Speed maps are updated every 15 minutes. Yes. Jaringan. In the UK, Three currently offers 5G, 4G and 3G coverage, with varying amounts of the population covered by each type of coverage: You can access all types of coverage on any price plan from Three providing you have a device that’s compatible with the coverage type (and the bands and frequencies used by Three). Their basis for this claim is the fact they currently hold the largest amount of usable 5G spectrum across all UK coverage providers. Most of these bundles (other than data-only ones) last 30 days, though there is also a 90-day one, and while they don’t automatically renew you can queue them. Given that Vodafone claims users could see peak speeds that exceed 1Gbps, that could mean Three’s network can exceed 2Gbps. The easiest way to check the coverage from Three in your area is by using their online coverage map. That’s largely comparable with rivals as you can see in the 4G coverage comparison below. With their 3G coverage, it’s possible to access download speeds of up to 42Mbit/s using dual-carrier HSPA+ technology. This lets you roam at no extra cost in the following 71 locations: Aland Islands, Australia, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, USA, Vatican City and Vietnam. Customer service can be hard to judge, but based on the evidence available it seems that Three may well be slightly above average in the area. It will likely gain more 5G spectrum over time too, as there will be future 5G auctions for spectrum in the 3.6GHz - 3.8GHz bands as well as the 700MHz band, and likely also the 26GHz and 8GHz bands. But in some cases you’ll actually get better than standard 4G, thanks to a service known as 4G+ (sometimes referred to as LTE-A or LTE-Advanced). 4G+ on Three improves average data speeds by between 15% and 33%. Check out the full up to date list of compatible handsets here. This is available to customers on both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. Three’s coverage checker also includes a coverage map, so you can see the bigger picture and c… both indoor & outdoor coverage, or only outdoor coverage). We’ll discuss what you’re able to do with each type of coverage, the download speeds available and where you can see a coverage map for your area. The good news with Three is that all its SIM plans are 5G ready at no extra cost, so when 5G does become available in your area you'll be able to access it without needing to pay extra or order a new SIM. EPIC SIM DEAL 8GB data £8 a month See Deal EPIC SIM DEAL 8GB data £8 a month See Deal, ©Copyright 2020 www.3G.co.uk - All Rights Reserved, Advanced Plan. both indoor & outdoor coverage, or only outdoor coverage). Three’s 3G network uses 2100MHz spectrum. With Go Binge you can stream as much as you want on Netflix, Apple Music, Snapchat, Deezer, TVPlayer and SoundCloud without it coming out of your data allowance. 5G Coverage: Which 5G Mobile Networks Are Available In Your Area? Other perks of Hands Free include being able to board the plane faster and getting a free tote bag, so you can still take essentials on board. For further information, continue reading on to find out more about the different types of coverage on Three. At the time of writing, Three says their 4G network covers 99.8% of the UK’s population. Alternatively, you can check the international coverage maps through Three’s website. Hi Paul, Latency is a measurement of how long the network takes to respond to a request and it’s not normally noticeable, but can affect things like online gaming and anything else where a fraction of a second makes a difference. As noted above, it is upgrading thousands of sites to offer 4G speeds that are up to 150% higher than current ones, but on top of that it is also switching 3G spectrum across to 4G at 12,500 sites, which will lead to speed boosts of up to 40%. Three also provides the coverage for multiple other networks including SMARTY and iD Mobile. This work has begun already so you should soon start seeing the benefit in some places, but it won't be completed at all of these sites until 2023. In areas where you’re limited to 3G, you’ll be using the 2100MHz band. We're aware there's been a network problem in your area for some time. For more in depth information, check out our 4G frequencies guide, or check out the table above for a breakdown of Three’s frequency usage. In some countries, there’s a £5/day Data Passport add-on which will give you unlimited data at a fixed daily fee. However, Three notes that “in the event of network or equipment failure, or heavy congestion, we may have to deploy technology to ensure that our network runs smoothly, supporting time-critical traffic and minimising disruption.”. Three. If you don’t currently have any 4G or 5G coverage in your area you quite possibly will soon, as Three’s network is continually growing. Average download speeds on 5G are more than 100Mbit/s, making it significantly faster than a regular 4G connection. Filtering rules are applied before performance calculation for publications. iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. Some of these issues are temporary, others are more permanent, but either way there are things you can potentially do to improve your 4G and 3G performance, highlighted below. Pastikan kota kecamatan Anda telah dijangkau oleh jaringan 3. Home » Reviews » Three » Coverage & Network, May 13th, 2020 Enter your postcode to see if 5G is live in your area. Tentang Tri. O2. Three has 98% 4G coverage throughout Ireland, and more 5G sites than any other network. 