Can I use the Solar Panel with my Ring Stick Up Cam? One type accepts two male MC4 connectors on the input side and has a male MC4 connector for its output. •Stick Up Cam Elite uses Power over Ethernet for nonstop power and a reliable connection. Plug your Super Solar Panel into your Stick Up Cam Battery. This is achieved by cutting the 50-foot extension cable in half. Take a look at the first module and you'll notice that it has two wires extending from the junction box. The connectors can be separated but it requires a special MC4 unlocking tool.Wiring MC4 Equipped Modules in Series:If you have two or more solar modules to wire in series, the MC4 connectors make it very simple. Non-Stop Solar Power for Spotlight and Stick Up Cam. Step Six: Plug the Super Solar Panel charging cable into the Stick Up Cam. That voids the warranty of most manufacturers. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you're only using two modules, the easiest method is to use MC4 multibranch connectors. The cable connects to the camera with a weatherproof barrel connector. Step Seven: Plug the Solar Panel charging cable into the Spotlight Cam. We bought them new Ring Stick up cameras that have solar panel connectivity. That way you can use less expensive wiring (such as THHN rated insulation) inside the electrical conduit to cover greater distances at substantially less cost than the MC4 cables. I'm on my third one and none of them have had it. Plug in your Solar Panel. mitchman010. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm, Black, Works with Alexa. For example, if your modules are rated for 18 volts at maximum power (Vmp), then two of them connected in series will measure 36 Vmp. Plug the snap ring barrel charging cable into the power connector on the Spotlight Cam. Ring solar panel connector Why does every solar panel I get not have a retainer clip on it for the power cord? Yes. Simply follow the steps below: Mount the Solar Panel. One of our design specialists will be happy to help you.MC4 Connector Specifications:Manufacturer: Multi-Contact USARated for 30 amps max (the connector itself, not the wire)Rated for 1,000 volts maxRated temperature range: -40 degrees C to +90 degrees C (-40 F to 194 F)Note: Do not cut the MC4 connectors off of your solar modules. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Remove the center plug. They are available in many different lengths from 8 feet to 100 feet long. That allows you to plug into both leads of your solar panel and it gives you plenty of wire to get to your destination. If the plug on your Solar Panel looks like this, do the following: Remove (and save) the two screws on either side of the Solar Panel port on the back of your Stick Up Cam. Whether you've combined your modules with the multibranch connectors or with a combiner box, you'll need to understand how to select and use MC4 extension cables. The disconnect tool is sold as a set of two. The Spotlight Cam Solar Panel is specifically configured to work with Spotlight Cam Battery. Let's say that the total length of wire needed to go from the two modules to your electrical equipment is 20 feet. Limited Time Savings: Certified Refurbished Ring devices starting at $99.99. Solar Pump Controllers & Current Boosters, Solar Pump Installation Equipment & Accessories, Pump Installation Equipment & Accessories. Note: This is where most people start getting confused. If you need to connect more than two modules or strings in parallel, a combiner box is used. Here's a simple diagram illustrating this. New Neighbor Mark as New; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎06-13-2020 06:37 AM ‎06-13-2020 06:37 AM.

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