She never stops moving and is so fast. Spread over the salmon and place lightly wrapped in foil on a baking tray in the oven for 20-25 mins until flaky and cooked. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet make you want to move your dancing feet to the rescue, here i am want you to know just if you can where I stand Monday morning, scoo-be-doop-scoop-scoop Tuesday evening, scoo-be-doop-scoop-scoop Wednesday morning, scoo-be-doop-scoop-scoop Thursday evening, scoo-be-doop-scoop-scoop Friday morning, scoo-be-doop-scoop-scoop Saturday evening, scoo-be … Almost walking by herself, but not quite. He takes him from me, changes his nappy, plays with him and if Ziggy gets a bit grumpy, then he puts him on his back and off they go, out to the shed or for a walk around the garden – quality man time. My ‘eeek this is so hard’ posts get so many more likes than my ‘hey look how great this is’ posts. There is no time to sit at home and feel overwhelmed, because we are never at home long enough for that to happen. Rub the corn cobs with the mayonnaise and season well. It sure is hard to remember what the heck has been going on around here, but I'll try my best. Tell myself a new day is rising That there are days where everything is so fucking perfect you feel blessed. “Because every little thing, is gonna be alright.”. Thank you for visiting. Today could bring your lucky number (Sun is shining and the weather is sweet) Here are a few. 1½ tsp brown miso I have to thank everyone who gave me advice when we were going through this painful stage again. At the moment I’m pretty much just talking to myself like a dork, he doesn’t say too much back in response, but he busts out his toothy eggs and I’m sure that’s his way of saying ‘yep, sounds good mum.’. ( Log Out /  30g ginger , cut into matchsticks, 1 green pepper, deseeded and cut into strips. [Verse 2] (Sun is shining and the weather is sweet) Holy shit I’m about to start crying writing this – can’t see the keyboard, can’t see the screen! Nola thought this bear pillow was really funny this day! Use a sharp knife to cut off the kernels and place in a bowl. We volunteer at the Baby Wearing meets and we attend La Leche meetings. [Chorus] Now I can stand under the hot water, not washing anything, just enjoying it. We go to space. . (Saturday evening, scoo-pe-doop-scoop-scoop) I do admit when the sun is out, we really take advantage! Geez, another FOUR months have passed in a blink! She started and mastered crawling. It has moments that make you laugh, moments that make you cry tears of joy. Sun is shining We’ve even (for now) passed the crazy nipple phase, where he would unlatch and then wake himself up in a panicked state trying to fine his nipple. The swimming is coming along nicely , but the diving can still use some work (she unfortunately inherited her jumping skills from her Papa) Heat the mixed grains in the microwave for 2 minutes, or pour a kettleful of boiling water over the grains in a sieve and leave to drain. Drizzle the vegetable oil on the turkey steaks and barbecue or griddle for 2-3 minutes each side until cooked through. ‘oh really, well I only slept for three hours last night’ . It feels good to vent, and it is helpful to get support and realise that you are not alone in your feelings. It might take a while, but one day our children will be grown and they will no longer need us as deeply as they need us right now. Add the remaining salsa ingredients and taste for additional seasoning. Summer in WA state is really fun – there’s always something to do. Nola and I had a great time exploring, sitting on the waterfront and acquired a really cool handmade purple Dinosaur! So make the most of the wins. ( Log Out /  [Verse 3] . Some of these photos feel like a lifetime ago – it’s nice to reminisce! So I want to share with you all, some of the good things. Cover and chill until just before cooking. well that has stopped. It sure is hard to remember what the heck has been going on around here, but I’ll try my best. Her party was the following day. Lightly whisk together the coconut milk, milk and agave syrup/or honey with the chia seeds. This will take about 20-25 minutes. I always take way too many photos when we’re all together on an outing, because it happens so rarely. This summer we have been enjoying lots of outings like various festivals and block parties, farmers markets and exploring lots of lakes, waterfronts and parks. She started right after Labor Day. I had a great time making the invitations and decorations in a llama theme! By now Nola has really developed in an interest in feeding herself. Often it seems those night coincide with a tooth breaking through, so we get out the