Because the latter all went about their business quietly and respectfully. I would have loved to see him fit for some time, because I think he has something really different and special to offer…an almost zidanesque elegance of playing, e.g. The only debate you should be having is whether van persie is 90% cunt or 100% cunt. If you leave all of those players out, then you’re absolutely right. Imagine where we would finish without Robin last year? 0. MESSI’S ARGENTINA CAREER AN AFFAIR THAT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE. Short memory,mean dude,fuck off very much! Maybe it’s unfair to compare the two players, Theirry Henry is clearly some kind of ubermench to able to average 46 appearances a season for 8 years. him, cesc and nasri were part of the team and we won f**k all so why w’d I care as if him leaving means is the end of Arsenal. Point 3- buy a proper replacement, a midfielder and tell theo to fuck off. These guys are even more stubborn than Arsene! then psg can do u a favour in europe and beat a potential stumbleing block for us. if he didnt like the club he shd av left in quiet. Would be an excellent choice. And with one swoop he has made every Arsenal fan hate him. That does make a lot of sense! And after another season of fantastic form and fitness he now has said he won’t sign a new contract. The Health Secretary's speech to MPs will follow last-minute talks between Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and No 10 this morning, Headteacher warns parents over lesser known Covid symptoms as outbreak hits, Bosses at the school are looking into why the spread of the virus 'happened so quickly', London to move into Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions from midnight on Friday, MPs have been told that from midnight on Friday, the capital will be considered 'high risk', Arrested man found with sweets - which turned out to contain cannabis chemical, Greater Manchester Police have urged people to be vigilant, Leading scientists and health bosses 'recommend Greater Manchester is moved into tier 3' of lockdown system, It is now up to the government to make a final decision it has been reported, Andy Burnham says economic impact of Tier 3 lockdown on Greater Manchester would plunge 'thousands into poverty', The Mayor says the current terms being offered by the government will lead to job losses and widespread hardship this winter. Point 2- fuck selling him to united or city. Agree with you. If you feel we’re a laughing stock, why is it you support the Arsenal? 45 goals scored by bendtner in first 4 seasons, Probably best off if we give it to Song as he will only have a year left on his contract at the end of the season. These cookies do not store any personal information. Most people recognise that we need 1 maybe 2 midfield players.… Read more ». Manchester United could send damning message with squad for Newcastle fixture. I think it’s because with 4-4-2 we were successful. I… Read more »,ènewenger, Really? We topped Sp*rs, Chelsea, etc last year AFTER losing Cesc and Na$ri. He should have joined Manchester United earlier! Nobody rich will buy him! Robin van Persie’s son appears to have picked up the footballing gene from his father. Lest we forget, NO Arsenal player is greater than this football club or the best “player” the club has ever signed, Monsieur Wenger.. Don’t cunt him off too much before we can get rid of him, even if he’s being a bit of a cunt, turns out hes a cunt Agreed, but the answer is too obvious and too painful. Ok, he want$ to go…..fine. Remember that we finished 19 good points behind Manchester clubs; we conceded 8 against Man Yoo, 4 against struggling Blackburn and 3 against Norwich. Adams etc etc. But an incidence that saw him sent off as Ryan was watching led to him describing the youngster as ‘a bit immature’ something that definitely put off United. Giving it to Podolski or Giroud would be a sign that we’ve moved on. RvP-last of Wenger’s generation who won us nothing! I am looking towards the future. Especially in 2007-2008. Read also People forget that we’re still in debt and have any expenses at all. I’m completely with you regarding the future prospects. after all we did for you He may have wished/intended to try and come out of this with his cake and eaten it, but there just ain’t no  PR expert… Read more ». he read it. Verm, Mert, Gibbs, Santos, Jerkinson, Sagna, Arterta, Roicsky, Diaby, & (Gervinho – lost form after African tournament all faced time out with injuries. Keep on top of today's Man United transfer rumours, injury updates and breaking news ahead of Newcastle United fixture. Blogs is absolutely correct and I feel Arsenal need to step up now. The victory sees Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side secure their spot in this weekend's