hard and if I connect properly he won't be getting up for sure!". pic.twitter.com/yoWidDdSLp, Alexander Povetkin was down twice in the previous round ...And then he did this pic.twitter.com/9mgk7EKRbS, Massive KO by Povetkin! Persoon has dropped off a touch and looks a little spent. Whyte retreated back to camp in Portugal. Fight just moments away... #WhytePovetkin #FightCamp pic.twitter.com/6s4ytLo6iG. Brilliant speed from the Brit but the Russian walked into that. Under the stars on Eddie Hearn's lawn, Dillian Whyte saw a good few more as he lay on his back, his arms flopped through the ropes and senses scrambled to all four corners. 6:08 pm ET, at Dillian Whyte was just measuring him and then he had the great finish to the round before, when he knocked Povetkin down. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. DILLIAN WHYTE'S rematch against Alexander Povetkin cannot be made official until he passes a medical check once his suspension is over. Twice he had him down in that session. There's a marking under the right eye of Povetkin who then eats a nasty body shot from the man from Brixton. After nine grueling rounds, Chris Kongo has walked away as the WBO Global Welterweight champion after sending Luther Clay to the mat. “Controlling the fight, a brutal knockout, and all of a sudden like that, his career spins on its head. We treat revenge with full dedication and understanding of everything that happens.". Eddie Hearn gets behind the... 'There WILL be fireworks': Dillian Whyte and Alexander... 'He's a seriously skilled heavyweight': Anthony Joshua warns... {"id":"8654205","channel":"/sport","pageUrl":"https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/boxing/article-8654205/Dillian-Whyte-vs-Alexander-Povetkin-LIVE-Latest-updates-Eddie-Hearns-Fight-Camp.html","status":"finished","greenBox":{"body":""},"modifiedOrder":4}. Fireworks light up the Essex night sky - we are just moments away from the biggest fight that has taken place post-lockdown. Whyte promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed on Tuesday that the rematch will take place on November 21, but did not confirm a venue, although it is expected to take place in London, after initial reports suggestions Povetkin's team wanted the fight in Russia. "Dillian had right to a rematch and decided to use it. The Board will suspend winning boxers in a rough contest, if they’ve been cut or damaged they can spend several weeks on the suspended list. But at first glance Miller had delivered Whyte in fighting shape – at 18st 6lbs, he was a full 19lbs lighter than the flabby impersonation that won at short notice against Mariusz Wach in December – and the early rounds also showed great promise. Whyte rips to the body and then Povetkin returns the favor as the round ends.

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