This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. --'Ay,' returned I, notknowing well what to think of the matter, 'heaven grant they maybe both the better for it this day three months!' To this piece of humour, for she intended it forwit, my daughters assented with a loud laugh of pleasure. The slightest distress, whether real orfictitious, touched him to the quick, and his soul laboured undera sickly sensibility of the miseries of others. Thisgentleman he described as one who desired to know little more ofthe world than its pleasures, being particularly remarkable forhis attachment to the fair sex. Fresh mortifications, or a demonstration that seemingcalamities may be real blessings, 15. The Love Affairs Of Great Musicians, Volume 1, Oliver Goldsmith's The Vicar of Wakefield for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile.Download the The Vicar of Wakefield ebook free. MissArabella Wilmot was allowed by all, except my two daughters, tobe completely pretty. The family endeavours to cope with their betters. 'Thus let me hold thee to my heart,And ev'ry care resign:And shall we never, never part,My life,--my all that's mine. chapter 4 . Nach Walter Scotts Verbessertem Texte Durchgangig Accentuirt. 0000016369 00000 n 'Tis true they onceor twice mortified us sensibly by slipping out an oath; but thatappeared to me as the surest symptom of their distinction, (tho'I am since informed that swearing is perfectly unfashionable. --'O sir,' cried the 'Squire,'I am your most humble servant, I find you want me to furnish youwith argument and intellects too. Suppose the girls should come to makeacquaintances of taste in town! As the fair happened on the following day, I had intentions ofgoing myself, but my wife persuaded me that I had got a cold, andnothing could prevail upon her to permit me from home. chapter 2 . I published some tracts upon the subject myself, which,as they never sold, I have the consolation of thinking are readonly by the happy Few. During the preparations for the wedding, I need notdescribe the busy importance of my wife, nor the sly looks of mydaughters: in fact, my attention was fixed on another object, thecompleting a tract which I intended shortly to publish in defenceof my favourite principle. This at first discomposed us:however, after a little shoving and dragging, they at last wentmerrily on. Thisduty being performed, my son and I went to pursue our usualindustry abroad, while my wife and daughters employed themselvesin providing breakfast, which was always ready at a certain time.I allowed half an hour for this meal, and an hour for dinner;which time was taken up in innocent mirth between my wife anddaughters, and in philosophical arguments between my son and me. LEGAL NOTICE: The following PDFs files has been found on the Web. Some months were elapsed inthis manner, till at last it was thought convenient to fix a dayfor the nuptials of the young couple, who seemed earnestly todesire it. We had anelegant house, situated in a fine country, and a goodneighbourhood. 0000007786 00000 n 57 - mobi (PD-US) at Github. But we could have borne all this, had not a fortune-tellinggypsey come to raise us into perfect sublimity. 'Ithink it is very well. 0000070541 00000 n SHARE this site and downlad any VIP ebook for Free! You have morecircumspection than is wanted. Not the least among its claims to fame is the celebrated story of its publication. 0000065048 00000 n Read Online. chapter 5 . 0000007674 00000 n 0000065679 00000 n ', By this time the unfortunate Moses was undeceived. At this he laughed, and so didwe:--the jests of the rich are ever successful. Our eldest son was named George, after hisuncle, who left us ten thousand pounds. 'No, never, from this hour to part,We'll live and love so true;The sigh that tends thy constant heart,Shall break thy Edwin's too.'. cried I, 'is my younglandlord then the nephew of a man whose virtues, generosity, andsingularities are so universally known? The next that came was MrBurchell, who had been at the fair. Download The Vicar of Wakefield pdf File size: 0.4 MB What's this? Itadmonished my wife of her duty to me, and my fidelity to her; itinspired her with a passion for fame, and constantly put her inmind of her end. chapter 18 . We have created .pdf files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people. As hisaddress, though confident, was easy, we soon became morefamiliar; and perceiving musical instruments lying near, hebegged to be favoured with a song. 0000066931 00000 n ', 'Why, my dear,' says the Lady, 'you know my reader and companionhas left me, to be married to Captain Roach, and as my poor eyeswon't suffer me to write myself, I have been for some timelooking out for another. Let us then,without repining, give up those splendours with which numbers arewretched, and seek in humbler circumstances that peace with whichall may be happy. 0000006127 00000 n Tell me, my dear, don'tyou think I did for my children there?' H�\��n�0��y And let me tell you, when Moses hastrimmed them a little, they will cut a very tolerable figure.' 