Europa League semi-final, where they will play either Sevilla or Wolves. And the rest are solid players – the Ox is particularly promising – but not replacements for what we’ve lost by any stretch. I am not too torn about him leaving, but many Gooners including myself are upset the way he revealed his intent to leave. I put up Koscielny’s name for captain earlier in the week as my “long-shot” choice. The mother Josee Ras mother used to paint and make jewelry while his father was a sculptor. In the end it exploded into his face. All the latest Man Utd news, views and transfer rumours from the MEN. Club president names Manchester United player as dream signing. maybe growing past it or at least growing into smarter players(the first two that is) the rest of them we must keep, i am most scared over theo’s future, i know he has room to grow still and has done alot for us offensively with assists this season we need to tie him down and then secure an attacking midfielder, holding midfielder, and one more… Read more », I see it like this, and please read properly before the keyboard warriors start with your a cunt etc.. Arsenal should improve the squad before preseason begins and not wait till we lose badly to realise we need some positions filled.Podolski and Giroud purchase can’t be the end. Doh that was meant to be at the top with all the other rhymes. I’m sure he learned a valuable lesson: It’s hard to build reputation but easy to lose it. Man United fans have told Ole Gunnar Solskjaer which centre-back the club should sign in the January transfer window. the current formation works with the personnel we have. He tried to burn bridges with the club while remaining on good terms with the fans. Cygan – are you saying Podolski is in the SS?? when he turns away from opponents, although he’s such a lanky lad. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. “Besides, money was never a motivation for me. RVP has just shown himself to have no class. ?………….more like class-LESS CUNT!!!!!. Even if he stayed for the season he obviously could not be captain. Its the same story every summer and it doesn’t… Read more », So Dreamiest, it’s OK to excuse Chelsea & Spurs their misfortunes but you overlookour troubles? Your email address will not be published. 79 starts made by bendtner in first 4 seasons When he is gone we will be a team again, you only have to look at the Holland team to see the truth of this. The 2nd half of 2010/11 was good indication that he might be beyond the ‘wait a game or two he’ll get injured’ phase and the summer of 2011 was when the whole will he/won’t he? My guess is that you are surprised by this one as I am. Part of being a Gooner is being… Read more », The world you say… *strokes chin thoughtfully*. But it helps. 278 – Games played by Robin van Persie for Arsenal 33 – Appearances as a sub by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007 Remember when we used to win stuff? Manchester United news and transfers LIVE Harry Maguire latest as Paul Pogba 'plans' Barcelona move. Why do the fans hate Na$ri, Adebayor and Cashley and not Clichy, Kolo, Petit, Henry? “Robin was only 16 or 17 at the time. Surely Wenger must know these figures considering the attention he pays to even the smallest of details. As far as the C word that keeps popping up: Samir Nasrat is a cunt, Robin van Persie is not. You’ve got 8 syllables in that middle line there. *That’s the official number, I will always count that own goal awarded to Scott Dann so, Titi scored 229 as far as I’m concerned. Also sell ones in whom we have no interest.… Read more », The unfortunate fact is nothing anyone says seems to have any impact on the board! Which leaves the mind boggled at why we never sorted RVPs contract out a couple of seasons ago. Okay i’l stop now. That bitch looked even fitter when she was a bit more chunky. I already moved passed this RVP situation. He leaves when he wants! Would like to see some stats for TW14 to see if he’s more consistent than people like to believe. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. 0. What time is Matt Hancock's statement today that could see Greater Manchester moved into Tier 3? His coaches at youth level began describing him as Cryuff’s successor. What if we look at Robin van Persie’s Arsenal career in terms of his contributions to the team’s total offensive output? Ps. This is the injury history of Robin van Persie from Karriereende. There is an alternative view, however. We needed a massive luck to finish third. There’s no end to the speculation and conjecture. There are no offers on the table at the moment for precisely this reason, I cannot see Man C, Utd, PSG, RM or Barca rejigging their whole operation to accomodate one egotistical Dutchman!

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