Schultz, the large ‘German character’ mug, is marked ‘The West End Brewing Co., Utica, N.Y., 59-CSM’ in blue letters under the handle. A slight marking is also visible on Dooley's shamrock. Dooley, the smaller ‘Irish character’ mug, is marked the same except ’59-CDM’ and in green. The other is short with a green shamrock painted on the front. I realize I left out that it is also marked in very small caps under the handle W. GERMANY. Break out that 2018 calendar and mark a large "S and D" on March 3 and plan to attend. This charming pair of 'spokesmugs' were created for the West End Brewing Company, the makers of Utica Club beer. 7" (W) from tip of his nose to the outer handle. Ken S I know absolutely nothing about the Schultz and Dooley steins. Ideas for names of a piece of art? Schultz and Dooley beer steins appeared in TV commercials advertising Utica Club beer from 1959 to 1964. Antoher Schultz and Dooley Spring Show is in the books, and much fun was had by all. This topic contains 4 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by  Ron 2 years, 1 month ago. The original mugs can be identified by their marks. The original mugs can be identified by their marks. I made 20 pieces of epoxy resin coasters but after nearly a week of curing, when you put a glass on it, it leaves a mark. If you want to collect them, the first editions are the ones to collect. Both are in excellent, vintage condition. The hinges to open the stein are somewhat loose. Here are the markings per The Brewery Shop, See more ideas about Schultz, Utica, Beer steins. Again, no markings on the bottom either so it does not fit into the usual Dooley descriptions. Dooley is 7" (H) 6" (W) from the tip of his nose to the outer handle. Jonathan Winters was the voice behind both Schultz and Dooley characters. ? Did you review Schultz & Dooley info on The Beer Stein Library (see Reading Room)? If your stein doesn’t have it, it must have been missed in the manufacturing process. They sell for less, perhaps $50 a pair. Between 1960 and 1964, to capitalize on the popularity of television commercials, KING-WERK produced another 10,000 Schultz and Dooley sets for WEBCO, identified by marks impressed into the bottom of the steins. Schultz and Dooley–mark on Dooley. Dooley has a few slight scratches or wear marks through the paint on his eyebrow and hair fringe. The 53rd edition of the perennially popular KOVELS' ANTIQUES... Uncle Sam, Columbia, an eagle, bell, stars and stripes, the United States flag a... Harker Pottery Co. has been called the “oldest pottery in America.” It was f... Join tens of thousands of other collectors who receive this Free weekly email with insider tips, news, marks and other news from the Kovels, Nineteenth-Century Jewelry and Metalwork Designers…, Other European Pottery and Porcelain Factories and Makers. I have acquired a unmatched set (Schultz is King but Dooley is Gerz) with some other steins. KING-Werk (Würfel & Müller GmbH) a German stein manufacturer located in Höhr-Grenzhausen to produce 5,000 sets of promotional steins, distributed primarily to distributors and dealers. Based on the markings, they were likely produced between 1960 and 1964. All Rights Reserved. Dooley has a few slight scratches or wear marks through the paint on his eyebrow and hair fr . Copyright © 2020 With A Past. Some light crazing is visible towards the top of the Dooley stein. Has anyone seen the GERZ mark in this location before or would anyone care to refer me to someone who may know? The bottoms of both are impressed ‘Webco, Made in Germany.’ A pair of these original steins sells for about $300 to $500.

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