The Micro-Groove Face on the Wingman produces one of the softest, most muted feelings in recent memory. Enjoy everyone!!!! Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. LEARN MORE. Flipping the Wingman-02 over, I really liked the look of the carbon-fiber soleplate and the orange and white detailing. (Feel Impact Technology) face milling for a better end-over-end roll. The Wingman is a finalist for a Teezy Award in the Top Putter Category. The carbon fiber soleplate help to achieve the perfect roll. For ClubTest, we tested and reviewed 17 new putter lines from all the top manufacturers to see what each model does best. Products. Jumbo Tour Edge putter grip. of which can enhance putting accuracy significantly. Have not had a chance to use it on the golf course yet but have been practicing on the carpet !! putters places additional weight directly behind the sweet spot. The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman putter is a high performance mallet with meaningful alignment technology. Pictured here is the Wingman 01 which has 30 degrees of toe hang and a slant neck. ClubTester’s take (5-hdcp): “Bird of Prey head, in particular, was easy to control. Additionally, the Wingman has a high MOI thanks to the shape and the carbon fiber sole plate. Oversized putter grip promotes stable hand position throughout putting stroke. The first thing that grabs your eye when you set down the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman is the Lock-On Contrast Alignment Technology. You can really tell when you don’t hit it perfect.”, MORE INFO ON THE CLEVELAND HUNTINGTON BEACH SOFT PUTTERS | BUY NOW, Price: $300 | BUY NOW Read the complete reviews below to find the flatstick you’ve been waiting for. List of tour edge putters, user reviews, editorial reviews, tour edge putters deals, used tour edge putters - When you have your putter soled and your hands in the right spot, the black lines on the top and in the flange connect (above). Easy to line up visually. I bought this on a whim and found it to be very good. To me, the Speaking of framing, the “Lock-On Technology” is very effective in helping golfers with the proper lie angle as it was designed to do. 33”, 34” and 35” lengths. think. Very easy to align.”, MORE INFO ON THE PING HEPPLER PUTTERS | BUY NOW, Price: $200–$220 | BUY NOW Their main objective is to develop and expand the game of golf by introducing extraordinary products and even at great prices. What if Bryson Too, Wore a Hoodie? One of the ways Tour Edge holds down the cost of See all details for Tour Edge Male HP Series Putter (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Uniflex,... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Contrast Technology Alignment aid. First is the aforementioned Lock-On Technology. Tour Edge makes several distinctly different putter designs, each available in traditional black, and many in trendy white finishes. The MicroGrooves reduces skidding off the face which leads to a better roll. promote a proper release, along with a face insert intended to improve But as with other club types, it’s all about finding the right putter for you. You can look it up if you want. technology and they can be cost-effective. Tungsten was added to the backbar to dial in swing weight depending on shaft length, performance and feel. as high-end Exotics models, the three David Glod Tour Proto putters are I am much more confident over my putts and getting used to tap in 'two putts' from long distance. SHORT PAR 4 CONGRATULATES BRAND AMBASSADOR LEXI THOMPSON FOR HER DRAMATIC VICTORY AT THE SHOPRITE LPGA CLASSIC, WOMEN’S GOLF DAY REACHES OVER 25 MILLION PEOPLE, Industry Around the Globe Unites in Support of Women’s Golf Day, Short Par 4 Launches The Magnolia Membership, a New Women’s Subscription Box Styled by LPGA Icon – Lexi Thompson, SKIN Sunscreen™ Introduces New Active Reef Friendly SPF50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen​. players. $220, but like all Tour Edge putters, they come with a lifetime warranty For $200, you get a putter that has a bevy of performance features and fitting options. The “Lock-On Technology” works and this is a putter that does build and inspire confidence. ClubTester’s take (3-hdcp): “Looks like something Batman would use. The putter comes standard with 3 gram weights but 8 and 15 gram weights are available. Type: Mallet (Crescent Neck, CTR, S), Our take: Proving that high-MOI putter designs can have a streamlined look and feel without using face inserts, the INOVAI 6.0 are engineered out of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, and come with Bettinardi’s popular F.I.T. Like it !! The face is double-milled for better consistency, while the counter-balanced technology moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother putting stroke. Only problems I have with it originate to the left of my right ear and to the right of my left ear. Exotics Hot Launch Get In The Game Tour Media Demo Retailers Shop. After 3 putting 14 of 18 greens on my last round, I had to try something. With our help (and a little research on your part), building the perfect bag for your game has never been easier. Tour Edge putters to other putter reviews. Type: Blade (TB1, TM1; Mallet (TM1, TM2), Our take: A total reinvention of the traditional hosel found on most putters, each TRUSS is designed to improve stability and performance, all without looking too radical when