0000040646 00000 n 'Your precautions,' replied I, 'are highly commendable.A decent behaviour and appearance in church is what charms me. There is no character more contemptible than a manthat is a fortune-hunter, and I can see no reason why fortune-hunting women should not be contemptible too. Suchas mistake ribaldry for humour, will find no wit in his harmlessconversation; and such as have been taught to deride religion,will laugh at one whose chief stores of comfort are drawn fromfuturity. As we carried on the former dispute with some degree of warmth,in order to accommodate matters, it was universally agreed, thatwe should have a part of the venison for supper, and the girlsundertook the task with alacrity. The bashful look, the rising breast,Alternate spread alarms:The lovely stranger stands confestA maid in all her charms. It was about the beginning of autumn, on a holiday, for I keptsuch as intervals of relaxation from labour, that I had drawn outmy family to our usual place of amusement, and our youngmusicians began their usual concert. --'Why,' returned Moses, 'Ithink I may grant that, and make the best of it.' My girl moved with so much grace and vivacity, that my wifecould not avoid discovering the pride of her heart, by assuringme, that though the little chit did it so cleverly, all the stepswere stolen from herself. 'I thinkhe has a great deal to say upon every thing, and is never at aloss; and the more trifling the subject, the more he has to say.' Entre nous, I protest I like my Lady Blarney vastly,so very obliging. The silver rims alone will sell fordouble money.', This article mainly deals with Oliver Goldsmith's novel entitiled The Vicar of ... Bu makale temel olarak Oliver Goldsmith'in Wakefield Papazı adlı romanından. 0000013073 00000 n Oliver Goldsmith. He praised her taste, and she commended hisunderstanding: an age could not have made them better acquainted.While the fond mother too, equally happy, insisted upon herlandlord's stepping in, and tasting a glass of her gooseberry.The whole family seemed earnest to please him: my girls attemptedto entertain him with topics they thought most modern, whileMoses, on the contrary, gave him a question or two from theancients, for which he had the satisfaction of being laughed at:my little ones were no less busy, and fondly stuck close to thestranger. The temper of a woman is generally formed from the turn of herfeatures, at least it was so with my daughters. Our honest neighbour's goose anddumplings were fine, and the lamb's-wool, even in the opinion ofmy wife, who was a connoiscur, was excellent. The gentleman came up, andasked pardon for having disturbed us, affirming that he wasignorant of our being so near. All Mr Burchell's villainy at once detected. 'All that I know of the matter,' cried MissSkeggs, 'is this, that it may be true, or it may not be true: butthis I can assure your Ladyship, that the whole rout was inamaze; his Lordship turned all manner of colours, my Lady fellinto a sound; but Sir Tomkyn, drawing his sword, swore he washer's to the last drop of his blood.' On these occasions, our two little onesalways read for us, and they were regularly served after we haddone. By taking the current a little farther up, the rest of thefamily got safely over; where we had an opportunity of joiningour acknowledgments to her's. 'What!' Though he has great pride in his family, he does not possess much worldly wisdom. 111 - epub (PD-US) at Project Gutenberg. --'I protest, pappa,' says the girl, 'I believe shedeals with some body that's not right; for she positivelydeclared, that I am to be married to a 'Squire in less than atwelvemonth!' Our cock, which always crew at eleven, now told us it wastime for repose; but an unforeseen difficulty started aboutlodging the stranger: all our beds were already taken up, and itwas too late to send him to the next alehouse. As the floods were not yet subsided, we were obliged tohire a guide, who trotted on before, Mr Burchell and I bringingup the rear. 'Sure,father,' cried Moses, 'you are too severe in this; for heavenwill never arraign him for what he thinks, but for what he does.Every man has a thousand vicious thoughts, which arise withouthis power to suppress. Youfools, I could have promised you a Prince and a Nabob for halfthe money.' Such as are fond of high life, will turnwith disdain from the simplicity of his country fire-side. They are hosted on, 0000040701 00000 n 'Ay,' cried mywife, I now see it is no easy matter to get into the families ofthe great; but when one once gets in, then, as Moses says, onemay go sleep.' The vice does not lie in assenting tothe proofs they see; but in being blind to many of the proofsthat offer. Here too we drank tea, which now was becomean occasional banquet; and as we had it but seldom, it diffused anew joy, the preparations for it being made with no small shareof bustle and ceremony. --'Youneed be under no uneasiness,' cried I, 'about selling the rims;for they are not worth six-pence, for I perceive they are onlycopper varnished over.' My orchard was often robbed byschool-boys, and my wife's custards plundered by the cats or thechildren. 'For shame fond youth thy sorrows hushAnd spurn the sex,' he said:But while he spoke a rising blushHis love-lorn guest betray'd. 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This well-timedpresent pleaded more powerfully in his favour, than any thing Ihad to say could obviate. 0000002998 00000 n The family still resolve to hold up their heads. 0000065977 00000 n 'How,' cried I, 'relinquish the causeof truth, and let him be an husband, already driven to the veryverge of absurdity. Mysecond boy Moses, whom I designed for business, received a sortof a miscellaneous education at home.

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