baby crack (Weleda teething powder is our favourite thing) and we push through those night as best we can, knowing that it’s not going to last. Also, lots of laughter of course   Nola and I also paid a visit to the historic Mary Olson Farm and got to see a cow and donkey close up. We no longer have big fights to get him to sleep. Kanga-what? On our last hoorah of the summer Nola and I went to the Ruston Point farmers market one more time and indulged in raspberries, her favorite! [Chorus] I’m guilty of it. All of a sudden things don’t look so bad, and I remind myself that actually, we’re doing a bloody good job. Then at the end of August was Nola’s FIRST birthday!!! (Thursday evening) Whisk together 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the red wine vinegar, ½ teaspoon of oregano and some seasoning in a mixing bowl. I have a feeling we’ll be working on table manners! If I remember correctly, there was ice cream involved . Just recently, one big change was that Nola started daycare! . In the middle of July, Nola starts standing up on her own! Welcome to the world Ziggy Jay: A video of birth. (Saturday evening) She had never really interacted much with children her own age, and she’s been enjoying it! ‘ha! I feel when I’m talking about this parenting lark, it’s easier to focus on the negative. Julie and I had gone over to Ruston Point. I worry that I will offend or upset someone who is not having such a good time. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Also, Nola was getting very busy! Posted by emalitza | Jul 29, 2016 | Baby Led Weaning, Parenting, Sleep (and lack of) | 0 |. The other part of the day I love is when AJ gets home. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining - Remix - (Video) [HD] - YouTube At daycare, she’s the kid stealing food off of everyone else’s plate. Mulu hosted the baby shower about a year prior, so it was fun to bring Nola a year later and catchup. Sometimes I feel hesitant to share what is working and what is going well for us. OMG. And that’s a bit stink – because  thinking about it, the positive is something we need to share. (Wednesday morning) If you’re interested in seeing any more videos – feel free to check them out on my YouTube channel. Remember that when you have your struggles, when you have your bad nights and hard days. In the media, in books I read, in stories from people I knew, the focus was on the pain, the fear and everything going wrong that possible could go wrong. Nola has been growing in leaps and bounds and has made many changes. I gladly hand him over. Parenting is not always easy – but bloody hell does it have some choice moments. Thursday evening, scoo-pe-doop-scoop-scoop She can get up on numerous chairs/couches and has mastered the backwards, feet first decent. Heap some ice into the hollowed-out watermelon and fill with the lemonade mixture. Memorial Day weekend we spent time with Julie and had a BBQ at her house and also one day we went to this huge furniture store, The Old Cannery, for their big Memorial Day weekend sale/kid event. Dip the mould briefly in hot water to release. Brush with ½ tablespoon of olive oil, season with pepper, and sprinkle over a little more dried oregano. We also went to the Library. The wins. Mash the flesh through a sieve into a bowl. Know, know, know, know, know, know, know I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and roses, oh god no. Sep 21, 2020 - Explore Natalia Kalatozishvili's board "sun is shining the weather is sweet...", followed by 307 people on Pinterest. She was starting to really investigate every nook and cranny and baby proofing became very important! It has moments when you heart feels like it is going to burst from love. How can you  look forward to sunny days when all you hear is the sound of rain on the roof? Sometimes I want to, but I feel like I can’t. If it’s not a competiton to be the best off, then it’s a competition to be the worst off . It’s pretty incredible I got any photos that aren’t blurry. Also, Nola is the queen of funny faces, so I can never decide. . To the rescue, here I am We also had a lot to celebrate with my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Nola’s first birthday of course! So bare with me on the 12,000 photos! So, to the rescue (Here, I am) A Pain in the Arse. We went over to a small waterfront town, Steilacoom, where they had a street festival, parade and fireworks. , She’s super chatty and getting really good at communicating. She was so much bigger this time and could sit in the chairs. Stopped looking at the clock, stopped counting the wakeups. It has happy moments and beautiful moments.

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