viewed from above. I love it. centered inside this wide alignment aid is intended to promote ClubTester’s take (4-hdcp): “Ball comes hot off the face. A Surlyn insert is employed in the face of the Wingman putter. I have four putters and my last one is a Scotty Cameron. Type: Blade (Anser 2, ZB3); Mallet (Fetch, Floki, Ketsch, Piper Armlock, Piper C, Tomcat 14, Tyne 3), Our take: Sporting a steel and pressure-case aluminum construct, each Heppler is made to provide forgiveness and an optimized CG for greater accuracy and consistency. Tour Edge Golf has done it again with the new Exotics David Glod Tour Series Putter. The product(s) featured in this article has been independently selected by’s editorial team. They’re also available in seven different Great grip. It’s akin to having the steadiness found in a mallet while still retaining the streamlined look of a heel-toe blade or half-mallet. Upon investigating the Wingman a little bit further, I noticed that there were three models of the Wingman offered. A carbon fiber soleplate is also used in the construction of the Wingman. Longer putts produce the gentlest of “tock” sounds. Required fields are marked *. Adjustable sole weights provide added customization. About Us. Great value w performance. It’s a smart-looking putter that will have great “rack appeal” in shops. to Tour Edge, the contrast between the putter’s white color and the LEARN MORE. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Hoodies and Bryson. A patent-pending as PING, Scotty Cameron or Odyssey, but its putters use innovative Multiple configurations allow it to fit players with different putting strokes. This design increases the M.O.I. you want a low-cost putter that has many of the same features as the Type: Blade (Double Wide, One); Mallet (Ten, Bird of Prey, Seven, R-Line Arrow, Rossie), Our take: Available in a variety of shapes and face-balance configurations (Seven shown), each model has a PVD finish and multi-material Stroke Lab shaft that saves 40 percent of discretionary weight which is then redistributed to the head and grip. It’s a mid-weight putter, looks great and really lines up nicely for me. What immediately stood out to me when I started using the Wingman was that it doesn’t feel like a mallet. year now, and it really does help. It’s also worth noting that the Wingman comes with a KBS CT Tour putter shaft. Exotics David Glod Tour Series Putter Review. alignment marks on its head. The grip helps prevent golfers' wrists Type: Blade (Windy City, Michigan Ave, Lake Shore, West Loop); Mallet (Grant Park, South Side, The Bean, “The L”, Bucktown), Our take: Inspired by Wilson’s headquarters in Chicago, each model in the line is named after a neighborhood or local landmark. This may be a good quality, though. Unlike many golfers, I enjoy switching up my putter often and tend to notice a few. Tour Edge believes the beveled leading edge and narrowed profile will appeal to better players who can benefit from the boost in distance but also want iron-like playability. Lock-On alignment technology allows the lie angle to be set perfectly square at address, further aiding overall alignment. roll. They’re priced at Its black PVD finish looks cool and gives the Wingman a premium feel. Wingman is sleek! and “acts as an internal structure to further improve sound and feel”. to it. A dark finish is designed to reduce glare at address. I chose this $50 putter and hoped for the best. The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman comes in three different configurations. Your email address will not be published. The carbon fiber sole plate enhances the idea that this is a putter designed to give you a performance boost. Love the look and feel. TE custom-fitted my clubs; they perform better than the 6 sets of high$ sticks I now own. Type: Blade (M.Craft 1, M.Craft 2); Mid-Mallet (M.Craft 3). and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF. X-grip face pattern grips the ball at impact and starts it rolling forward immediately off the face, Entirely milled from a solid block of carbon steel for the ultimate in feel and responsiveness, 5 Tour-inspired designs deliver proven performance, Two finishes - silver bead or black PVD to suit your eye. "X-grip" pattern milled into the face is said to grip the ball gently at The more contrast, the easier an object is to see, and the easier it is for you to focus. ClubTester’s take (16-hdcp): “Short putts are easy to align. A separate interchangeable weight kit including two 8-gram weights and two 15-gram weights gives golfers the option of adding or subtracting more overall weight to the heel and toe of the clubhead to obtain their preferred feel. An adjustable sole plate customizes head weight while a multi-material Stroke Lab shaft places more weight in the grip for improved consistency. ClubTester’s take (10-hdcp): “Felt like the ball was rolling consistently.”, MORE INFO ON THE CLEVELAND FRONTLINE PUTTERS | BUY NOW, Price: $130 | BUY NOW I looked on Amazon and read all the reviews. In terms of custom options, a hosel notch allows for loft/lie adjustments of +/- 3° and all lofts … And speaking of distracting, the Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ putter man (noun): a pilot whose putter is positioned behind and outside the leading aircraft in a formation.That’s the exact definition of a wingman in the dictionary.

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