99%. This is worth paying attention to, because even if outdoor coverage is good, signal may struggle to penetrate walls in some areas. Jangkauan. Popular phones. It will also work on selected Android smartphones, as long as you purchased your mobile phone directly from Three: For more information, see the pages on Three’s website about 4G Super-Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. There are a number of advantages to this, but most notably it means Three's voice coverage will reach places it never had before, like indoor blackspots across towns and cities, bringing Three coverage to even more of the UK population. Personal | Bisnis. All rights reserved. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0404188ef17ce025306b3845b3fe46d" );document.getElementById("i0e8470a44").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes. To find out if it’s in your area, search for your postcode. You can check the coverage from Three in your area, Yes. In 2019, Three started a four-year programme to upgrade their 4G network across the UK. Hands Free is another perk for Pay Monthly Three customers, one which allows you to put your hand luggage in the hold on easyJet flights at no cost. Coverage Comparison. You can check to see if Three has the best mobile network coverage for you using the Three coverage checker. Network. Three also offers 5G home broadband to customers living in selected parts of London. The data is collected from tests carried out by users of the nPerf app. In an Ofcom report, including data from 2018 and 2019, it was claimed that 92% of customers were satisfied with the network, 2% had a reason to complain and 59% of those who did complain were satisfied with the handling of their complaint. Today, Three’s 3G mobile network is used to carry phone calls, text messages and data. Thank you. Klik nama daerah pada peta di bawah ini untuk melihat daftar lengkapnya. Please select a carrier using the menu above the map to show data. Mobile Data: How Many Gigabytes Do You Need & How Long Will It Last? Three allows you to tether on Pay As You Go, and you can use your allowances with Three’s Go Roam roaming service (up to a cap of 20GB of data or 12GB outside Europe). Below you’ll see details of exactly how much coverage Three has, along with information on its network speed, how it compares to other networks, how to check your coverage and what to do if you have bad signal. Three's coverage checker shows 5G, 4G and 3G coverage in all places across the UK, broken down by indoor and outdoor coverage, so you should be able to get a clear picture of Three’s 5G coverage in your area, and it’s worth checking, because coverage isn’t comprehensive even in places that have some 5G. Mau akses serunya hidup? So far, we've received 13 comments from readers. You can enter your postcode on their map to see an indication of whether 5G, 4G and 3G coverage is available. At the time of writing, this puts Three ahead of Vodafone but behind EE and O2 in terms of the number of UK locations with 5G coverage. Use our coverage checker to see what the signal strength is like in your area and to check for temporary outages. Of course, you’ll need a 5G phone and plan to take advantage. That’s a very good question regarding the switch-off of 3G. Three used to offer alternatives, including the Three inTouch app and a Home Signal box, but it has ceased doing so. The good news though is that the network allows you to roam for free in a vast number of locations, with 71 offered if you’re on an Advanced Plan (which all new plans are) and 49 on an Essential Plan (which are no longer offered, but which you might be on if you’ve been with Three for a while). Which do I get please as I want to change to Three. Both of those peak speeds are higher than any rival recorded in these tests, but that’s unsurprising as Three itself has said that it expects to offer peak 5G speeds that are twice as fast as any rival in the coming years. However, be aware that on older Essential Plans (which are no longer sold) you only have access to Go Roam in Europe. The 800MHz band can travel over long distances, making it a good fit for rural locations, where masts are often spread far apart. Three expects 5G to cover 80% of its network traffic within three years, and – other than needing a 5G handset – you won’t need to pay any extra to get 5G, as it will be offered at no extra cost on all existing plans. At the time of writing, 4G Super-Voice and Wi-Fi Calling are available on the iPhone 6 and newer. The more data there is, the more comprehensive the maps will be! 12 month contract, Check out our full guide to improving your Three signal. This will be done through a combination of new antennas and new spectrum, and some places have already been upgraded, but the full selection of sites won’t see these improvements until 2023. With inclusive roaming in more destinations worldwide than any other network and unlimited streaming on popular apps such as Netflix and Apple Music, Three not only gets the basics right but also leads the way with a number of unique perks in the market. You should also check Three’s network status in case there are any outages in your area. So if you don't have 4G where you are now you likely will do soon. We do not represent Three or speak on its behalf and are entirely independent of Three. Check Coverage. Three uses what it calls ‘TrafficSense’ for traffic management. Wi-Fi Calling allows you to seamlessly call and text over Wi-Fi, making it ideal if you’re in an area with no signal, and it’s a service that Three offers as standard. For customers travelling to one of 71 destinations (including most European countries, the USA, Australia and more), Go Roam allows you to use your mobile phone abroad at no extra charge.

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