I sure as hell wouldn’t touch any used 2018 Wahoo trainers though, god no. Did I mention it also looks like a ship from Star Wars? You can also adjust the resistance using the knob screw in the back of the trainer. You can easily install and release your rear wheel on the BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand, which creates a more user-friendly experience. LeMond Revolution Pro: The company has folded and ceased operations many years ago. With a new dedicated room i also expect to upgrade to a modern trainer, but how much space do i need for it not to be cramped ? Because it is a new purchase I got a free trial subscription for the Tacx app. He refuses to set aside time for training. I’ve talked about it repeatedly in the podcast too. For trainers it’s 90 days no questions asked. Have you had any chance of getting your hands of them yet? Feedback from Wahoo is that they don’t understand it and want my Trainer “to exclude other causes”. There is a local reseller that sells kickr only for about 50% above European price, and though this is certainly not nice – it still doesn’t solve my problem. But does it have a comparable Resistance mode? Any problems about syncro? I meant only that part about Zwift free for 30 days. I’m done!! Would appreciate any comments on the least expensive quietest trainer. Contacted wahoo about what would happen if I had a faulty unit and they haven’t been very direct in answering. I only ask as i have a custom made road bike (rim brake) running standard mid profile Campagnolo wheels. Granted, there are people that can put out a lot more power than I. Awesome write up! I – like a lot of readers, I expect – have been monitoring this page almost daily for the last month, so I suspect you won’t need to dedicate a whole podcast to it! Didn’t give it a try at higher speed, packed immediately and reported back to Wahoo. Many trainer companies have printouts on their support sites where you can double-check frame compatibility on your bike. I am thinking of a Saris H3, Flux 2.1 or Kickr Core. Going through all the categories I did not see a single one listed…is there a reason for that? 2 0 obj The second tech said the problem will be resolved in the next firmware release in the near future, which to me does not seem plausible, since everything has worked perfectly for over two years using the Kickr SNAP, and the began immediately after the Wahoo Fitness app updated. I posted my full Elite Suito review here: link to dcrainmaker.com. Just a wee update. The third o-ring reduces the problem. My MountainBike has Shimano XT 10 speeds, can I use it with this 11 cassette? I have a wee while longer to make my decision as due to the circumstances nothing’s available anywhere. Though, not necessarily product innovation, but rather just price innovation. Until then, I simply can’t recommend it. Marta has mastered every aspect of her job thanks to intense training. As of yesterday, Monday October 28, 2019, the iOS version of the Wahoo Fitness app update was released. Correct, they use math to determine the power (which, is often the case and easily just as accurate). It is essentially the exact same unit…an appliance as expensive as the WAHOO KICKR should not be obsolete in under 2.5 years–how does one justify buy their products if there is a risk that it will become a very expensive paper weight. When you’re spending a large amount of money on a trainer and you see lots of people having issues it would be nice to know your risk isn’t that high. Unbox, Setup and be happy. I am considering a new trainer. if I were in my 20′ and working at getting stronger maybe higher wattage (>1800w) trainer makes more sense? Thanks so much for this website – it’s so comprehensive. I’m considering a trainer but might have to choose between a new mid-range or used high-end trainer. I have a tacx through axle adapter which I think will work on the snap. Rubber-coated pads make the trainer suitable for virtually any surface, including hardwood, mats, carpets and more. Or have I missed something. This smart trainer features Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ connectivity, so you can use it with your favorite virtual training apps. His professional skills will degrade unless he changes his attitude. The Flux 1 was incredibly popular and for good reason. It is still working fine. Trainer demand is astronomically high right now, even before COVID-19. – Flux S smart (T2900s) around 599€ I almost broke my head during this decision. By the way, I don’t race but do some long bike rides and occasionally a duathlon or triathlon so mainly looking at indoor fitness. Grinding recognizable even by manually spinning the flywheel? Not neccesarily because of budget but because I want to use it with two different bikes. Thanks for the answer. Never trust Billy. Seeing all the reported hardware failures is very disheartening, and realize none of these are going to be perfect unfortunately. It’s got some minor improvements over the original Flux that I’d pick that up instead. For example, if I look at Garmin’s refurb units, I understand end to end what happens to those units. I’d say the main advantages of Suito are portability, not having to buy a cassette, and sound (it’s quieter). Oh well, at least I have a 1 year warranty. STAC Zero: This made the cut last year, but I’m pretty sure it’s being phased out. You were bang on correct. Thanks for all the great content over the years. I purchased a Core right when they came on sale last year, went through 2 replacements, and finally have one that has lasted ~3000 miles without a single issue. First and foremost, it needs to be sturdy. About the same price as a Kickr Snap. (Speaking of humming, though, it is not particularly quiet, so that is one thing of which to be aware.). I saw your comment on the Zumo firmware update which is good news. If I haven’t sold the Bushido up in front I would have just kept it because it worked solid the last 5 years. :-/. Francesca often asks her mentor for guidance in order to learn on example. Or is there just a warehouse somewhere near Atlanta with a bunch of interns there fixing them? (Though, I guess we’ve got three days left). Whereas interestingly the Suito is much faster there for ERG mode. Again the problem stayed. Still, the Neo is temping with all of its features and not having calibrate it. This bike trainer is compatible with various rear wheel sizes, from 24-inch road tires to 29-inch mountain bike tires. Inversely though, while the Tacx NEO series shell is made of plastic, directly under that layer is a metal frame. Minoura: ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart FTMS on all 2019 smart trainers. Finally, the last thing they did was reduce the price down to $999. It’s roughly the same there for the Direto X. It’s a tiny bit better because the speed of the motor is slightly better, but it’s still a bit wobbly. Dang, I can’t make mine even hint at slipping – even as I try and throw down almost 1,000w. Rob, Hopefully my unit is like your current one with 3k on it! Here’s the thing, don’t overspend on this – that’s silly. Now I am missing informations about XD/XDR compability in the tech summary lists. If you can pick up a unit at like sub-$400, then definitely consider it. The specific KICKR CORE ‘known previous issues’ were ESD killing it, and then a weird sound coming from it. I just don’t think on the whole they’re super polished yet. I should probably hit up a few local guys I know (KICKR and Neo owners) and see if they’d be willing to trade trainers for a week. I am so glad I snagged my Direto from Clever Training back in July, $575 was an absolute steal! Elite Drivo II. A magnetic trainer offers fixed resistance using magnetic force. Thanks for any advice you can give me. What do you think? OK, I’m a roadie for 40+ years in North Carolina where we can ride 12 months out of the year, but there can be stretches of bad weather in the winter when a smart trainer would be nice, so I’m giving the Elite Suito serious consideration. You raise a good point about all of the variables from platform/OS to ANT+ vs. BLE. But there’s only a few units in this price range (again, looking at USD MSRP) that have ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart broadcasting of speed, power, and cadence…AND…control of the incline/wattage. Wahoo, CycleOps (now Saris), Tacx, Elite, Kinetic, etc… Most of these companies now support the ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart standard versions, but some of them also support their older variants to help out older apps. Ted is able to learn concept quickly and bring them into his performance. Hi Tyler, Thanks for the response. Training and development is a very important task in any organization and so is on-the-job training. The Neo 2T may be my first trainer, but I did a lot of research (especially here, and elsewhere) before buying, and I have zero regrets. G) Elite Tuo (expected mid-November). Surprisingly I got a new Core, no longer a refurb’ed one as replacement. Even more odd that you’d get two in a row that do the same.

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